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“What did you say”

Mu Ming was stunned.

He did not understand where the Purple Cloud Holy Land gotten the guts to say such things.

This Qin Yu was only an elder of the Purple Cloud Holy Land.

could he really represent the Purple Cloud Holy Land


Its just that the things that I, Qin Yu, like arent what any Tom, Dick, or Harry can get their hands on.”

Qin Yu said indifferently.

His words made the Mu familys people jump in anger.

This was a blatant insult.

They simply looked down on the Mu family.

“Qin Yu, do you know who Im going to give this martial art to when I bid for it” Mu Ming said angrily.

“I dont care who he is.

If you want it, you can bid for it.” Qin Yu said indifferently.

“Cough, cough.

Fellow Daoist of the Mu family, dont interfere with the auction.

If you want it, you can participate in the auction.”Lin Mo stood on the stage and said indifferently.

‘A junior like you calling me a fellow Daoist Mu Ming was furious in his heart, but he did not dare to flare up.

“7,000 middle-grade spirit stones going once.”

Lin Mo did not pay attention to him and said indifferently.

The hammer of the auction fell for the first time.

“Wait, I bid 7,500 Spirit Stones.”Mu Ming said, not daring to give up on this scroll of martial arts.

“Alright, senior Mu Ming bids 7,500 middle-grade spirit stones.

Senior Qin Yu, are you still willing to bid” Lin Mo said with a smile.

He was not provoking Mu Ming.

After all, he still planned to scam him of a sum of spirit stones.

It would not be a loss to address him as senior.

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“Im also slightly interested in this martial art.

8,000 middle-grade spirit stones.”

At this moment, Bai Luo, who was dressed in a black robe, opened his mouth in the hall.

His voice was low, and no one could tell if he was a man or a woman.

“8,500 middle-grade spirit stones.”

Qin Yu bid once again, and behind Bai Luo, he raised the price by another 500.

This price had already surpassed the value of the fire cloud acupuncture technique.

Normally, it would be considered good if this unpopular martial art could be sold for 6,500 middle-grade spirit stones.

Now that Qin Yu and Bai Luo had interfered, the price had already reached 8,000.

“Are these people crazy…”

Everyone in the hall was stunned.

It was hard to imagine that an unpopular martial art could be fought over this viciously.

‘Humph, theres really someone who dares to make a bid Mu Ming was furious.

He was very dissatisfied with Bai Luos appearance.

“What, is the auction house run by your family”

“If youre a poor wretch, dont bid.

You only know how to talk.

Its embarrassing…”

Bai Luos tongue was very sharp.

The moment he opened his mouth, his hatred was raised to the maximum.

The surrounding people did not know what to say.

This mysterious black-robed man was too awesome.

Could it be that he did not know that Mu Ming was a top-tier powerhouse After going through the ruins, he was only one step away from stepping into the Nirvana stage.

Moreover, the Mu family had the fourth prince behind them.

This time, Mu Ming received an order to help the fourth prince collect as many martial arts and weapons as possible.

Qin Yu and this mysterious person dared to offend the fourth Princes people like this.

Could it be that they had some confidence

“Hmph, 10,000 middle-grade spirit stones,” Mu Ming said angrily.

He had already thrown caution to the wind.

The fourth prince had given him sufficient funds, enough for him to crush these two people to death.

“11,000 mid-grade spirit stones.”

“12,000 mid-grade spirit stones.”

Bai Luo and Qin Yus indifferent voices rang out.

They did not hesitate to raise the price.

“13,000 mid-grade spirit stones…”

Mu Ming was so angered by these two people that he had lost his mind.

He had even shouted out 13,000 mid-grade spirit stones, scaring the crowd silly.

On the stage, Lin Mo held back his laughter.

He was very satisfied with this result.

Originally, he had only asked Qin Yu to Scam Mu Ming.

It was already good enough for him to raise the price to 8,000 to 9,000.

Who would have thought that the intelligent Bai Luo would be able to see through Lin Mos plan and actually stir up the situation, causing Mu Ming to be so arrogant.

“Raise the price.

Werent you guys very arrogant just now” Mu Ming said coldly.

Even though that was the case, he already understood what had happened.

The Fire Cloud Needle technique that was originally worth around 6,000.

Now that he had spent more than twice the price to buy it, this transaction was already a complete loss.

“Hehe, forget it.

Brother Mu wants to compete with me at such a high price.

It can be seen that you are determined to purchase the martial art.”

“If I were to compete, it would be a little too much,” Qin Yu said indifferently and gave up on the auction this time.

“Ill give up too.

The increase in price is so fierce.

I admit defeat.” Bai Luo sat back down and did not participate in the bidding.

“You people…”


Although he had won, Mu Ming was not happy at all.

He even felt a breath of air in his chest being blocked.

He felt very sullen.

“Haha, congratulations to Senior Mu Ming for successfully bidding for theFire Cloud Needle Technique.”

Lin Mo laughed and dropped his hammer three times to announce Mu Mings victory.

Immediately, mocking laughter could be heard from the surroundings.

It was only at this moment that they realized that Qin Yu and that mysterious person did not want any martial arts at all.

The two of them joined forces to raise the price, causing Mu Ming to fall into the trap.

After dropping the hammer, the system notification sounded, causing Lin Mo to be delighted.

[ Congratulations to hthe ost for successfully auctioning the quasi-spirit-grade needle technique, fire cloud needle technique ]

[ Triggered 6,000 times auction return ]

[ Obtained spirit rank 2 needle technique, Heavenly Yin Ghost Needle ]

To the current Lin Mo, a spirit rank 2 weapon was nothing precious, not to mention that he did not even practice needle techniques.


“Alright, since this item has been auctioned off so smoothly, lets go for the next one, a spirit-grade weapon.”

Lin Mo smiled, he could not let the surrounding crowd become spectators.

He wanted them to participate in it.

“Spirit-grade tier 1 weapon, Star Shattering Hammer.

“This isnt an unpopular weapon.

Furthermore, theres a spirit rank 1 cultivation technique and a matching hammer cultivation technique engraved on the star shattering hammer.

“I dont need to explain how precious it is.”

“The starting price is 50,000 mid-grade spirit stones.”

Lin Mo placed the gavel down, and in the next instant, the crowd erupted.

A complete spirit-grade weapon, as well as a matching cultivation technique and martial technique.

The attraction of this item was definitely strong enough.

Even the starting bid of 50,000 was a little low.


As expected, the first bid was raised by 10,000, causing some of the eager people to fall to the bottom.

Only then did they realize that this was a true spirit-grade treasure.

Only the VIP seats at the very front could participate in the bidding.

“As expected of senior Mu Ming.

The bid of sixty thousand is indeed bold.” Lin Mo smiled.

It seemed that the fourth prince had sent someone to Ancient Flame City.

He had brought so many spirit stones to the Mu family.

It seemed that he had to extort some more to replace his losses…

“Seventy thousand.

I wont give it up.”

Kong Xius voice sounded from the Peacock Spirit Clans side.

He raised the bid by another ten thousand.

He was determined to obtain the shattered star hammer.

It wasnt just him.

Qin Yu and even the Su family were all bidding.

They did not give in at all as they crazily increased the price.

In the blink of an eye, the Star Shattering Hammer was raised to a high price of 130,000.

Even so, only Qin Yu had given up.

Kong Xiu, Su Hanhai, and Mu Ming were still bidding.

“Do you want me to stir up some trouble Lets see how much they all want it…”

At this moment, Bai Luos voice rang out beside Lin Mos ears.

Under her cloak, her face was filled with excitement.

She was very good at scamming people.

As long as Lin Mo nodded his head, she would definitely make the person who took the photo bleed out.

Hearing this, Lin Mo hurriedly shook his head and transmitted his voice over.

“Its too obvious.

Well scam them later…”


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