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Bai Luo had deliberately messed up and failed to win the bid.

Anyone could see that he wanted to mess with Mu Ming.

Now that the full set Shattered Star Hammer had appeared, the crowd was in a frenzy.

No one was discussing Bai Luos matter.

The scene was still in a frenzy.

However, after a few rounds of bidding, only the Mu family and the Peacock Spirit Clan were left in the competition.

“One hundred and fifty thousand!”

Kong Xiu increased the bid again, suppressing Mu Ming.

With spirit-grade cultivation techniques and martial techniques, as well as a weapon, one hundred and fifty thousand was more or less enough.

However, it seemed that Mu Ming still did not intend to give up.

“One hundred and seventy thousand!”

Suddenly, a bright and clear voice rang out, raising the bid by twenty thousand at one go, scaring the crowd silly.

“Oh my god, someone has joined the bidding again.”

“Its the people from Great Yan Divine Empire.

They are also bidding.”

The crowd was engaged in a heated discussion.

Even Lin Mo, who was standing on the stage, was shocked.

Looking at this, Lin Mo turned to look at the other side.

It was elder Mo from the imperial clan.

He wondered if he would be willing to make a bid.

“One hundred and eighty thousand.”

Sure enough, after Lin Mo looked over, Elder Mos voice rang out.

One hundred and eighty thousand was already the highest bid for the complete set of a Star Shattering Hammer.

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If he continued to increase the bid, it would not bring much benefit to Lin Mo.

After all, this was an auction sent by someone else, and he could only take ten percent of the profit.

“Two hundred thousand.”

The people from Great Yan Divine Empire raised the bid again, throwing in another twenty thousand.

Such a grand gesture was truly shocking.

“Hehe, as the saying goes, a visitor is a guest.

Since the friends from Great Yan Divine Emire like it, then I will not compete with them.”

Old Mos voice came from behind, announcing that he had given up.

“The Great Yan Divine Empire has offered two hundred thousand mid-grade energy stones.

Is there anyone who can offer a higher price” Lin Mo dropped the hammer and asked.

“Two hundred thousand going once.”

“Two hundred thousand going twice.”

“Two hundred thousand going three times.


Both Mu Ming and Kong Xiu were silent at the same time.

They did not bid again.

After Lin Mo had shouted three times, he announced that Great Yan Divine Empire had won.

“Congratulations to the friend of Great Yan dynasty for winning the Star Shattering Hammer set.” Lin Mo smiled and asked his maid to take the hammer away.

[ Congratulations to host for successfully auctioning the tier 1 spirit-grade weapon, the Star Shattering Hammer, as well as the accompanying cultivation technique and martial arts ]

[ Triggered 7,000 times auction return ]

[ Acquired tier 3 spirit=grade weapon, the Mountain Quaking Divine Hammer, as well as the accompanying cultivation technique and martial arts ]

Lin Mo was very satisfied with the 7,000 times auction return.

This treasure was given to him in a very generous manner, and it was a complete set.

It was perfect.

“Alright, the next item up for auction is a tier 3 spirit-grade herb.”

Lin Mo smiled, and the maid behind him brought over a silver plate.

Although the herb was not as valuable as the spirit herb, its value was still not wasted, causing a huge dispute.

However, this herb still had a certain value to the cultivation of the soul.

The people in the hall simply did not have the qualifications to participate in the bidding.

In the VIP room at the front, the moment these big shots made their bids, everyone stopped in their tracks.

However, there was one exception.

Bai Luo was also very interested in this spirit herb.

At the last moment, he made his move, shocking everyone.

“Who is this person Does he have that many spirit stones”

“Someone is stirring up trouble, arent you going to intervene” Someone couldnt help it, because Bai Luos bid was too over-the-top.

The value of this spirit herb was only 70,000 to 80,000 middle-grade spirit stones.

Now, though, it had already been raised to 100,000 by Bai Luo.

This made the people who coveted the spirit herb very dissatisfied.

Lin Mo had not even opened his mouth when Bai Luos voice sounded out.

Her jade-white hand held a spatial bag.

As he casually opened it, a light suddenly appeared from within it.

It was difficult to imagine just how many spirit stones were inside.


Everyone was shocked.

They were startled by Bai Luos action.

They did not expect that the Ancient Flame Sects treasures to be this valuable.

This person was definitely a mysterious expert.

He had been attracted over.


“Ke Ke, interesting.

The Yanhuang Divine Empire is really interesting…”

In the VIP room at the front, a young man laughed.

Through the window, he could feel an extremely powerful aura from Bai Luos body.

“Your Highness, that person is not simple.

I can sense danger from his body…” aAn elder said respectfully.

“Oh, even Elder Li feels in danger…”

The young man was shocked.

Then, he thought of something and said again, “What about compared to the person who just appeared”

He was talking about the mysterious Nirvana realm expert who had helped Lin Mo out.

Elder Li had said that he could not last more than ten moves against that person.

And now, another expert had appeared.

It was really terrifying.

“Your Highness, the Yan Huang Divine Empire is too unpredictable.

We dont know the origin and strength of these two mysterious experts.

After this matter, lets go back.” Elder Li said.


The youth hesitated for a moment before finally nodding helplessly.

It was said that the Yanhuang Divine Empire had very strict control over their external forces.

Not to mention the spirit grade, even ninth rank treasures were not allowed to appear.

He had originally thought that the internal forces of the Yanhuang Divine Empire would be extremely weak.

Who would have thought that mysterious experts would appear one after another.

“Alright, Congratulations to this friend for buying this spirit herb at a price of 120,000.”

Lin Mo dropped the auction hammer and announced the results.

The item Bai Luo was wearing was a rare treasure that could perfectly conceal her aura.

Moreover, she would emit a dangerous aura when facing anyone.

Now, she had already planted the identity of a mysterious expert in everyones hearts.

“The next item will definitely be auctioned off to Mu Ming.

Remember to raise the price,” Lin Mo transmitted his voice.

“Hehe, no problem.” Bai Luo nodded and exchanged glances with Lin Mo with a smile.

“The next item is a spirit-grade tier 1 weapon.

Its rather unpopular, and its a needle type weapon.”

“Spirit-grade 1 divine needle of raging fire.

The starting bid is 20,000 middle grade spirit stones.

The highest bidder will get it.”

A three-inch-long red needle was held in Lin Mos hand, emitting a scorching aura.

“This is actually a needle-type weapon.”

Mu Ming was shocked.

He had just paid a huge price to buy a needle-type martial art book, and now there was a needle-type weapon.

This was practically prepared for him.

He remembered that the fourth Prince had an expert by his side who used needles.

If he could buy these two, his relationship with the fourth Prince would be closer.

“No matter the price, I must buy it.”Mu Mingan controlled the excitement in his heart and waited for everyone to bid.

At this moment, in the VIP room of the Purple Clouds Holy Land, Qin Yu was also extremely excited.

“A spirit-grade tier 1 weapon that fits me so well, how can I not be tempted…”

Qin Yu said excitedly.

However, she also remembered that Lin Mo had two needle-type weapons.

She had already told him in advance that she would sell the low-quality one first.

“Alright, then lets bleed Mu Ming dry first,” Qin Yu said with a smile.

Mu Ming had previously bought the Fire Cloud Needle Technique.

Now that the Blazing Fire Divine Needle had appeared, he definitely would not let it go.

What she needed to do now was to raise the price and make Mu Ming pay an even greater price.


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