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Lin Mo was still introducing the flowers when the door to the VIP room was kicked open.

Mu Ming walked out with a face full of anger.


Everyone was stunned.

Could it be that Mu Ming was going to make a move here

“Its normal.

No one can stay here after being played like this…”

“I heard that Lin Mo and elder Qin Yu of the Purple Clouds Holy Land had jointly held an auction in the ruins.”

“That makes sense then…”

Everyones discussion made Mu Ming even angrier.

He wanted to make a move a few times, but he held it back.

“Senior Mu Ming, what are you doing” Lin Mo asked.

This old mans endurance was too weak.

Mu Mings face darkened as he said coldly, “Nothing much.

Something came up suddenly, so I wont participate in the rest of the auction.”

Upon hearing this, Miao Qing, who was chatting with Yan Rong and Duanmu Jia, walked up with two maids behind her.

“Senior Mu Ming, these are the treasures you auctioned off.

Please keep them well.”

Miao Qing said respectfully and handed the two treasures to Mu Ming, waiting respectfully.

Under everyones watchful eyes, Mu Mings eyes surged with killing intent.

He really wanted to kill Yan Rong here.

Even Miao Qings face was faintly covered in cold sweat.

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Although he knew that there was a Nirvana realm expert guarding the auction, it was still a bit rash for him to come out personally to court death…

“Hmph, how could I go back on my word when I made the bid.”Mu Ming said coldly, took out a spatial bag, and threw the spiritual stones on the silver plate in the maids hand.

After putting away the treasure, Mu Ming left with a dark face.

No one dared to speak during the whole process, for fear of angering this terrifying person.

Looking at the spirit stones on the silver plate, Miao Qing heaved a sigh of relief and retreated.

However, when he returned, he saw Duanmu Jias disdainful gaze.

“Why are you looking at me like that During masters time in the ruins, weve been mocked by the Mu familys disciples many times.” Miao Qing curled his lips and said.

“Boorish…” Duanmu Jia said disdainfully.

Mu Ming had already lost enough face, yet Miao Qing still went up to him and added insult to injury.

This guy was really not afraid that Mu Ming would hold a grudge and settle the score later…

“Brother Miao, lets not talk about other things.

I, Yan Rong, admire you.

I respect you as a man.”Yan Rong punched Miao Qings chest and laughed loudly.

“Brother Miao Qing is so amazing…” Lin Die also applauded from behind.

At this moment, after Mu Mings little incident, the auction went smoothly.

Qin Yu had also obtained theGhost Needle of Heavenly Yin as she had hoped.

She was very satisfied with her harvest this time.

As for the following treasure auctions, she did not participate much in them.

During this period, she bought a few more spirit herbs, and became a spectator during the whole process.

As for Su Hanhai from the Su clan, he was a spectator throughout the whole process, and had no intention of making a move at all.

On the contrary, Elder Mo, the Great Yan Divine Empire, and Kong Xiu had bought more than half of the treasures.

“Phew, thank you all for coming to support us.

The last item for todays auction is a spirit-grade tier 5 spirit herb.

I dont need to tell you how precious it is.”

Lin Mo heaved a sigh of relief.

The last item for todays auction could be said to be the most precious spirit herb in Lin Mos possession.

“Spirit-grade fifth tier spirit herb, Yin Yang Jade spring flower.

I believe everyone is clear about the value of this item.”

“This is the spirit grade sixth grade spirit pill that Nirvana stage experts dream of refining.

Its the main ingredient of the Nirvana Leap Heaven Pill.”

Lin Mo smiled mysteriously.

This item did not have much effect on him.

Rather than that, he might as well sell it.

In any case, these people would not give up so easily, especially the Nirvana stage experts present.

The so-called Nirvana Sky Leap Pill was able to allow a Nirvana stage expert to step into the first sky completely.

Moreover, such a breakthrough would not damage their foundation.

Not to mention the Yan Huang Divine Dynasty, even in the entire eastern continent, the Nirvana Sky Leap Pill was a top-grade treasure.

If it was not for the fact that it was only effective on experts below the fifth sky of the Nirvana stage, its grade would probably be spirit-grade tier 9.

At this moment, in the VIP room of the Peacock Spirit Clan, an old man who had been resting with his eyes closed suddenly opened his eyes.

His gaze was fixed on the black and white flower in Lin Mos hand.

After a long while, an old voice slowly sounded out, “Its the real Yin-yang Jade Spring Flower.

You must bid for it…”

The cultivation of the Nirvana realm was extremely difficult.

It would take a long time to break through to the first sky of the Nirvana realm.

Many people could even be stuck at the same stage for their entire lives.

It would be difficult for them to advance even an inch until their lifespan was exhausted.

Therefore, once the main ingredient of the Nirvana Leap Heaven Pill appeared in the world, it would definitely cause a storm.

By now, the deterrence of Luo Haoyus appearance had already begun to weaken.

Many people were eager to give it a try.

Even those who were not at the Nirvana stage coveted it.

This was because the Yin-yang Jade Spring Flower had another effect, which was that it was extremely helpful in breaking through to the Nirvana stage.

Its effect was much better than the life accumulating pill.

Even the life accumulating pill could only increase the probability of breaking through by 20% .

On the other hand, the Yin-yang Jade Spring Flower could increase the probability by 50% .

Such a high success rate was enough to make people lose their rationality.


Suddenly, an explosive shout sounded out.

Two figures appeared like ghosts.

They wore black robes and instantly appeared in front of Lin Mo.

Lin Mos soul power was powerful.

As soon as there was a strange movement, the Kun Peng Wings and the origin soul puppet were used.

However, the other partys strength far exceeded Lin Mos.

At this moment, they actually erupted with the powerful strength of the Nirvana stage.

“How is this possible”

Lin Mo was shocked.

The Kun Peng Wings were flapped and he wanted to escape.

However, the other partys speed was too fast and did not allow him to react.

The two of them worked well together.

One of them sent the puppet flying while the other slashed at Lin Mos Kun Peng Wings.

The other person stretched out his hand and aimed at Lin Mos throat.

His target was not the Yin-yang Jade Spring Flower, but Lin Mos life.

“How dare you.”

In front of Lin Mo, a bright silver spear appeared in front of Lin Mo.

Beside Lin Mo, Bai Luo appeared.

Wearing bright silver battle armor, he raised his hand to block the palm blade.

However, in the next moment, the spear could no longer withstand the sharp wind from the claw and broke apart.

The remaining power of the claw did not decrease as it pierced towards Lin Mos throat.

Bai Luo was also injured by the palm blade.

Two bloody wounds appeared on his hand guard.

However, Bai Luos obstruction still played a crucial role.

Lin Mos Kun Peng flapped its wings and quickly retreated.

“Damn it, my Silver Dragon Spear, my Silver Dragon Armor…”

Bai Luos face was filled with heartache.

These were two spirit-grade tier 5 treasures that she had carefully selected.

They were her favorite weapons.

Unfortunately, one was destroyed and the other was damaged.

They suffered heavy losses.

“Run quickly.”

After the two Nirvana realm experts sneak attack missed, their expressions changed drastically.

They turned around and prepared to leave.

“Since youve made your move, then stay.”

Luo Haoyus furious voice sounded.

A terrifying pressure spread and instantly enveloped the entire place.

Everyone only felt their breathing stop.

The entire space of the auction ground froze.

An old man suddenly appeared with a face full of fury.


The entire place was extremely quiet.

Even Lin Mo was extremely shocked, and he was able to clearly see what had happened.

After understanding what had happened, his understanding of Luo Haoyu was refreshed once again.

It was simply unimaginable…

“Senior Luo, he actually used his pressure to control the entire place…”


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