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There were at least five Nirvana stage powerhouses present.

It was unbelievable that Luo Haoyu could control the entire scene.

“He can control fiven Nirvana stage powerhouses just by relying on his aura.

This is at least at the fourth sky of the Nirvana stage…”

Bai Luo praised.

He did not expect the eighth prince to treat Lin Mo so well and send such a powerhouse over.

“Fourth sky of the Nirvana realm…”

Lin Mo was shocked.

This was probably the strongest person under Jiang Xiyue.

He was actually sent out.

Luo Haoyu raised his hand and the space around the two Nirvana realm experts shattered.

Their bodies were also torn apart along with the space.

During the entire process, the two of them did not even have the strength to fight back and were crushed easily.

Everyone who saw this scene was shocked and fear continued to spread.

After the two of them died, Luo Haoyus pressure disappeared.

A few VIP rooms were opened and the people inside walked out one after another.

“This subordinate, Mo Yan, pays my respects to the fifth-level torturer, Lord Luo Haoyu.”

The moment Elder Mo of the imperial family appeared, he immediately knelt down and respectfully kowtowed.


Qianqian was stunned.

She did not expect that the Nirvana stage expert who had just appeared was actually her master.

“Qianqian, your strength has increased again.”

Luo Haoyu revealed a peaceful smile.

He walked in front of Qianqian and sized her up.

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“Since the auction has been interrupted, let me finish it.” Luo Haoyu smiled and turned his head to look at Lin Mo.

“The starting price of this Yin-yang Jade Spring Flower is usually around 100,000.

Since thats the case, Ill bid 200,000.

Does anyone want to bid”

Hearing this, Lin Mo was aghast.

He immediately dropped the auction hammer and smiled, “Senior Luo, what are you talking about Youve helped me twice, how can I still take your money”

Saying this, he threw the Yin-yang Jade Spring Flower in front of Luo Haoyu.

“How can I let you suffer a loss” Luo Haoyu shook his head, took out 200,000 middle-grade spirit stones from his spatial bag, and tossed it to Lin Mo.


“Then this junior would be disrespectful.” Lin Mo smiled, and did not refuse.

[ Congratulations to host for successfully auctioning the tier 5 spirit herb, Yin-yang Jade Spring Flower ]

[ Triggered 10,000 times auction return ]

[ Obtained spirit-grade tierspirit herb, Blood Phoenix Flower ]

10,000 times auction return.

The ending was extremely perfect.

Furthermore, the effects of this Blood Phoenix Flower were extremely mysterious.

It could be used in conjunction with the true Phoenix Nirvana technique that he had just obtained.

This would be extremely beneficial to his increase in strength.

At this point, the auction had come to an end.

However, news of what had happened here would soon spread.

At that time, the entire Ancient Flame City and even the Yanhuang Divine Empire would know.

“Oh right, senior, which side are these two people from” Lin Mo asked.

He was quite curious about this.

“I cant confirm.

They dont have any characteristics related to a sect or faction.” Luo Haoyu shook his head.

They had already been killed.

Even if he wanted to interrogate them, he could not.

“Im leaving.

No one can discover my whereabouts.

You should keep a low profile.” Luo Haoyu secretly transmitted his voice to Lin Mo.


As soon as he finished speaking, his figure disappeared, leaving only Lin Mo and Bai Luo on the stage.

“Cough cough… Thank you for participating in this auction.

The next auction has yet to be decided.

Everyone, please leave.”

Lin Mo smiled and asked these people to look for Miao Qing and the Duanmu family to take stock of the auction items.

As for himself, he went to the back with Bai Luo.

Only when they entered the small courtyard did he heave a sigh of relief.

“If I had known that you had help, I wouldnt have made a move.


Bai Luos face was filled with reluctance.

In order to help Lin Mo block two Nirvana stage warriors, he had lost two spirit rank 5 weapons.

“Many thanks…”

Lin Mo said with a smile.

Towards Bai Luo, he wass extremely grateful.

The situation just now was really dangerous.

Although Luo Haoyu was present, he probably did not pay much attention to the auction house.

If he did not act immediately, Lin Mo would have to face the attack alone.

Therefore, Bai Luos attacks was still very crucial.

“Alright, enough with those mushy words.

I have to go now,” said Bai Luo.

“So soon Where Are We Going” Asked Lin Mo, feeling a little reluctant.

“I was planning to go to Great Yan Divine Empire, but now that people from Great Yan Divine Empire have suddenly come to Yanhuang Divine Empire, Im afraid things have changed.”

“So, it might be the Great Ancient Dynasty or Lu Jin dynasty.

Well just have to adapt to the situation.”

After saying that, Bai Luo handed Lin Mo a tier 1 spirit-grade formation disk , which contained the formation they had used to resonate their divine will.

“We can still use it twice.

Take care of yourself.”

Bai Luo stood up and left.

Putting on his bamboo hat, he walked in front.

Lin Mo saw him off until Bai Luo disappeared into the sea of people.

Following the flow of people, she disappeared.

“Big Brother, Sister Bai Luo”

A tender voice sounded.

Lin Die walked over and tugged on Lin Mos pants.

“Shh, dont make a sound.” Lin Mo made a silent gesture and carried Lin die back to the backyard.

He took out the inheritance rune and started to study it together with Lin Die.

Not to mention anything else, he had to at least obtain all of the martial techniques above the spirit rank.

In just a short moment, a martial technique appeared in Lin Mos mind.

The earthen yellow light flickered and became hazy.

Without a doubt, this was also an earth-grade martial technique.

Although it was not as good as the Taiyu Recuperation Technique, it was not weak either.

However, when Lin Mo wanted to continue comprehending, a sudden change occurred and his palm was pushed away.

“Whats going on” Lin Mo frowned.

He felt that this ball of symbols was repelling him.

Every time he was about to obtain a martial art or cultivation technique, he would fail because of the resistance within the symbols.

“Big Brother, Im the same.

It wont let me comprehend anymore.” Lin Die opened her eyes and said.

“You cant be too greedy…”

Lin Mo muttered to himself.

Perhaps the person who left the inheritance did not want the person who received it to be too dependent on him.

“Thats a pity.” Lin Mo was helpless.

If he had known earlier, he could have given the rune to Luo Haoyu and asked him to bring it back to Jiang Xiyue.

“Forget it.

Lets cultivate.”

Putting away the rune, Lin Mo took out many spiritual herbs and piled them in front of him, letting Lin Die cultivate diligently.

He also began to recall the true Phoenix Nirvana technique.

Lin Mo sat cross-legged in the pavilion.

Flames gradually rose from his body, and complex symbols flickered one after another.

These were the flames used during the true Phoenix Nirvana, and they were extremely mysterious.

This inheritance was engraved in his heart, and he did not need to spend too much effort to comprehend it.

He could directly use it.

At the same time, a flower appeared in his hand, and divine light filled the air.

Flames spread out from the surface of his body, enveloping this flower.

All of a sudden, an aura that originated from the immemorial era spread out from Lin Mos body.

This was the “True Phoenix Nirvana Technique” refining the Blood Phoenix Flower and refining Lin Mos physical body.

Just like that, he continued to meditate.

Light flowed around his body, and the Nirvana divine flame continued to spread out.

Moreover, it would change from time to time.

In the end, the blood phoenix flower was refined, and Lin Mos entire body was covered in flames.

Symbols continued to spread, and he suddenly seemed like a real phoenix that had just woken up.

His aura was majestic.


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