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“Theres no need for Prince Zhen Gu to worry about that.

Elder Zhao, teach him a lesson and throw him out,” said Han Yue.

However, she did not dare to let the elder kill her.

After all, this was the trade fair organized by the fourth prince.

It was understandable for cultivators to fight.

After all, cultivators had blood in their veins.

However, the Cangxuan Holy Land was not strong enough to ignore the prince of the Shen dynasty when it came to killing people.

“Dont worry.

Leave it to me.” Elder Zhao nodded and took out a grayish-black talisman.

The talisman rose into the air and emitted a strange light.

It did not affect Lin Mo at all, but he could feel a mysterious power stopping him from summoning the puppet.

“Hurry up and dont let too many people notice.” Han Yue nodded and urged elder Zhao to act quickly.

Otherwise, when the people behind Lin Mo arrived, it would be difficult to deal with them.

Furthermore, it was said that there were a few elders in the Su clan.

If they were discovered, they would not be able to act.


Elder Zhao acted with incomparable conceit.

He struck out a palm and aimed it directly at Lin Mos face.

He sneered and said, “Next time you go out, remember to bring some guards…”

Many people in the surroundings noticed this and instantly retreated.

During the few days of the trade fair, there had been quite a few fights.

As long as no lives were lost, basically no one would care.

This was the world of cultivators.

There were disputes everywhere.

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A loud sound rang out.

The ground in this area split open.

Everyone was shocked by this violent energy.


A figure was sent flying.

His body brushed against the ground, leaving behind a bloody trail.

Someone laughed out loud because he saw an old man spitting out blood.

He looked extremely miserable.

“How could it be”

However, there were still people who were shocked.

They looked at Lin Mo with a face full of disbelief.

They had just exchanged blows and Elder Zhao from the Cang Xuan Holy Land was already injured.

He was in such a miserable state.

Moreover, looking at Lin Mos appearance, he was completely fine.

He did not look like he was using his full strength at all.

“Tier 27 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, thats weak.

You must have used spirit pills to forcefully raise it…” Lin Mo said calmly.

Spirit pills would raise ones realm very quickly, but it would also expend a lot of energy on ones foundation.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, most people would use spirit pills as a guide and spirit stones as the main focus, slowly cultivating and improving.

After receiving all the spirit qi from the spirit pills, it would be extremely difficult to raise ones strength again after such an increase.

One had to either scatter ones cultivation and re-cultivate, or use genuine treasures of the world to rebuild ones foundation.

Each of these would come at a huge price.

Therefore, only those who felt their lifespan dry up, or those who had no hope of breaking through in their lifetime, would receive all the spiritual energy from the spirit pill.

“How can he be so strong” Holy Maiden Han Yue was shocked.

Looking at Lin Mo, she could not help but retreat.

It had only been a short while since they last met.

She was still stuck at tier 17th level of the Dragon Transformation Realm, while Lin Mo was already at tier 20.

Moreover, with such terrifying combat strength, it was hard to imagine how Lin Mo cultivated.

“Stop making such a commotion.”

At this moment, a group of guards came from afar.

The leader of the guards was a little nervous, and cold sweat appeared on his face.

He was only at tier 25 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, but he had no choice but to come out.

However, when he saw that Elder Zhao, who was at tier 27 level of the Dragon Transformation Realm, was sent flying by a punch from Lin Mo, his heart was uncertain.

“Tsk, so weak.” Lin Mo curled his lips and did not make things difficult for the guards.

He turned around and left.


As long as the people holding the trade fair today were from other Holy Lands, these people would not be alive.

“Hehe, Brother Lin, you have good methods.

The profundity of that martial art has surprised me.” Zhen Gu walked up and left with Lin Mo.


“Its just a simple martial art.

How can it be as good as Prince Zhen Gus eyes” Lin Mo smiled modestly.

At the same time, he was secretly surprised.

This Zhen Gu was not a simple character.

Just now, his punch seemed to be ordinary, but in fact, there was a profound mystery hidden in it.

The incomplete technique of the ancient Vermilion Bird, theCloud Piercing Four Spirits, was a powerful killer move that was comparable to a heaven grade martial art.

When unleashed, it could tear apart the heaven and earth with just one move.

However, he had concealed it very well.

Unexpectedly, he still could not escape Zhen Gus eyes.

As expected of the Prince of the Great Yan Divine Empire…

“Brother Lin, are you willing to sell this martial art” Asked Zhen Gu.

He was drooling over Lin MosCloud Piercing Four Spirits.

At the same time, he indicated that Lin Mo could name the price freely.

As long as he felt it was worth it, then he could trade it.

“Im sorry, but I dont want to sell this martial art.” Lin Mo shook his head and rejected this request.

What kind of joke was this This was the technique of an archaic divine beast, and he absolutely could not reveal it.

Otherwise, the entire Eastern Continent would be in chaos.

Moreover, even if he were to hand it over to Zhen Gu, the Great Yan Divine Empire would probably announce that they were no longer neutral in the next second…

“Thats really a pity.

If brother Lin is interested in the future, you can come to me for a trade.” Zhen Gu did not mind, and continued to chat with Lin Mo.

“The stall I mentioned is right in front of us.

There are a few ancient items that Im not sure about,” Zhen Gu said, and brought Lin Mo to the front of a stall.

There were many people gathered here.

Everyone was discussing the mysteries of this item and wanted to buy it.


Just as he arrived, Lin Mo was shocked as he saw a stalk of grass in front of him.

In a small bowl made of soil, there was a bowl of lava.

A stalk of grass was planted inside, swaying in the wind.

“This Fire Spirit Grass contains extremely pure fire attribute energy.

Its extremely good for fire attribute cultivators.

Are you interested, sir”

The stall owner saw the desire in Lin Mos eyes and immediately became interested.

He immediately smiled and introduced.

“How many spirit stones are we talking about” Lin Mo asked.

“Not expensive.

This is a spirit-grade tier 1 herb.

Ill only need 80,000 mid-grade spirit stones.” The stall owner said with a smile.

“Why dont you rob me insetad” The corners of Lin Mos eyes twitched.

This fellow really dared to name such a high price.

Even though the fire spirit grass was extremely beneficial to ones cultivation, its grade was still a little low.

In the auction it could only be sold for 60,000 middle grade spirit stones.

Yet this fellow was asking for 80,000 middle grade spirit stones

“Hehe, sir, in order to obtain the fire spirit grass, I nearly lost my life.

It took me a lot of effort to obtain it…”

The stall owner was a middle-aged man.

At this moment, he had a troubled expression on his face.

He knew that it was too expensive, but he still did not want to lower the price…

“How about this I have some small items here.

If little brother doesnt mind, Ill give you one.” As he spoke, the man pointed to the left side of the stall, where there was a pile of miscellaneous items.

There were blood-stained bones, broken knives, and some shredded paper.

There was nothing much to see…

“Can I use my methods to inspect these miscellaneous items” Lin Mo asked.

“Of course you can, but you cant damage them.” The stall owner nodded.

Seeing this, Lin Mo smiled.

The runes in his hand were extremely complicated and hard to detect.

He even had the power of the God Devouring body mixed within, making it impossible for others to see what he was doing.

He placed his palm on the pile of sundries, and with a thought, he stored it into the system space.

[ Finger bone of a third sky Nirvana realm expert ]

[ Spirit tuer 7 weapon fragment ]

[ blood stained rag ]


Most of them had good backgrounds, but they were all useless.

If that finger bone was swallowed, it would have the effect of a tier 8 spirit pill.

However, Lin Mo felt disgusted.

There was no difference between swallowing a demonic cultivator and a similar one.

Just as he was feeling disappointed, the systems voice made him extremely pleasantly surprised…

[ Broken inner core of a ninth sky of Nirvana Realm Demonic Beast ]


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