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Lin Mo returned to the auction house.

Zhen Gu stayed for a moment before leaving.

He had already said everything he wanted to say.

His words left Lin Mo speechless for a long time.

This news was too shocking.

It was too chaotic.

The thoughts of the four great divine empires had surpassed the Nirvana stage and ascended to the immortal stage…

Lin Mo was unable to digest it all at once.

He sat alone in the courtyard, deep in thought.

The moment he raised his head, his soul energy sensed that something was amiss.

He was being targeted by someone, and the other partys aura was extremely concealed.

He was not really afraid.

After all, he still had many tricks up his sleeves.

The only thing he was worried about was the appearance of a Nirvana stage expert.

Luo Haoyu was currently at the city lords mansion, and it would take some time for him to rush over.

Facing a Nirvana stage expert, it would be very difficult for Lin Mo to protect Lin Die and the rest…

A gentle breeze blew past and the temperature in the courtyard gradually dropped.

In the next moment, formation flags appeared and sealed the area.

In an instant, the formation was formed and trapped Lin Mo in the courtyard.

“You rat.

come out now.” Lin Mo shouted angrily.

He pointed his Ancient Sword of Desolation forward and slashed at the other party.

“Hehe, young man, you have some ability.

Hand over all your profound martial arts.

I will give you a quick death.” A middle-aged man descended from the sky.

This person wore a Daoist robe and held a horsetail whisk in his hand.

He had the appearance of a celestial being.

“Is it the fourth princes people, or the sixth prince, or is it the Yuan Yang Holy Land” Lin Mo asked.

“Kid, even you know that youve offended many people.” The middle-aged Daoists eyes were ice-cold, and his killing intent surged.

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“Theres no other way.

These troublesome flies are coming one after another.

I really cant guess.

Why dont you reveal your family” Lin Mos tongue was extremely vicious, and his words were merciless.

“Youre too arrogant.

Today, youll have to pay the price.”

“So what if youre talented If you offend someone you shouldnt offend, youll only fall in the face of a genius.

Ill strangle you in your youth and let you know the cruelty of the world,” The middle-aged Taoist priest said coldly.

He admitted that Lin Mos combat strength was very strong, but he was too arrogant and did not know how to restrain himself.

Sooner or later, something would happen to him.

His realm was very high, it was tier 28 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, which was much higher than Lin Mo.

he felt that he could suppress Lin Mo.

At the same time, he took out a talisman.

It was the yin suppression talisman, which could suppress puppets.

Obviously, he had spent a lot of effort dealing with Lin Mo.

not only did he use the formation to seal this place, but he also used the yin suppression talisman to suppress puppets.

“Youre thinking too much.

Theres no need for a puppet to deal with you.” Lin Mo looked at him from the corner of his eye.

The middle-aged Daoist was instantly enraged by the fact that the person he looked down on was looking down on him.

His aura was instantly released.

“Youre courting death.”

The middle-aged Daoist instantly made his move.

Spiritual energy erupted from his body, and a powerful force brought about gusts of wind.

This caused Lin Mo to be slightly shocked.

He did not expect this fellow to look so weak.

He did not expect him to be so powerful when he made his move.

He quickly dodged and the Kun Peng Wings appeared.

His speed increased explosively.

No matter how powerful the middle-aged Daoists attack was, it would be difficult for him to even touch him.

“Theres a trace of dao within your body.

Not bad, you have some talent too.” Lin Mo praised as he saw some clues from the other partys attack.

If one wanted to step into the Nirvana stage, the first condition was to have Dao within ones body.

Moreover, it could not be too little.

Only those who had truly advanced to this realm could be called experts.

Of course, even if one was in the Nirvana realm, ones understanding of Dao principles would not be too high.

After all, Dao principles were the strongest method in this world.

One could become an expert just by skimming the surface.

It was already not bad to be able to have some understanding of Dao principles below the Nirvana realm.


After a loud sound, the pavilion that Lin Mo was in exploded instantly, creating a huge hole below.

The spiritual energy spread and lifted up the grass below.

One could imagine how dense the spiritual energy was with the strength of a tier 28 Dragon Transformation Realm individual.

However, even so, Lin Mo was unharmed.

He even received the opponents attack head-on during the fight.

He was a genius, and the Dao in his body had long been nurtured.

His level of comprehension could even be compared to an ordinary Nirvana stage cultivator.

Even if he faced someone whose cultivation level far exceeded his, he could still compete with him.

“Is that all you have You c ant kill me with that,” Lin Mo ridiculed.

When the middle-aged Daoist heard this, he was extremely furious.

He originally thought that he would be able to easily take down Lin Mo under the suppression of his cultivation level.

He did not expect that he would not even be able to touch a single hair on Lin Mos head.

Now that he was being ridiculed like this, his expression turned ugly.

“Burning Sky Ancient Flame.”

He shouted loudly as his entire body emitted a fiery light.

Wisps of runes flickered as his speed increased by a large margin.

The horsetail whisk carried flames as it charged toward Lin Mo.

This was the usage of the Dao principles.

It was a move that Lin Mo often used in the past.

This was because it allowed him to unleash even more powerful moves, even surpassing tier 9 martial arts.

However, ever since Lin Mo had learned a spirit-grade martial art, he no longer used Dao principles.

Instead, he used them together with martial arts.

At this point, after obtaining the ancient divine beast remnant technique, he had no way of binding dao principles into it.

As such, he had shelved this usage method.

Facing such a move, Lin Mo did not retreat.

He circulated the Soul Devouring Art, and the Flame Dao was drawn out.

The Soul Devouring Body Domain opened, and a huge amount of spiritual energy surged into Lin Mos body.

At the same time, the middle-aged Daoists attack was also absorbed.

It was like a bottomless pit, crazily devouring everything.

The middle-aged Daoists expression changed.

Even though he had long investigated Lin Mos true powers, he could not help but sigh.

To be so proficient in the use of Dao principles, he was indeed worthy of being hailed as a peerless genius.

However, if such a person was already an enemy, it was best not to let him grow any stronger.

Unfortunately, imagination was beautiful, but reality was cruel.

Lin Mo opened his God Devouring Body and absorbed countless amounts of heaven and earth spiritual energy.

Using his own Dao principles to resist, he was not at a disadvantage at all.


The middle-aged Daoist priest saw that it was difficult for him to take down Lin Mo.


Helplessly, he took out a talisman.

This was actually a level 9 attack talisman.

Unfortunately, Lin Mo had already prepared beforehand.

Before the talisman exploded, he had already used the Kun Peng Wings to retreat.

In an instant, a terrifying energy fluctuation was transmitted over.

Terrifying ripples erupted within the formation, and the formation flags in the surroundings trembled incessantly.

Lin Mos figure appeared.

His body was charred black in many places, and he looked rather miserable.

There were traces of blood at the corners of his mouth.

However, he also felt the pressure.

He did not know if the other party still had any offensive talismans.

If he did, he would be in a very precarious position.

Soon after, a vermilion bird appeared behind him.

Its entire body turned scarlet red, and the Vermilion Bird Divine Flames spread out in all directions.

The Vermilion Bird did not bother to hide at all.

It carried the divine flames and charged toward the middle-aged Daoist.


The middle-aged Taoist priests horsetail whisk was shattered.

The residual power of the Vermilion Bird did not decrease as it crashed into his body, causing the right side of his body to explode.

This scene was rather tragic.

“What level of martial arts is this” He was extremely shocked as he looked at Lin Mo.

This was only a single strike, yet his horsetail whisk was shattered and he was directly injured.

One had to know that he was a powerhouse at Tier 28 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

Moreover, he was filled with Dao principles, yet he was actually unable to block Lin Mos strike…

Seeing that Lin Mo was prepared to continue attacking, the middle-aged Taoist priest was afraid and actually planned to escape.


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