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Lin Mo naturally did not plan to leave anyone alive after using the incomplete technique of the Primordial Vermilion Bird, Cloud Piercing Four Spirits.

He did not hide it at all just now.

Someone could tell that this was the ancient Divine Beast Vermilion Bird with just a little description from this middle-aged Taoist priest.

Therefore, after experimenting with the unconcealed Cloud Piercing Four Spirits, Lin Mo decided to kill him.

At this moment, he was extremely excited.

After experimenting with the Cloud Piercing Four Spirits that had completely exploded, this kind of power gave him a fright.

At this moment, he did not dare to let this person go.

Purple light appeared beneath his feet, and a strand of divine light moved along with his footsteps.

Taking four steps forward, Lin Mos figure appeared above the middle-aged Daoist priest, and he stomped down.

Following a series of shocking fluctuations, the middle-aged Daoist priests body exploded.

Before he died, his eyes widened.

His face was filled with disbelief.

He did not expect Lin Mo to have hidden such a terrifying killing move.

“Eh, youre not the only one…”

After the middle-aged Daoist died, the formation also dissipated.

Lin Mos soul power was extremely sharp.

Just as the formation dissipated, he sensed that there was still an ambush nearby.

In other words, the scene of him performing the Cloud Piercing Four Spirits, Qilin Steps, and “Kun Peng Wings” was clearly seen.

“Origin Spirit Puppet, come out.”

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After dispersing the yin suppression talisman, Lin Mo activated the origin spirit puppet and began to chase after the person in the dark.

A burst of blood light blossomed, and the person cried out in pain.

He fell from the dark and was heavily injured.

Lin Mo walked over and saw the persons appearance clearly.

“Cang Xuan Holy Lands Holy Maiden, Han Yue…” Lin Mo opened his mouth and recognized the persons identity.

He did not expect the Holy Maiden of the Cangxuan Holy Land to be present personally.

This made him very surprised.

“You should know that a tier 28 Dragon Transformation Realm martial artist cant kill me.

Why did you follow me” Lin Mo frowned.

Could it be that there were even more powerful people here as well…

As his soul power spread out, Lin Mo searched carefully.

Other than the few people who were killed by the origin soul puppet, there was no aura of an outsider in the entire auction house.

“Theres no need to search.

The people who followed me are all dead except for me,” Han Yue said with a pale face.

“Why Just because Yuan Cang is dead, youre here to die with him” Lin Mo could not understand.

If Han Yue followed him here, it would be no different from sending herself to her death.

He really could not think of any other reason…

“Let me go.

Ill tell you the reason.” Han Yue raised her head and looked at Lin Mo.

Clearly, Lin Mos guess was wrong.

She did not want to die…

“You should have seen it, right… ” Lin Mo did not reply and asked.

Hearing this, Han Yues expression changed.

She looked at Lin Mo with fear in her eyes.

“Since you saw it, then I cant let you go…” Lin Mo shook his head.

The incomplete techniques of the ancient divine beasts could not be revealed.

Otherwise, Jiang Xiyue would not be able to protect him.

“Thats the Dao techniques of the ancient divine beasts.

Theres more than one.

Arent you from the Eastern Continent” Han Yue raised her head and looked at Lin Mo.

This was the only explanation.

The Dao technique of an ancient divine beast was indeed passed down in this world, but it definitely was not from the eastern continent.

Since Lin Mo was not from the eastern continent, then what was he trying to do here

“Sigh, forget it.

After I kill you, your purpose of sending yourself to death will naturally surface.”

Lin Mo sighed and slashed Han Yues throat with his sword.

He discovered a large number of treasures on Han Yues body, which caused Lin Mo to be rather shocked.

He then thought of something…

Han Yues talent was not considered top-notch.

The only thing that could be of use was her identity…

This treasure could not be touched…

After thinking for a moment, Lin Mo took Han Yues body and left the auction house.

As more than 70% of the experts in ancient flame city were currently attending the trade fair at the city Lords Mansion, Lin Mo was not discovered by anyone.

He came to the Mu familys location, bypassed the guards and sneaked in.

The fourth prince had arrived, and many of the Mu familys experts were in the city lords residence, respectfully serving him.

However, ordinary people would not think of sneaking into the Mu residence, much less bringing a pile of corpses here.

Following the density of the spiritual energy, Lin Mo quickly found the Mu familys medicinal field.

There were a few large arrays guarding it, and they were heavily guarded.

Lin Mo placed the corpses down and attacked the large array.

In the next moment, terrifying fluctuations swept out.

The Mu familys alarm instantly sounded, and all the guards rushed towards the medicinal field.

When they arrived, they only found a few corpses.

At first glance, it looked like they had been killed by the formation.

At this moment, in the City Lords manor, the fourth prince was still chatting with someone, and the Mu familys patriarch was respectfully serving him.

Not long after, a guard ran over in a panic and shouted, “Patriarch, its bad.”

“What are you panicking for Cant you see that the fourth prince is here” Mu Ming said angrily and slapped the guard in the face.

“Patriarch, a group of thieves infiltrated the Mu family and tried to steal spirit herbs.

They were wiped out by the great array…” The guard climbed up and said respectfully.

“You disturbed us just for this” Mu Ming was extremely angry.

If this was any other time, it would be considered a big matter.

However, what could be more important than the fourth prince

“Your subordinates found a large number of treasures on these people.

Among them, there are more than ten spirit-grade treasures…” The guard continued.

This was the first time he had seen a treasure of this level in his entire life.

That was why he hurriedly came over to report.

“Oh, theres such a good thing” The fourth prince smiled and finally became interested.

He asked, “Did you bring the treasures”

“Yes, I did.

I did not dare to act rashly.

I brought the corpses along with me.”

The guard waved his hand, and a few more guards came from afar.

They were carrying stretchers covered with straw mats.

“Remove the straw mats.

I want to see who has the guts to cause trouble at the Mu family,” Mu Ming said.

The guards removed the straw mats and revealed the corpses.

There were five corpses in total, but no one recognized them.

They all shook their heads.

But when the guards opened the last one, they instantly erupted in chaos.

“This… This is the Holy Maiden of the Cang Xuan Holy Land”

“I remember it very clearly.

Her name is Han Yue, right Shes on the Yan Huang Board of Fame…”

“Heavens, why would Han Yues corpse appear here”

Everyone was shocked.

They could not understand why such a thing would happen.

Moreover, according to the guard, it was Han Yue who had snuck into the Mu family and tried to steal the spirit herbs, but was killed by the great array…


There were also disciples of the Cangxuan Holy Land present.

They were furious.

How could their Holy Land Saintess be a thief

“But this is obviously Han Yues corpse.

Its not a fake,” Someone said, asking the people of the Cangxuan sacred land to give an explanation.

“Nonsense, the Saintess was obviously killed by the Mu family, and she even made up such a ridiculous excuse.”

“Thats right, how dare you kill our Saintess and frame her”

“We must be given an explanation today.” The disciples of Cangxuan Holy Land were agitated and angrily denounced the Mu familys shameless behavior.

“What… What on earth is going on”

Mu Ming was dumbfounded and did not know what to say for a moment…

Although their Mu family had the fourth princes support, they would not offend the Holy Land for no reason.

Making enemies recklessly would cause the fourth prince to clean up the family…


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