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The Dao flames spread.

On Lin Mos back, a pair of golden wings blossomed, and the aura of the Primordial Kun Peng spread out.

Apart from that, the spirit of the Vermillion Bird surrounded Lin Mos body as well.

Following the activation of Lin Mos art, it flew toward the other party.

“An Ancient Divine Beast…”

A terrifying aura spread out as the Vermilion Bird ruthlessly smashed into his opponents body, and the Vermilion Bird Divine Flame exploded.

The flames that were even stronger than Lin Mos Dao flame burned the opponent clean in an instant, and even his storage ring was destroyed.

“I did not pay attention.

I lost some resources…” Lin Mos face was filled with heartache.

After concealing himself, he dispersed the outer layer of flames.

The outcome of the battle had been decided so quickly, causing everyone to be shocked.

As for the elders body, it had been incinerated.

Only a terrifying aura of flames remained in the air.

Regardless of whether it was the Cang Xuan Holy Land or the Mu family, they only wanted to escape at this moment.

They did not want to continue fighting.

This was because Lin Mos aura was too terrifying.

They were afraid that they would all be annihilated.

“Isnt it a little too late to think of leaving now” Lin Mos expression was ice cold as he looked at the fearful expressions of everyone.

“Did you guys think of this outcome when you came to my place to interrogate me”

These people were so frightened that they did not dare to speak.

This was because Lin Mos bloody methods had intimidated them.

Furthermore, looking at Lin Mos stance, it was obvious that he wanted to continue his massacre.

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Thinking up to this point, everyones bodies turned ice-cold, as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

Raising their heads, they saw that Su Hanhai and Zhao Kuangyi were already facing off against each other.

Although they did not make a move, their soul power had already locked onto the other party.

Whoever dared to interfere in the battle below would definitely have to endure the other partys fiercest attack.

“No matter what, youre going to die.

Ill fight it out with you.”

Someone roared loudly.

The tier 9 weapon in his hand emitted a divine light, and the spiritual energy in his Dantian erupted.

Many people imitated this, causing the divine light to fill the sky.

Countless people fled, not daring to stay here for long, afraid of being caught in the crossfire.

With a “Boom”, the terrifying shockwaves from the weapon and the explosion of the Dantian swept through the entire area.

Not to mention the small courtyard, the entire Lin clan auction house was razed to the ground.

If Lin Mo had not retreated quickly, he would have been severely injured.

Even so, because he had resisted the impact of the self-detonation, his spiritual energy had been greatly depleted.

Mu Ming and the others were also affected by the explosion.

They had already suppressed the puppet in their battle with the Origin Spirit Puppet.

The self-detonation from below had messed up the balance.

Before anyone could react, they heard a scream.

Purple light blossomed under Lin Mos feet, and a wisp of divine light followed the rhythm of his footsteps, trampling down the Mu familys tier 30 Dragon Transformation Realm expert.

“Mu Ran!”

Mu Ming cried out in surprise, and it was too late to save him.

The power produced by the self-detonation of more than a dozen experts was terrifying.

In the end, they did not expect Lin Mo to be fine, and it was them who were in trouble instead.

Mu Ran was the Mu familys top combatant apart from him, yet he was now trampled under Lin Mos feet.

He wanted to go and save her, but the Origin Spirit Puppet appeared by Lin Mos side like a loyal guard.

Mu Ming wanted to say something, but it was too late.

Lin Mos foot landed and ended Mu Rans life.

“Bastard, youre courting death.”

Seeing Mu rans tragic death, Mu Ming was filled with grief and indignation.

He charged towards Lin Mo, but was blocked by the Origin Spirit Puppet.

“What vicious methods.jfj So ruthless.

You massacred so many lives.

Youre an evil cultivator.

You deserve to be killed,” said the elder of the Cangxuan Holy Land.

“You have the nerve to say that”Lin Mo said with a calm expression.

He pointed at the auction house that had been razed to the ground and said, “I was originally teaching my sister how to cultivate.

In the end, you forcefully barged in without any evidence and framed me.”

“These people wanted to kill me, but I killed them instead.

Now, youre saying that Im an evil cultivator Are you joking”

These words received the approval of many people, and it also made the Mu family and Cang Xuan Holy Land lose their face.

Even Zhao Kuangyi frowned.

They indeed did not have any evidence to prove that Lin Mo had killed Han Yue.

On the contrary, it was true that they had attacked the auction house and destroyed it…

There was no way to refute this point.

So many people were watching and it was impossible for them to deny it.

Seeing that everyone was silent, Lin Mo smiled and said, “In my opinion, this matter should be analyzed this way.”

“I do have some grudges with Saintess Han Yue.

Could it be that someone used this to kill Saintess and then framed me, causing Cang Xuan Holy Land to completely oppose me Its hard to say.”

Lin Mo shook his head.

Although he did not say it out loud, he was pointing at the Mu family both openly and secretly.

“Nonsense, youre framing me!” Mu Ming said angrily.

He had no choice but to refute.

This was because Zhao Kuangyis gaze in the sky looked over with a hint of scrutiny.

“Hehe, what a wonderful performance…”

At this moment, the fourth princes voice sounded.

Mu Ming immediately straightened himself and went up to greet him.

Zhao Kuangyi and Su Hanhai did not dare to be negligent.

They immediately withdrew their monstrous auras and bowed respectfully to him.

“Greetings, Your Highness.”

The crowd of onlookers knelt down in a dense mass and all bowed.

“Oh, Does Your Highness the fourth prince also want to get involved” Lin Mo said.

The fourth princes appearance was no exception.

The fourth prince waved his hand and motioned for everyone to stand up.

He said, “I just watched a farce and thought it was interesting.

I want to be a peacemaker.”

He first looked at Zhao Kuangyi and said, “Im very sorry for the death of the Saintess of your land.

However, you dont know about the fierce beasts.

Its also wrong to frame them.”

Zhao Kuangyi bowed again and said, “The fourth prince is teaching us a lesson.

Its our fault for not thinking properly.”

Then, the fourth prince looked at Lin Mo and said, “Lin Mo, although youve been wronged, youve also killed so many people.

Lets drop this matter.

How about it”

Hearing this, Lin Mo was naturally happy to let the matter rest.

He waved the spatial bag in his hand and said, “Sure, but these things can be taken as compensation for destroying my auction house.”

These were the things that Han Yue had brought with her.

Lin Mo was worried that there would be a trap, so he did not act rashly.

Now that the reason was sufficient and he had obtained them during the process of killing, it was only natural that he would accept them…

“No, you can just take out a few of them and theyll be able to buy your auction house.” The remaining elder of the Profound Azure Holy Land disagreed.

He knew how many treasures were contained in the spatial bag, and it was equivalent to the net income of the Profound Azure Holy Land for half a year…

“If youre not satisfied, you can come and snatch them.”

Lin Mo spread out his hands, indicating that he would not return them, causing the elder to tremble with anger.

“I wont get involved in this.

Today, Ill let it go.

Everyone, you can leave now.” The fourth prince smiled and let the surrounding crowd disperse.

“Oh right, due to the destruction of the auction house, the auction will be postponed to seven days later.

When the time comes, please come.”

Before everyone left, Lin Mo opened his mouth and told everyone about the new time of the auction.

After watching the show, everyone left one by one.

However, the topic of the evening in Ancient Flame City had changed from the fourth princes auction to Lin Mos bloody battle with the experts from the Cang Xuan Holy Land and the Mu family.

As for Lin Mos side, since the auction house had been razed to the ground, he had no choice but to hire people to build it.

Fortunately, the people he invited were all Dragon Transformation Realm cultivators.

It would not be a problem to build it within seven days…


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