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“Everyone, please calm down.

This spirit-fusing pill has a flaw.

Its extremely fatal.”

Lin Mo comforted everyone, allowing their high spirits to gradually calm down.

“Field owner Lin, what kind of flaw is it”

“No wonder a -grade 7 treasure would appear.

So it has a flaw.

This makes sense.”


However, this level of spirit medicine is also very helpful to Lin Mo.

why is he still auctioning it”

While everyone was talking, Lin Mo once again opened his hand and took out the spirit fusion pill from the system storage.

“This is the tier 7 Spirit Pill, spirit fusion pill.

It is only for those below Nirvana realm to consume.

It is a divine medicine for the juniors of the big families or sects to cultivate.”

“But more than that, this spirit fusing pill has a fatal flaw.”

Lin Mos expression darkened as he spoke with some pity.

“The moment this spirit fusing pill was refined into a pill, a trace of death aura was injected into it.

Its extremely hidden.”

“If the death aura can not be dealt with, then the person who consumed it would most likely have their soul corroded, creating an irreversible situation.

“But there are ways to solve it.”

Looking at the shocked faces of the crowd, Lin Mo opened his mouth and said, “As long as the person who ingested it can find three experts at the third sky of the Nirvana realm and above to protect him, the three of them working together will be able to dispel the death aura.”

“What, three people at the third sky of the Nirvana Realm”

Everyone turned pale with fright.

Nirvana Realm experts were very rare, to begin with, and usually, they would be nowhere to be seen.

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If it were not for the Yanhuang Divine Empires cancellation of the order to collect all the resources, Nirvana Realm powerhouses would not have appeared.

Even so, it was not that easy to get Nirvana Realm powerhouses to help.

Not to mention that there were three of them, and there was a level requirement.

“Therefore, this spirit fusing pill isnt that easy to consume.

Everyone, take your time to bid for it.

If anything happens, I will not be responsible.”

After saying that, Lin Mo looked at the spirit fusing pill with a regretful expression and said, “The starting bid is 300,000 mid-grade spirit stones.

Each increment must not be lower than 10,000 mid-grade spirit stones.

Let the auction begin.”


The atmosphere was different from before.

The auction hall was extremely quiet.

Everyone was focused on the spirit fusing pill in Lin Mos hands.

However, even if they tried their best to inspect it, they still didnt manage to get anything.

The spiritual energy on this spirit pill was too dense, they could not find anything abnormal.

“Field owner Lin, you said that theres death energy in this spirit fusing pill… Is that true”

An expert did not believe it and asked.

He was at tier 31 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, and he was very eager to break through to the Nirvana realm.

If his soul could be improved, then his chances of breaking through would greatly increase.

However, he was unable to remove the flaw that Lin Mo had mentioned.

“Its absolutely true.

Because the concealment technique is too good, its difficult for you to detect it.

However, please believe me.”

Lin Mo said.

The systems notification wouldnt be fake.

This item couldnt be ignored.

“Ill bid 310,000.”

At this moment, the fourth Princes voice sounded from the Mu familys ViIP Room,

He was able to find the three Nirvana Realm experts.

Although he did not believe Lin Mos words, no matter what, he had to auction off the spirit-fusing pill first.


An old mans voice sounded.

His voice was low and deep.

It actually came from the main hall.

At this moment, his aura was slightly revealed, causing everyone to be shocked.

“Four hundred thousand.”

Another slightly aged voice sounded.

Lin Mo was extremely familiar with it.

“Senior Luo”

Lin Mo was slightly shocked.

Following the source of the voice, he stopped beside the old man who had just placed a bid.

Only at this moment did he discover that the three people seated here were all Nirvana Realm beings.

Moreover, their auras were extremely strong.

“Looks like they are from the imperial family.

I wonder which Prince they are loyal to.

Or, are they all Jiang Xiyues subordinates”

With this thought in mind, the auction price continued to rise, and soon the price was raised to 700,000 yuan.

Judging from the situation, they would not give up easily and would keep raising the price.

“Hehe, my young friend Lin Mo, I have a question to ask you.”

At this moment, an old man who was about to bid interrupted the auction.

“What do you want to ask, Senior” Lin Mo smiled.

“This old man wants to know, where did you get this spirit pill Does it belong to you personally, or did someone else send it to be auctioned off”

This question was very strange, causing everyone to be at a loss.


Lin Mo frowned.

The origin of this item was somewhat difficult to speak of…

“Seven days ago, a farce happened in my auction house.

has senior heard of it”

After thinking for a long time, Lin Mo still did not hide it.

It was just right for him to reveal the origin of all the treasures in his hands in front of so many people.

“I know a thing or two.

The Mu family and the Cangxuan Holy Land made a hasty conclusion, causing your little friend to be wronged and suffer some grievances…” The old man said.

This matter was not considered a secret in Ancient Flame City.

“Its good that senior knows.

Back then, the elder of the Cangxuan Holy Land had a spatial bag with many treasures in it.

I took it.

“And most of the treasures auctioned today came from this way.”

Lin Mo said frankly, indicating that it was because his auction house had been destroyed, so these treasures were used as compensation.

“This matter, the elder of the Cangxuan Holy Land also acquiesced, so this thing belongs to this junior personally.”

After saying this, some people discussed fervently, and then recalled what had happened seven days ago.

Lin Mo had displayed an extremely strong combat strength.

He was at tier 20 of the Dragon transformation realm, and he actually caused a group of experts to be unable to return home.

Putting everything else aside, when the Yan Huang Board of Fame was updated, Lin Mos ranking would enter the top five.

In fact, being able to enter the top three would attract the attention of the royal family.

“Hehe, since thats the case, then I wont participate in the competition…”

That old man smiled helplessly and chose to give up.

On the other side, the old man who was traveling with him also gave up and gave the spirit fusing pill to Luo Haoyu.

Seeing this, Lin Mo finally reacted.

In the eyes of outsiders, he was Jiang Xiyues subordinate, so it was natural for him to hand over his things to Jiang Xiyue.

Then, were not they bound to lose in the auction with Luo Haoyu After all, they only shouted a number and did not need to give spiritual stones at all.

“Since you guys have given up, then its mine.


Luo Hao Yu laughed lightly and shouted out the final price.

A tier 7 spirit-grade pill naturally could not be sold at such a price.

However, because of this fatal flaw, they could only sell it like this.

“Alright, then congratulations to this senior for buying the spirit-fusing pill at a price of 750,000.”

Lin Mo dropped the hammer and announced the end of the auction.

At the same time, he felt rather frustrated.

After all, the spirit fusing pill was flawed, would the system give him a rebate

[ Congratulations to host for successfully auctioning the tier 7 incomplete spirit fusing pill ]

[ Successfully triggered 500 times rebate ]

[ cCngratulations to host for obtaining the spirit rank 7 undamaged spirit fusing pill ]

500 times the rebate, the spirit fusing pill was given, it did not contain any aura of death.


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