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This made Lin Mo feel pleasantly surprised.

He had never expected to encounter such a good thing.

He had also coveted the spirit-fusing pill.

Now that he had obtained one, it was a big breakthrough for him.

“Theres one more thing.

From now on, the Lin familys auction house will be managed by the Su family.

I hope that everyone can come and support us.”Lin Mo said.

He had held many auctions.

The fourth prince had also held a trade fair before, and the value of Ancient Flame City had been squeezed out by more than 70% .

Although the remaining profits could still be made, it was impossible for Lin Mo to earn as many spirit stones as he did today.

The requirements of his devourer body cultivation were too harsh on resources.

Thus, it was time to end his trip to Ancient Flame City.

Perhaps his next stop would be the imperial city.

However, he would face a huge test there.

If he revealed his abilities, he would attract the attention of various factions.

At the same time, he would also be viewed as an enemy by the princes.


Everyone was stunned.

Clearly, they did not expect Lin Mo to actually plan to leave Ancient Flame City.

“Field owner Lin, why did you leave for no reason”

Some people were reluctant because as long as it was an auction held by Lin Mo, there would be a lot of treasures.

Even if they could not snatch the most precious ones, those top powers would keep their spirit stones to snatch them.

Then, the remaining opportunities would belong to them.

“Theres no banquet that doesnt end.

This is my last auction in Ancient Flame City.”

After Lin Mo finished speaking, he ignored everyone and walked down the stage.

He went to the backyard with Duanmu Jia and Miao Qing.

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“Master, are we going to leave” Duanmu Jia asked.

Although the Sima clan was no longer a threat, the Mu clan was still around.

Moreover, the fourth prince was here.

It would not be so easy for the Su clan to destroy the Mu clan.

If Lin Mo were to leave, the two clans would probably be in a stalemate.

“No, this time, its just me, Yan Rong, and Lin Die.

You guys have to stay in Ancient Flame City.”

Lin Mo shook his head.

The imperial city was too dangerous.

Duanmu Jia and Miao Qing were very weak and did not even have the strength to protect themselves.

If he followed them rashly, Lin Mo was not confident that he could protect the two of them.


Duanmu Jia and Miao Qing were stunned.

They did not expect Lin Mo to not plan to bring them along…

“No one from the Su family will manage the auction house, so I need your help.

When I settle down in the imperial city, Ill think of a way to bring you guys over.”

Lin Mo smiled.

With the protection of the Su family, he believed that Duanmu Jia and Miao Qing would definitely be able to make the Lin auction house bigger.

When everyone arrived in the backyard, they discovered that an old man had been waiting there for some time.

“Senior Luo.”

Lin Mo stepped forward and bowed.

He took out a box and asked, “This is the spirit fusing pill.

Senior, are you planning to give it to Xiyue”

Luo Haoyu took the box and asked curiously, “You sound like youre familiar.

What is your relationship with His Highness”


Lin Mo scratched his head.

He did not know what to say at that moment…

“I really dont understand why His Highness has taken a fancy to you…”

Luo Haoyu stared at Lin Mo and looked around.

In terms of talent, he was indeed very strong, but Jiang Xiyues talent was not weak either.

In fact, because of the support of the royal familys resources, Jiang Xiyues strength was even stronger.

There was no reason for her to take a fancy to an unaffiliated cultivator like Lin Mo who was born from the grassroots…

“Forget it, I wont dwell on it anymore.

I only hope that you wont disappoint Her Highness.”

Luo Haoyu nodded and told Lin Mo that he had just checked.

This wisp of the death aura within it could be removed.

It was indeed as Lin Mo had said.

“I will let her Highness take it when I go back.

Find someone to protect her.

You Dont have to worry.”

After saying that, Luo Haoyu asked again, “Besides, didnt you say that you want the Su family to unify Ancient Flame City You want to leave before its done”

“Senior, dont worry.

I will get rid of the Mu family before I leave.” Lin Mo smiled mysteriously.

Although the fourth prince was living in the city Lords mansion now, the Mu familys every move was under the control of the Nirvana Realm powerhouse beside him.

Therefore, he still needed Luo Haoyus help.

“With Seniors strength, it shouldnt be a problem for those Nirvana Realm powerhouses to not be able to check on the Mu familys situation, right”Lin Mo asked.

“Of course.”Luo Haoyu nodded and said.

“Then Ill have to rely on Seniors help.

Help me get rid of the Mu family first before going to the Imperial City.”

After saying that, Lin Mo did not hesitate and briefly told Luo Haoyu about his plan.

At the same time, as night fell, Lin Mo slowly walked out from the entrance of the Lin auction house.

Yan Rong and Lin Die followed behind him.

Miao Qing and Duanmu Jia sent him off and said their goodbyes.

“Farewell, Master.”

After sending each other off, Lin Mo and Yan Rong brought Lin Die along and walked along the streets of Ancient Flame City.

Just like that, they left.

It seemed like they did not attract anyones attention, but in reality, they had completely exposed their whereabouts.

Under the eyes of many spies, Lin Mo left the city and disappeared into the mountain range.

Many people were surprised that Lin Mo had left just like that.

It was really suspicious, but they could not find anything out of the ordinary…

“Big Brother, are we going to the Imperial City Now”

Lin Dies face was filled with excitement.

She had heard that the imperial city was very big, with many experts and many natural treasures.

Now that the imperial familys ban had been lifted, the imperial city would surely have all sorts of resources circulating.

“No, lets first lose our tails and then find a secluded place to enter seclusion.”

Lin Mo smiled.

This time, he had left, taking all the resources of the Lin auction house with him.

What he needed to do now was to enter seclusion to cultivate.

Not only he, but Lin Die and Yan Rong also had to enter seclusion.

At the same time, in Ancient Flame City.

In the Mu familys meeting hall, the fourth Prince sat at the head and listened to the report of the Mu familys servants.

“You lost him right after we left the city” The fourth princes face was filled with displeasure.

Lin Mo was only at tier 20 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

He did not expect his spiritual power to be so powerful that he could shake off everyone in just a few moves.

“Reporting to the fourth prince, that Lin Mos speed is very fast.

His pair of flaming wings spread open and he disappeared with his people.”

“This kind of speed, even the family head can not catch up to him…”

The Mu familys servant said respectfully.

Not only did he lose him, but many people who went to scout for information also lost him.

“Forget it.

Since he has left, then dont bother about him.

Wait for the life accumulation pill to be delivered.

Mu Ming, you go into seclusion for me.

Only after breaking through to the Nirvana realm can I leave with peace of mind.”

The fourth prince waved his hand.

He did not want to give up on Ancient Flame City and wanted to share this important city with Jiang Xiyue.

However, Su Hanhai was already in the Nirvana realm and had a grudge with Mu Ming.

If he did not break through, his safety wouldnt be guaranteed.

“Thank You, Your Highness.

I will definitely do my duty and be loyal to you.” Mu Ming was extremely excited and quickly knelt down to salute.

The fourth prince shook his head impatiently and snorted, “Hmph, loyalty isnt something that can be said with words.

Hurry up and annex the many properties of the Sima clan.

Dont let the Su clan take them all.”

After sending the people away, his brows were still tightly furrowed.

He did not know why, but Lin Mos sudden departure made him feel a little uneasy.

“Your Highness, Elder Mo and the others are still in Ancient Flame City.

Its said that Luo Haoyu made them stay, but we dont know their purpose…”

Behind the fourth prince, a guard said, informing him of a piece of news.


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