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“Master, youve finally come out of closed-door cultivation,” Duanmu Jia said happily.

It had been half a month.

If Lin Mo still did not come, the plan would be put on hold.

“Whats the situation” Lin Mo asked.

“Senior Luo held a banquet in the city Lords mansion three days ago and has been inviting all the heroes to meet.

“And Mu Ming has been absent.

Its said that he has already obtained the life accumulation pill and is about to break through to the Nirvana stage.”

Luo Haoyu, Su Hanhai, and the others often invited people to gather.

Their purpose was to create an alibi.

However, Lin Mo had to personally kill Mu Ming.

However, now that Mu Ming had obtained the life accumulation pill, who knew if he would successfully break through.

If he really succeeded, then Lin Mo would be sending himself to his death if he went over just like that.

“Senior Luo has secretly gone to take a look.

He shouldnt have broken through yet.

If master wants to take action, I suggest that we do it tonight,” Miao Qing said.

They had sent out an invitation to the auction house tonight, therefore many people would come.

Due to Lin Mos previous reputation, even if the final item was not absolutely precious, it was still not bad.

“Spread the news that the final item for tonight will be this.”

Lin Mo nodded his head and took out a scroll.

This was a spirit-grade tier 4 cultivation method and a set of martial arts that Yan Rong had obtained from the Ancient Flame Ruins inheritance.

Using it as the final item was already pretty good.

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Duanmu Jia nodded her head and took the scroll, instructing her servants to make the arrangements.

After the news was spread, Ancient Flame City was once again shocked.

They did not expect that the Lin clan auction house would still have treasures to sell.

They originally thought that it would just be a normal auction, but they did not expect that they would still have to fight over it.

For a time, the topic of Ancient Flame City became the Lin clans auction house.

“Speaking of which, why do you think this Lin Mo is fine Why did he leave Ancient Flame City” Someone on the street discussed.

“Of course, he must have been called back by the eighth Prince.”

“What Daoist brother said makes sense.

Moreover, the Jingdou Dao conference is about to begin.

Many geniuses are probably about to leave.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Moreover, Lin Mo had made use of the Ancient Flame Ruins reputation to earn quite a number of spirit stones.

He could be said to be the biggest winner.

As the saying goes,quit while youre ahead.

Moreover, the fourth prince had personally come to Ancient Flame City.

It was reasonable for Lin Mo to temporarily avoid the sharp edge.

Under the night sky, a crescent moon hung in the sky above Ancient Flame City.

The entrance of the Lin clans auction house was already filled with people.

Many important figures had come to participate.

Among them were the fourth Prince and a group of Nirvana realm experts.

Lin Mo sneaked into the Mu family under the cover of the night and easily avoided the guards.

“Eh, theres a formation plate”

Lin Mo had just sneaked in when he encountered an obstacle.

There was a small altar blocking the path to the depths of the Mu family.

Through the formation, Lin Mo could see that there was another expert guarding inside.

It was an old man with his eyes closed.

He was also in a state of cultivation.

The formation had the ability to gather a certain amount of spiritual energy.

This old man was using this spiritual energy to cultivate.

Looking at his aura, Lin Mo could sense that this old mans strength was at tier 28 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

He was an expert.

However, this kind of strength was not a problem for Lin Mo.

Right now, he was only worried about one thing, and that was that Mu Ming had already successfully broken through and was currently stabilizing his realm.

If that was really the case, then he would simply be seeking his own death.

However, Lin Mo was not the kind of person who would retreat halfway.

He activated his devouring power and opened a door that was neither too big nor too small on the array formation.

He mobilized his spiritual qi and circulated the God Devouring Body.

The domain of the God Devouring Body spread out and instantly enveloped the entire array formation.

The old man instantly opened his eyes and sensed the powerful aura on Lin Mos body.

He wanted to send a message.

However, it was already too late.

The Kun Peng Wings on Lin Mos back extended and he lightly flapped them before arriving in front of this person.

The God devouring bodys domain restricted everything.

No matter how the old man spoke, it was difficult for him to make a sound.

At the same time, his spiritual Qi was continuously devoured by the God Devouring Bodys domain.

He became weaker and weaker until he was finally unable to move.

“Who are you” The old man asked, his eyes filled with shock.

He found it hard to believe that the person in front of him was only at tier 24 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

Even if he launched a sneak attack, he would not be able to defeat him outright.

Such a result was hard for him to accept and he could not understand it.

“Hehe, I thought everyone in the Mu family hated me.

Theres still someone who doesnt know me…” Lin Mo said with a smile.

“Lin Mo, its you.”

This persons expression changed drastically and he was extremely terrified.

Did Lin Mo not leave Ancient Flame City Why did he suddenly appear here again

Moreover, the fourth Prince and the Nirvana stage powerhouse beside him had gone to participate in the auction.

If Lin Mo really barged in, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Once something happened to Mu Ming, the entire Mu family would be abandoned by the fourth prince.

Thinking of this, the old mans face turned even paler.

“Hehe, have you guessed why Im here” Lin Mo said with a faint smile.

After that, he looked at the back of the passage and discovered that this place was covered by a spirit-grade array.

It was impossible to forcefully break it.

“How do I enter” Lin Mo asked, “Tell me, and I can spare your life.

I wont kill you.”

“I dont know.

This formation was set up by a Nirvana stage warrior.

Its almost impossible to break it with brute force.” The old man said.

Hearing this, Lin Mo suddenly had a headache.

He had a few formations, but he was not a spirit formation master.

If he had a formation map, he could set it up or break it.

If he did not have it, it would be terrible.

“Sigh, where can I put the formation map of this thing…”

Lin Mo was at a loss for words.

Could it be that he had to analyze this formation on the spot This was simply unrealistic.

“What are you doing”

While Lin Mo was still thinking, someone from the side seized the opportunity.

His body actually swelled up, and the spiritual energy within his body became chaotic.

“Cloud Piercing Four Spirits.”

Lin Mo made his move, and a vermillion bird flew through the air, killing this old man.

At such a close distance, the old man did not even have the time to self-destruct before he was killed.

Lin Mo sighed.

Now that there was no one to ask, this formation was even harder to break.

“Perhaps, it can cause a little chaos, perhaps it can let the other party out…”

Lin Mo thought carefully for a moment.

The Mu family was still quite a distance away from the Lin auction house.

If a spirit formation was used to isolate the aura, even a Nirvana Realm cultivator would find it hard to detect.

Thinking of this, Lin Mo no longer hesitated.

He flew to the sky above the Mu family and set up a level nine defensive array.

In an instant, the center of Mu Mings secluded cultivation area, with a diameter of 800 meters, was covered by the array.

No movement could be heard.

“Eh, whats going on”

“This is a defensive array.

Since when did our Mu family have such a big array”

When the patrolling Mu family disciples saw this, their faces were filled with confusion.

“Enemy attack, quickly send a message… Ah.”

A bloody light blossomed.

Lin Mo held a long sword condensed from flames and killed the Mu family disciples who had discovered him.

However, the message was still sent out.

Everyone in the Mu family was shocked awake.

A few elders appeared and took charge of the situation.

Just as they were about to counterattack, Lin Mos sword cut their throats.

“Bastard, who the hell are you”


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