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An elder said angrily.

When had their Mu family ever been bullied like this Especially today, the news that Mu Ming was about to break through to the Nirvana realm had long spread through the streets and alleys.

Under such circumstances, who would dare to provoke the Mu Family.

“No matter who you are, if you provoke the Mu Family, you will die.”

A few elders held jade seals in their hands and activated the Mu familys grand array.

Some of them had just been set up and originated from the fourth prince.

However, this was still extraordinary.

One of them was already close to the spirit rank.

Even Lin Mo did not dare to take it head on.

In the end, he used an opening to summon the Origin Spirit Puppet and used its powerful physical body to block the grand array.

“Hehe, wheres your clan leader Mu Ming call him out.”

Lin Mo laughed as he approached step by step.

The Ancient Sword of Desolation slashed down and killed all the Mu clan disciples that tried to stop him along the way.

“Quick, call the Great Elder…”

The few elders were flustered.

Someone took out a jade talisman and crushed it.

“The Mu familys great elder”

Lin Mo recalled the information Duanmu Jia had provided him.

The Mu familys great elder was at tier 30 of the Dragon Transformation Realm and was of the same generation as Mu Ming.

However, due to his limited talent, he probably had no hope of breaking through in this lifetime.

“This is the Origin Spirit Puppet.

Are You Lin Mo”

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The first elder had just appeared and immediately recognized the Origin Spirit Puppet.

At the same time, he also recognized Lin Mo under the black robe.

“What, Lin Mo”

Everyone was shocked.

They could not believe that the person in front of them was actually Lin Mo who had left for more than half a month.

“Didnt he leave”

“Since hes already here, theres no need to leave.

If we kill you, the fourth prince will definitely put our Mu family in an important position.”

A few Mu family elders said as they activated the array formation to suppress the puppet.

Seeing this, the first elder immediately attacked.

A powerful wave of spiritual energy burst forth, wanting to kill Lin Mo.

Lin Mo did not hesitate either.

The Kun Peng Wings on his back spread out, and flames curled around his body.

His God Devouring Body domain spread out, and he also slashed down with the Ancient Sword of Desolation in his hand.


The first elder was extremely shocked, because the spirit-grade longsword in his hand had actually been broken by Lin Mo in one strike.

“Courting death.”

The heaven and earth spiritual energy fluctuated, and the Great Elders bones crackled as he threw a punch toward Lin Mo.

“Qilin steps…”

Lin Mo sneered and did not retreat in the slightest.

He took four steps forward, and a wisp of purple divine light appeared beneath his feet, ruthlessly kicking the Great Elders fist.


In just an instant, Lin Mos figure remained motionless.

On the other hand, the Great Elders arm had been broken by this wisp of purple divine light.

His body was blown away and he crashed into the place where Mu Ming was in closed-door cultivation.

“Got your attention now…”

Lin Mo sneered.

Although Mu Ming was in closed-door cultivation, he still felt that something was wrong with such a big movement.

However, his cultivation had reached a critical moment and he did not want to give up.

He wanted to wait until he broke through to the Nirvana stage before he came out of closed-door cultivation.

“If you dont come out, then the Mu family can only be exterminated.”

Lin Mo sneered.

The Great Elder had lost an arm and his battle strength was greatly reduced.

He was at a disadvantage in the battle with Lin Mo.

Soon, the two of them charged towards the Mu familys medicinal field.

Lin Mo found an opportunity and took all the spiritual herbs inside.

While retreating, Lin Mo also used the Cloud Piercing Four Spirits.

A Vermillion Bird Phantom burned with Vermillion Bird Divine Flame and burned the Mu familys library.

“How dare you!”

The Great Elder was extremely furious.

Lin Mos combat strength was extraordinary, he was no match for him at all.

Instead, he suffered injuries by Lin Mo one after another.

Moreover, the Mu familys disciples were also massacred.

They wanted to escape, but they discovered that a defensive formation had unknowingly enveloped the outside world.

“Wait, is this… A primordial Vermilion Bird Tehnique”

“And the one on your back, are those the Kun Peng Wings”

Very quickly, the first elder discovered some clues.

This was because the characteristics of the Cloud Piercing Four Spirits and Kun Peng Wings were too obvious.

“Have you seen through it It doesnt matter.

In any case, all of you are going to die…”

Lin Mo sneered.

With a slap, he killed a few more Mu family disciples.

“Kid, do you really think you can escape”

An angry roar sounded.

From the formation in the distance, Mu Ming rushed out with a face full of anger.

The Mu family had suffered a heavy loss after Lin Mos disturbance.

They had completely lost the qualifications to compete with the Su family.

Moreover, because of Lin Mos disturbance, he failed to break through to the Nirvana stage in a state of uneasiness.

He could not imagine how furious the fourth prince was.

However, if he could capture Lin Mo alive, the archaic Vermillion Bird and the archaic Kun Pengs spells would be enough to make up for it.

Even if Lin Mo only controlled incomplete techniques, it was still better than the top-tier martial arts of the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

It could be said that as long as he handed these two techniques over to the fourth prince, the fourth prince would basically sit firmly on the throne.

He would also become the number one meritorious official, becoming a famous figure of the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

“Hey, if you continue to think for a while longer, I will kill all the members of the Mu family.”

Within the defensive formation, Lin Mo kept slaughtering, and the Mu familys disciples and elders died one by one.

The Archaic Divine Beasts spell had been exposed, and these people had to die.

Otherwise, once the news spread, there would be trouble.

Mu Ming was furious, and he joined hands with the first elder to attack Lin Mo.

The exchange of blows caused a huge commotion.

Although Mu Ming failed to break through, his strength did not decrease but instead increased by a few points.

Right now, he was only one step away from the Nirvana stage.

At the very least, the Origin Spirit Puppet that was originally able to suppress Mu Ming was now suppressed by Mu Ming instead.

The powerful strength that erupted from tier 31 of the Dragon Transformation Realm level 31 exceeded Lin Mos expectations.

Seeing this, Lin Mo did not dare to delay any further.

He executed the Qilin steps and locked onto the first elder.

He took four steps forward and stepped towards the first Elders head.

“How can this be…”

The first elder was shocked.

Such a powerful move did not expend much energy when Lin Mo used it.


A terrifying Shockwave swept over, and the Great Elders body exploded.

Lin Mos Qilin steps did not lose any of its power, and a deep pit was created on the ground.

The intense shockwave rippled, and the entire Mu clan was alarmed.

Many elders appeared.

Knowing that something had happened in the defensive formation, they attacked frantically.

Seeing this, Lin Mo did not dare to delay.

He joined hands with the Origin Spirit Puppet to fight against Mu Ming.

His body had gone through countless baptisms of heavenly and earthly treasures.

Coupled with the augmentation of the divine devouring body, even Mu Ming, who was at tier 31 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, found it difficult to resist.

Coupled with Lin Mos control of the Flame Dao, his weapons and martial arts had the advantage, and he also had the help of the Origin Spirit Puppet.

Mu Ming was not a match at all.

Soon, he was injured.


The Vermillion Bird exploded forward, and a dense aura of flames spread out, and traces of the Vermillion Bird Divine Flames burned all over the ground.

The Origin Spirit Puppet threw a punch, ruthlessly hitting Mu Mings chest.

In the next moment, Lin Mos figure appeared behind him, and there was a wisp of purple divine light.

The Qilin step contained extremely terrifying power, and it ruthlessly kicked at the back of Mu Mings heart.

Mu Ming let out a blood-curdling scream.

He could no longer hold on and his body cracked.

Finally, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and collapsed.

“Hehe, its really troublesome to deal with you…”

After the battle ended, Lin Mo heaved a sigh of relief.

At this moment, the defensive formation that enveloped this place was also filled with cracks.

“The fourth prince and the others have also received the news, right I have to leave quickly,” Lin Mo muttered to himself.

However, he still cleaned up the battlefield.

The bodies of Mu Ming and the others were burned by him, and the places where they had fought were also burned by Lin Mo.

After everything was settled, Lin Mo wrapped himself in his soul power and quietly left the Mu residence.


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