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The Qinghuai Holy Land intended to move closer to the eighth prince, but in reality, it was controlled by the mysterious expert behind him.

That mysterious expert was the crown princes man, and he himself was only a tool.

The crown prince wanted better talent, and after searching for a long time, he finally found his half-human, half-demon atavism bloodline.

“As long as I devour it, Crown Prince Jiang Chengs talent will increase.

Its enough for him to rule the entire Yanhuang Divine dynasty.

He has big plans…”

Qing Xi shook her head.

These were not what she should be thinking about.

Right now, she only wanted to save her life.

Therefore, half a month ago, she escaped.

An elder of the Qinghuai Holy Land was willing to help her and escort her along the way.

On the way, she also met Bai Luo, who was traveling around.

She was once saved and formed a good relationship with her.

“This jade pendant was given to me by Miss Bai Luo back then.

It can withstand an attack from a Nirvana Realm powerhouse.”

Qing Xi said with some reluctance.

This was a tier 1 spirit-grade treasure—-, which was equivalent to a defensive talisman.

However, before she escaped from the Qinghuai Holy Land, she was already injured.

The life force in her body was constantly flowing out.

If she did not consume the vitality pill quickly, she would die soon.

Therefore, she could only bear the pain and sell it.

“You can keep the jade pendant.

You can use these spirit herbs first.

If you trust me, I can bring you away…”

Lin Mo took out some spirit herbs and handed them to Qing Xi.

After that, he stood up and left.

He did not stay in the inn.

This time, he did not bring his bamboo hat.

Instead, he chose to disguise himself so that he wouldnt be easily discovered.

This time, he came to the auction in Biyun City and wanted them to hold an auction.

“Im sorry, sir.

The auction hasnt started yet.

Please wait,”the attendant said apologetically.

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There werent any treasures that could be auctioned in the auction house.

If the auction was really held and there werent any treasures, it would attract ridicule.

“How about this”

Lin Mo took out a scroll and placed it on the table.

“Im sorry, sir.

One treasure isnt enough for us to start the auction…”

The waiters voice came to an abrupt halt as he stared fixedly at the scroll.

“Spirit rank 1 cultivation technique, frost art.

If you want to auction it tonight, Ill send it to you.”

Lin Mo said indifferently.

If Qing Xi wanted to recover from her injuries quickly, she would at least need spirit rank panaceas.

However, he did not have any with him.

He did have a few ninth rank panaceas and could only change them through the auction.

“Other than that, I also have a few tier 9 spiritual pills and a special spell book.

Are you going to bid or not”

A few more jade bottles appeared on the table.

They were all healing type.

Other than that, there was also a special spell book.

It could be considered a martial art, but it did not seem like it.

This was also something that Yan Rong had obtained from the inheritance runes.

It was a top-grade tier 8 spell, but its effects were extremely heaven-defying.

“Theres also this.

Its a top-grade level 8 spell,breath holding technique.

Once used, it can perfectly conceal ones aura.

At this juncture, do you know what this spell means”

Lin Mo smiled mysteriously.

Information after information echoed in the attendants mind.

She also understood what this meant.

“Please Wait a moment, Ill go look for the manager…”

The waiter asked Lin Mo to invite him into the living room and left in a hurry.

Not long after, an old man rushed over in a panic.

Apart from that, he also brought a group of experts with him.

They wore bamboo hats on their heads, and their auras were rather dark.

When these people saw the spirit herbs on Lin Mos table, the greed in their eyes was not concealed at all.

“My Lords, thisbreath holding techniquewas sent by this guest.

We dont know its effects.”

The old man was the steward and respectfully said to these people.

Seeing this, Lin Mos brows tightly knitted together.

He did not expect the other partys hands to be so long that even the royal auction house had been infiltrated…

“Kid, where did you get these treasures from”These experts asked.

Lin Mo could feel that their soul power had been checking him.

If it was not for the fact that he was unable to see clearly, he would probably have taken action to snatch the treasures.

“There are many treasures appearing in ancient flame city.

Dont you all know”Lin Mos expression was calm as he spoke indifferently.

“Ancient flame city, so its that place…”these people were a little hesitant.

The news of ancient flame city spread like wildfire throughout the entire Yanhuang Divine dynasty.

The biggest winner was the SU family.

Not only did they find a backer, the head of the Su family even used this opportunity to break through to the Nirvana stage.

The entire SU family was like the Sun in the sky…

And this person in front of them was able to leave the competition in ancient flame city safely with his treasure.

It seemed like he was not a kind person…

“Is yourbreath holding techniquereally that magical”One of them asked, not quite believing it.

“I can show you guys.”

Lin Mo smiled and silently recited the chant.

The spiritual energy in his body flowed like a tide, but in the end, it returned to calmness.

When thebreath holding techniquewas executed, these people were instantly shocked as they looked at Lin Mo in disbelief.

This was because in their eyes, Lin Mos aura had completely disappeared.

If it was not for the fact that Lin Mo was right in front of them, they would even suspect that Lin Mo had disappeared…

“So Strong…”

These people had looks of pleasant surprise on their faces.

Once the news of thebreath holding techniquespread, it was very likely that the wanted person would come over.

At that time, if they managed to capture him, it would be a huge contribution to those who reported it…

“Haha, Alright, Lets hold an auction and spread the news.

Thisbreath holding techniquewill be the finale item.”

The few of them laughed loudly and left without stopping.

They wanted to report the news.

If they could successfully capture the other party, then wouldnt they be able to take credit for it.

As for Lin Mo, he was automatically ignored by them.

When they reported the news to the higher-ups, they wouldnt mention him at all.

In the face of him taking credit…

After completing the procedures, Lin Mo left the auction hall.

He did not choose to go to an inn.

Instead, he changed his appearance and stayed in the inn next door.

“Everyone, is there anyone who wishes to leave the Blue Cloud City The Blood Wolf mercenary group has completed the procedures to leave the city.”

“Escorting missions can also be used to transport goods.

The insurance fee is low and can not be missed.”

“The Heavenly Tiger mercenary group has accepted hunting missions.

Those who are interested can come to the Tiger Gate Inn to look for them.”

“The mercenary group is recruiting people.

Who Wants to join Lets go adventure in the boundless mountains together.

The rewards will be rich.”

The streets were as bustling as ever.

The news that the royal auction house was holding an auction also spread.

When they saw the items being auctioned, some people immediately understood what was going on.

A storm was brewing!

Amidst the discussions of the people, it was already evening, and the royal auction was held as scheduled.

As she had received a message from Lin Mo, Qing Xi told her guards not to go to the auction house.

These people werent fools, and they knew that it was already a hongmen banquet.

If they went in, they wouldnt be able to get out.

On Lin Mos way to the auction house, he also met quite a few people from the mercenary group.

They were all soliciting business.

“Little brother, are you going out of the city To hire our berserker mercenary group, we only need a rank 7 spirit herb.”A middle-aged man walked over and asked Lin Mo.


“Theres no need.

I wont be leaving the city for the time being.”Lin Mo shook his head.

“Thats really a pity.

Why doesnt a young man like you have any drive The skies of Biyun city are about to change.

There are Nirvana Realm experts who want to fight.

Its worth watching.” The mercenary said regretfully.

“Forget it.

Uncle, you can find someone else.” Lin Mo still shook his head.


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