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When he arrived at the auction house, a waiter immediately greeted him with a smile.

After all, he was an expert who could take out a spirit-grade cultivation technique, so he could not be neglected.

After being arranged to enter the private room on the second floor, Lin Mo received the best treatment, with two beautiful maids serving him.

“Welcome to this auction.

We are in a hurry, so there are only five treasures in this auction.”

The person in charge of the auction was the old man who had received Lin Mo previously, the manager of this place.

However, his gaze was erratic as it flitted past a few private rooms on the second floor.

There was a trace of fear in his eyes.

The first item in the auction was a tier 9 spirit pill.

“Healing type low-grade tier 9 heavenly luck pill.

The starting price is 30 million low-grade spirit stones.”

Healing-type spirit pills were not easy to refine.

However, the medicinal ingredients within were relatively easy to find, hence the price was low.

However, this type of spirit pill was also very popular.

The moment the price was announced, there were people who couldnt wait to raise the price.

“Ill bid 31 million.”

“32 million.”

“Dont fight with me, Ill bid 35 million low-grade spirit stones.”

The bidding voices rose and fell, but Lin Mo did not pay much attention to it.

This amount of spirit stones wasnt very attractive to him anymore.

In the end, the heavenly fate pill was bought by an old man at the price of 50 million low-grade spirit stones.

[ congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning the low-grade ninth-grade heavenly fate pill ]

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[ you have successfully triggered the 5,000-fold return from the auction ]

[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining the high-grade Ninth-grade Heavenly Heart Pill ]

The Heavenly Heart Pill was still a healing medicine, and its effects were several times more effective than the heavenly fate pill.

It was able to deal with the injuries in Qing Xis body.

“This second item is also a healing type spirit pill.

Its a grade 9 top grade blood dissolving stasis pill.”

On the auction Realm, a maid brought over a silver plate with a jade bottle on it.

“Its here…”

Lin Mo looked up nervously.

This was because this blood dissolving stasis pill was already able to heal Qing Xi to a large extent.

However, doing so would still leave behind hidden dangers, which was why Lin Mo was auctioning it.

“System, not to mention anything else, its at least a thousand times…”

Lin Mo silently prayed.

Only a spirit rank healing spirit pill could perfectly heal Qing XI, and this blood dissolving stasis pill was his greatest hope.

Soon, bidding sounds filled the sky, and the price of this blood dissolving stasis pill skyrocketed.

In the end, it even broke through the limit of 100 million low grade spirit stones.

“Alright, Congratulations to this customer.

You have bought the blood dissolving petechial pill at a price of 105 million.”

The old man on the Realm was extremely excited.

This was the first time in his life that a top-grade ninth-grade spirit pill was being auctioned.

In the past, the most auctioned items in Jade Cloud City were only top-grade seventh-grade, and there were very few eighth-grade treasures.

All of this was because of the royal familys ban.

Recently, the ban had been lifted, and Tier-8 treasures only appeared occasionally.

There was even one tier-9 treasure being auctioned off.

Back then, when it was being auctioned off, the entire Biyun city was shocked.

And now, the first item being auctioned off was a low-tier Tier-9 treasure, and now there was even a top-tier Tier-9 treasure.

It was shocking.

[ congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning a top-tier Tier-9 blood dissolving stasis pill ]

[ you have successfully triggered 100 times the auction return ]

[ Congratulations, host, you have obtained a high-grade blood dissolving stasis pill ]


The smile on Lin Mos face disappeared.

A 100 times auction return…

This was simply nonsense.

The auction return that he had obtained was actually just a high-grade blood dissolving stasis pill.

Then, what was he working so hard for…

“Sigh, looks like I still need to buy some spirit herbs to assist me…”

Lin Mo was helpless.

Once he got his hands on the third spirit pill, he would be able to heal Qing Xis injuries.

However, some hidden injuries would need to be removed with spirit herbs, which would take up more time.

“Lets get them to help me find some spirit herbs first.”

Lin Mo was helpless.

He stood up and was about to leave the private room when the third spirit pill was successfully auctioned off.

“Alright, Congratulations to this guest for winning the treasure.”As the old mans auction hammer descended, the systems voice sounded in Lin Mos ears.

[ congratulations to host for successfully auctioning the Tier 9 middle-grade Panacea Fire Devil Pill ]

[ successfully triggered the 10,000 times auction rebate ]

[ congratulations to host for obtaining the Tier 2 Spirit Rank Panacea Fire God Pill ]

The unexpected turn of events was too sudden, and Lin Mo did not expect it.

The high hopes placed on the blood dissolving stasis pill did not return any benefits to the spirit rank.

On the contrary, it was the fire devil pill that had reached the mid-tier of the 9th rank that had triggered a 10,000 fold return from the auction.

Furthermore, the effects of the Fire God Pill were extremely good, and it was specially used to treat hidden internal injuries.

With that, as long as Qing Xi consumed these three spirit pills, not only would her injuries be completely healed, she would also be able to obtain a stroke of good fortune.

“Looks like theres no need…”

Lin Mo smiled.

Very quickly, the last two items were auctioned off, and both of them were auctioned off at sky-high prices.

[ congratulations host for successfully auctioning the spirit rank 1 cultivation technique, Frost Art ]

[ successfully triggered the 3,000 fold auction rebate ]

[ congratulations host for obtaining the Spirit Rank 3 Frost Dragon Art ]

[ congratulations host for successfully auctioning the level 8 top-grade spell, breath holding technique ]

[ you have successfully triggered the 10,000 fold return from the auction ]

[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining the low-tier tier 9 spell,Breath Holding Technique]

Lin Mo directly ignored the spirit rank 3Ice Dragon Techniqueand did not bother about it.

The runes within did not seem to have any good points either.

On the contrary, the return from thebreath holding techniquehad left him extremely shocked.

After triggering the 10,000 fold return, he should at least be able to reach the spirit rank 1 or even 2 rank.

However, he had never expected that under the 10,000 fold rebate, he would only be at low-rank 9, only increasing by a small level

“Whats going on”

Lin Mo frowned as he sent his consciousness into the system space, carefully looking through the newly obtainedbreath-holding spirit concentration technique.

It did not matter if he did not look at it.

When he had just seen it, Lin Mo had been shocked.

This was because thebreath-holding spirit concentration techniquewas too powerful, and the hidden runic technique within was too obscure and difficult to understand.

No wonder its grade had only risen by a small level.

The preciousness of this technique should be around the seventh or even eighth rank of the spirit rank.

However, he couldnt understand why the grade had to be marked like this…

“Forget it, after this matter is over, Ill go into closed door cultivation to comprehend it properly.”

After finding the manager and receiving the Spirit Stones, Lin Mo did not care about the managers ugly expression as he turned around and left.

Clearly, these people had already caught the person who had bid for thebreath holding technique.

Unfortunately, these people were destined to be disappointed.

Because the person who had bid for theBreath Holding Techniquewas just an unrelated person, that person was also unlucky.

He thought that he had bought a treasure at the bottom price, but he did not know that danger would follow.

After leaving the auction house, Lin Mo made sure that no one was following him.

After passing through one street after another, he arrived at the inn where Qing Xi was located.

There were already more than ten experts here.

They were all dressed in black and wore bamboo hats.

Even their auras were disguised and not exposed at all.

The moment Lin Mo entered, these people looked at Lin Mo with incomparable nervousness.

Their hands were already gripping onto the hilts of their swords.

They were only waiting for an order to attack Lin Mo..

“Dont be rude.”

An old man walked out and stood in front of Lin Mo, bowing respectfully…

He opened his mouth and said, “Young Hero Lin Mo, please make a move and save the Holy Maiden of Qing Xi.

I will never forget this favor.”

“Check carefully.

You must find the saintess.

Kill the others.”

The expert said and ordered the many experts behind him to act.

In the next moment, all of them sprung into action.

First, they confirmed their identities and broke all disguises.

If they were not Qing Xi, they would be killed immediately.

The world shook.

The Nirvana Realm expert acted and destroyed another mercenary group.

“Bastard.” The leader of a mercenary group was killed.

The rest of the people were furious.

“Fight them to the death.” Some people shouted and rushed forward, wanting to fight these people to the death.

“Go, make a path of blood!”

All kinds of martial arts were released.

These people resisted with all their might, wanting to escape.

Unfortunately, their strength was too weak.

This kind of resistance won them weak.

Nirvana Realm powerhouses were like gods.

They were hard to resist.

Even those at tier 31 of the Dragon Transformation Realm were like grass.w

When Nirvana Realm powerhouses attacked, the lives of the people disappeared.

No one was a match for them.

Such a scene filled people with fear.


Some people could not stand such an atmosphere and did not want to be massacred.

They fled in all directions.

They flew into the sky and burrowed into the ground deep.

It was a pity that there were many people on the other side as well.

Each of them was very powerful, so they started a massacre.

Lin Mo and Qing Xi were also attacked, and some people died tragically.

However, under the resistance of the crowd, Lin Mo made a move in secret and forced these people back.

However, it also attracted the attention of the Nirvana realm experts in the sky.

At this moment, a shocking aura burst out from the distant mountain range.

Countless mountain peaks exploded against that astonishing might.

“Nirvana Realm experts”

Everyone was greatly shocked.

They did not expect it to be so chaotic outside.

Even Nirvana realm experts were fighting.

“Are these people just bait”

The two Nirvana realm experts in the sky whispered and ordered their subordinates to kill all these people and leave no witnesses.

The two of them also chased after the mountain peaks and went over to help.

The massacre continued.

Although there were no Nirvana Realm experts, there were still quite a number of tier 31 Dragon Transformation Realm experts.

These people were all very strong.

Moreover, they were experienced in the battlefield and were decisive in killing.

Their attacks were incomparably ruthless.

“Run quickly.

Now is the best opportunity.”

“Thats right.

When the Nirvana Realm powerhouses return, we will all die…”

There were less than 500 people who survived.

At this moment, they were frantically fleeing in all directions.

They did not want to die here.

Whether it was the mercenaries who had promised to protect them or the employers, they were only concerned about their own escape at this moment.

They did not care about that and fled separately.

Although they could fight against these people by staying together for warmth, it was obvious that this might attract the pursuit of Nirvana Realm powerhouses.

It was still better for them to have a higher chance of survival if they escaped separately.

“Was it your people who made a move” Lin Mo asked.

The Nirvana Realm powerhouse who suddenly appeared could only be Qing Xis people.

After all, he was in Biyun City, so Jiang Xiyue should not know about it.

However, he had to quickly pass the news to Jiang Xiyue.

The Qinghuai Holy Land had long fallen into the control of the crown prince.

If they worked together, it would be disadvantageous to her.

“Where do you think youre going”

Lin Mo and the others were stopped.

There was a powerhouse at tier 31 of the Dragon Transformation Realm who came with more than a dozen people.

He killed many people along the way.

“Humph, its just you guys.”

Lin Mo snorted coldly and turned around to fight with this powerhouse.

A shocking fluctuation burst out.

“Such shocking battle strength, who are you”

That person was shocked, because Lin Mo was only at tier 24 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

However, the strength that burst out at this moment made him shocked.

“Go to hell and ask.”

Lin Mo attacked.

His entire body was bathed in flames.

The Kun Pengs wings were born, and his feet were stepping on purple divine light.

A Vermillion Bird surrounded him and swam around him.

“What kind of move is this” That person was shocked.

Not only him, the people who were chasing after him were also shocked.

This was because the pressure that Lin Mo was giving off at this moment was too strong.

It even gave them the illusion that Lin Mo was a Nirvana Realm powerhouse who was about to slaughter them.

Apart from that, Qing Xi also made her move.

A strange dragons roar sounded out, and her battle prowess was equally shocking.

The battle had started, and Lin Mo faced a tier 31 Dragon Transformation Realm expert for the second time.

He did not feel much pressure.

Although he was still suppressed, he had yet to use his Origin Spirit Puppet.

“Hold on for a while.

Ill help you after Ive dealt with these people.”

As Qing Xi spoke, she did not care about exposing her identity.

Instead, she used her martial arts.

Moreover, the half-human and half-demon bloodline in her body erupted, and a powerful force spread out.

“The Holy Maiden of Qing Xi”

These people were shocked.

They originally thought that they were only chasing after some fleeing merchants, but they did not expect to meet Saintess Qing Xi here.


Qing Xi made her move.

Her moves were quick, and her combat strength was not weak.

These people were not her match at all.

As for Lin Mos side, because of the addition of the origin soul puppet, the battle appeared to be one-sided.

At the last moment, Lin Mo stepped out with his Qilin Steps and ruthlessly stepped on the opponents head.

The purple divine light burst forth, crushing the opponents head.

After the battle ended, Qing Xi looked at Lin Mo with an inexplicable expression.

The two of them fled.

Lin Mo used the Kun Peng Wings to rush forward and quickly escaped the encirclement with Qing Xi.

Walking in the mountains, they encountered another ambush on their long journey.

It was not only the people of the Qing Huai Holy Land, but also the imperial family and the assassins of the secret ghost sect.

A few days later, the two of them arrived at Heavenly Cloud City.

This was a great city and there was no way to seal it.

However, there were people guarding the exits in all places.

“Are we going to enter the city” Qing XI asked.

Lin Mo nodded.

With the food, he could increase his strength without worrying about the lack of resources.

If he wanted to hold an auction, he needed to find a city.

Moreover, there were people chasing after them everywhere outside, so it might be more dangerous to rush to other places.

“Then lets go.

Its a good opportunity to replenish the healing and Recovery Panaceas,” Qing Xi said.

The pursuit this time was too terrifying.

Moreover, there were more and more enemies.

On the contrary, the people protecting her were all dead…

Including that Nirvana Realm powerhouse.

In order to let her avoid danger, he had to perish together with a Nirvana Realm enemy…

Lin Mo walked into the city, settled Qing Xi down, and walked through the streets alone.

He bought all the elixirs, elixirs, and elixirs that were grade 9 and above.

Finally, he sent them to various auction houses to be auctioned.

As for the auction in the Imperial City, he didnt want to go.

He found some small-scale auctions to auction off these treasures.

After obtaining a large amount of resources, Lin Mo and Qing XI set off once again.

Because they had received news that more than ten Nirvana Realm powerhouses had arrived and wanted to set up an ambush here.

They guessed that Qing Xi had been rescued by someone and that person might pass through Heavenly Cloud City with Qing Xi.

“Have you prepared enough spirit pills and spirit medicines”

Qing XI asked.

It had only been three days, and spirit grade treasures were not common.

However, what they needed the most right now was this…

“Can you send me out of the Yanhuang Dynasty”

Qing XI asked again.

After leaving the city, their goals were different.

Lin Mo wanted to go to the imperial city, while Qing Xi wanted to leave the Yanhuang dynasty.

In her opinion, only by following the mysterious Bai Luo could she have a chance to survive.

Also, she didnt know how to cultivate with her half-human half-demon bloodline.



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