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Only Bai Luo would be able to guide her and give her a chance to take revenge in the future.

“Did you protect me from the start because you wanted this jade pendant”

Qing Xi said.

At this moment, there were some cracks on the jade pendant.

During the time she was being chased, she had also experienced many battles.

“Didnt I tell you Bai Luo is my good friend.”

Lin Mo said.

In fact, he did not know why he would protect Qing XI.

He only needed to leave her behind and he would be safe.

However, he could not do that because he was worried about Jiang Xiyue.

The crown prince had the emperors trust and controlled most of the forces of the Yanhuang dynasty.

If he allowed his talent to crush Jiang Xiyue, he would have to escape with Jiang Xiyue next time…

Thinking of that night, Jiang Xiyue came alone and shared the same fate as him.

The two of them had an intimate night.

From that moment on, he felt that he had a responsibility to protect this beauty.

If she wanted the throne, he would conquer the world and personally give the throne to her…

Perhaps even Lin Mo himself did not know that Jiang Xiyue had sent people to protect him during this period of time.

Her meticulous care had also made him secretly develop feelings for her…

“I naturally have my own plans for helping you,” Lin Mo said.

“To prevent the crown prince from becoming stronger” Qing Xi smiled as she looked at Lin Mo beside her.

She did not know why, but this young man gave her a feeling that she could not see through.

Following him, Qing Xi felt a sense of relief for no reason.

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“You can think of it that way.” Lin Mo nodded and told Qing Xi that he was the eighth Princes Man and that the Qinghuai Holy Land was controlled by the crown prince.

He had to think of a way to report this news, so he could not escort her.

“Are you that loyal” Qing Xi looked curiously at Lin Mo.

“What I mean is, why are you so loyal to the eighth prince Do you know hisbackground”

Qing Xi looked up at the sky.

Her black hair cascaded down like a waterfall.

Although her face was covered by a veil, she was still so beautiful and moving.

Lin Mo looked up at Qing Xi.

There was something hidden in her words, but she did not want to say anything more.

“You should think about how to escape.”

He raised his head and looked at Qing Xi.

Escorting her away was not possible.

He had to head to the Imperial City and inform her of the news.

“The eighth princes name is Jiang Xiyue.

Although she was a prince, she was also the number one beauty in the imperial city.

Hes said to be able to topple countries and cities,” Qing Xi suddenly said.

She looked at Lin Mo.

she had seen the tenderness in Lin Mos eyes earlier.

Thinking of this, she felt a little envious of Jiang Xiyue.

She was born in an environment that was even crueler than hers, yet there was someone who was infatuated with her…

“A beauty matched with a hero.

Its a good marriage…”

Qing Xi shook her head again as if she was unwilling to accept this.

What would happen to her

“Dont sigh.

We still have a long way to go.

We cant stay here for long,” Lin Mo said.

They couldnt stay in Tianyun City for long.

In fact, they couldnt stay in any city for long.

“Lets go.”

Qing Xi nodded.

The two of them continued on their journey.

During this time, they met quite a number of mercenary groups and some freelance martial artists.

There were many demonic beasts in this boundless mountain range.

There were even some extremely powerful fierce beasts with terrifying combat strength.

Countless heroes were born in the deep mountains.

Only through blood and experience could they become experts.

And it was precisely because there were so many fortuitous encounters in the mountain range that attracted countless people to come here.

However, it also caused countless people to lose their lives.

Walking in the mountain range, Lin Mo specially chose some difficult paths.

There were even some ancient battlefields that contained countless remnant souls that had died in battle.

Their obsession did not dissipate.

They had just entered when they triggered it, causing countless vengeful souls to howl.

The people who were chasing after them had just entered when they were all killed by the vengeful souls.

There was even a Nirvana Realm expert who died.

However, this also caused Qing Xi to be heavily injured.

She only recovered after consuming a spirit-grade spirit pill.

This made Lin Mo sigh.

He could only cross the danger zone and carry Qing Xi.

With her current condition, she could no longer escape by herself.

“Ive never been to this mountain range before, you know”

Lin Mo said.

The Kun Peng Wings flapped once again and brought them to escape.

“I know a little.

The flames on your body have a restraining effect on the souls.

As long as our luck isnt too bad, we can leave this place…”

Qing Xi said as her bright eyes dimmed.

There were too many people chasing after her.

The Crown Prince had mobilized the royal familys army.

The wanted posters for her and Lin Mo had also appeared in various cities.

However, Lin Mos identity had yet to be revealed.

After all, everyone along the way had been killed by Lin Mo.

They only knew that there was a powerful expert protecting Qing Xi and bringing her along to escape.

Fortunately, Lin Mos luck held.

He walked out of a dangerous place and did not encounter any danger.

This was the best of all.

However, the moment he came out, he was followed by someone and had a bumpy journey.

“Theyre here, quickly chase after them.”

Lin Mo hugged Qing Xi and used the Kun Peng Wings to escape, quickly avoiding the other partys attack.

However, he heard a roar from behind.

It was a ferocious-looking demonic beast that was over ten meters tall.

Its body had pitch-black patterns on it and its fur was thick.

It swung its fist towards Lin Mo.

The people behind caught up and used talismans to attack.

They were very familiar with these methods.

They were from the Secret Ghost Sect.

The pincer attack was too fast.

Lin Mo had no choice but to counterattack.

He put down Qing Xi and used the “Cloud Piercing “.

A Vermilion Bird flew across the sky, and the Vermilion Bird Divine Flame spread out to meet the attacks from the front and back.


A terrifying fluctuation spread out, and flames soared into the sky.

Two miserable cries rang out, and the demonic beast was sent flying.

Its body was covered in flames and could not be extinguished.

One of its arms had been blasted apart, and it was heavily injured by Lin Mos attack.

The assassin of the Secret Ghost Sect was also grabbed by Lin Mos wrist, and ruthlessly smashed towards the ground.

“This is… The Archaic Vermillion Bird”

The assassin was shocked, and his eyes were filled with shock as he looked at Lin Mo..

The Archaic Divine Beast Vermillion Bird, this sort of terrifying existences move, its grade was hard to imagine.

He did not think that he would actually encounter it.

The Vermilion Birds divine flames burned the sky and Earth, burning the demonic beast into ashes.

This killer was also killed by Lin Mo, and the Ancient Sword of Desolation exploded with sword qi that shot up into the sky.

Qing Xi revealed a strange expression.

She did not expect Lin Mo to actually control the legendary archaic divine beast, the Vermilion Birds technique.

It seemed to be an incomplete technique, but its power could not be underestimated.

That demonic beast was at tier 28 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, yet it could noteven take a single attack and was directly killed.

“Be careful.”

Lin Mo was shocked.

Sensing danger, he rushed towards Qing Xi.

Behind Qing Xi, an old man appeared.

He held a short weapon in his hand, leaving behind an afterimage as he appeared in front of Qing Xi.

His speed was too fast.

His figure was ghostly, causing Qing Xi to not be able to react.

When she saw clearly, a dagger had already pierced towards her heart.

Lin Mo brazenly attacked.

The speed of the Kun Pengs wings was shocking.

He arrived in front of Qing XI and kicked out, colliding with the dagger.

The old man let out a muffled groan as he was forced back by Lin Mo.

the dagger was also shattered, but Lin Mo remained unscathed.

This caused the old man to be incomparably shocked.

“What a terrifying physical body.”

The old man muttered to himself.

Lin Mos strength had exceeded his expectations.

He had never thought that he would be able to break the magic weapon just by relying on his physical body.


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