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“But, a vicious beast inner core was actually absorbed just like that” His face was filled with shock.

The spiritual energy contained within the inner core was extremely dense, and its purity wasnt high enough.

It needed to be refined before it could be absorbed.

However, Lin Mo was able to devour it so easily, and not a single trace of it escaped…

“Looks like you have some secrets on you…”

Qing Xi sighed.

Just as she was about to say something, she suddenly felt a powerful aura coming from behind her.

“Have you broken through Thats good too.

Killing you can also be considered helping the crown prince solve a problem.”

A group of people walked out from the dense forest.

The person in the lead was about twenty years old.

His eyes were bright and full of spirit.

He was dressed in brocade clothes and had the bearing of a king.

Jin Lie!

The eldest young master of the Heavenly King Mansion, ranked eighth on the Yanhuang Board of Fame.

He was the crown princs study companion…

“Why Do you want to fight with me” Lin Mo opened his eyes and looked at Jin lie.

As the study companion of the crown prince, he was deeply trusted and obtained a lot of resources.

His current strength was the same as Lin Mo, tier 25 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

“Hehe, I originally wanted to fight with you, but I felt that there was no need,” Jin lie said coldly.

As he said this, the experts behind him stepped forward and surrounded Lin Mo and Qing Xi, wanting to capture them.

“Hehe, are you afraid” Lin Mo sneered.

“Im just worried that youll run away.

Since we can gang up on each other, theres no need to fight one-on-one…”J in Lie said with his hands behind his back.


Although he was confident that he could kill Lin Mo, Lin Mo still had a puppet.

If he used it at the critical moment, it was very likely that he would escape.

He would not make such a low-level mistake.

As long as he killed Lin Mo and brought back the Dragon Blood, he would be an existence above all the people under the Yan Huang Divine Empire in the future.

“Lets attack together.

Kill Lin Mo and capture Qing Xi.” He waved his hand and the people lying on the ground attacked.

These people instantly attacked with weapons in their hands.

At the same time, Lin Mo also sensed that there was an extremely powerful existence in the dark that had locked onto him.

It was in the Nirvana Realm…

Lin Mo sighed slightly.

The Origin Spirit Puppet opened up a path and turned around to flee.

The Kun Pengs wings continuously flapped and its speed increased to the extreme.

In the blink of an eye, it had shaken off these people.

However, that Nirvana Realm expert was still chasing after him and was continuously closing the distance between them.

In the end, Lin Mo had no choice but to leave behind some blood essence to interfere with the other partys judgment.

He used the concentration spell to conceal his aura and left this place.

When he rested again, Lin Mos face was pale.

It was already night time, and he had unknowingly escaped with Qing Xi for another day.

Under the moonlight, Lin Mos face turned even paler.

He felt extremely tired.

It was not just his physical body, but his soul as well.

He really wanted to sleep and rest.

He had lost a lot of his blood essence, and the Devouring God Body in his body was also restless.

Without the suppression of his origin, the Devouring God Body began to devour his power.

This was undoubtedly adding insult to injury.

If this continued, Lin Mo would be devoured by his life force and die.

“Are you alright” Qing Xi anxiously looked at Lin Mo and took out some spirit pills to feed him.

Her cold face carried some worry.

“Im fine.

I just need to rest for a while…”

Lin Mo nodded, took another spirit grade spirit pill, and fell into a deep sleep.

When he was escaping previously, he was attacked by a Nirvana Realm expert.

Moreover, he had been escaping and there was no time to heal his injuries.

After dragging it out, he finally injured his origin.

However, the strength of his God Devouring Body was also displayed.

The medicinal effect of the spirit grade spirit pill was perfectly absorbed and not a single bit was wasted.

After that, he took out the spirit pill and swallowed it.

The injuries on his body gradually recovered and what surprised Lin Mo was tha this injury actually allowed him to completely stabilize his tier 25 Dragon Transformation.

He had only broken through for a day and it was already incomparably solid.

Lin Mo had slept for an entire day.

When he woke up, he was already full of vigor, and there were no signs of injury.

“So comfortable…”

He laughed loudly.

His strength had increased again.

The only bad thing was that he only had three spirit grade spirit pills left.

In order to cure the origin, he had expended a lot, but fortunately, he was fine.

“Hes fine just like that” Qing Xi was stunned.

Even though she knew that Lin Mo was not simple, she was still shocked.

“Of course Im fine, but we still have to hurry and run.”

As Lin Mo spoke, the Kun Peng Wings on his back spread open.

He lifted Qing Xi up by her waist and once again began to run.

Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, five days had passed.

Lin Mo hid his tracks along the way, covering up all traces.

He finally managed to shake off the pursuers.

However, there were quite a few demonic beasts along the way.

When they passed through the danger zone, the Origin Spirit Puppet was heavily injured and required a large amount of spirit stones to repair.

Before that, the puppet could not be used any further.

“Weve also picked quite a few spirit herbs along the way.

Wait outside while I go to the city to sell them.”

When they arrived at a city, Lin Mo said to Qing Xi.

He had no choice.

He only had one spirit grade spirit pill left in his hands and had to make a trip to the city.

Others might not be able to purchase spirit pills, but he could.

As long as he could auction them, there wouldnt be any problems.

“En, Ill wait for you outside the city.

Hurry back.”

Qing Xi nodded.

She knew that she could mot enter the city, so she could only find a place to hide.

Seeing this, Lin Mo quietly entered the city.

Alone, he used the spirit holding technique to hide his aura and successfully entered the city.

“Sir, this shop sells all kinds of ninth-grade magical artifacts.

Are you interested

“Spirit pills are on sale at a low price.

We are in urgent need of spirit stones.

Please purchase as soon as possible.


The bustling city made Lin Mo unable to adapt to it for a moment.

He had been trembling in fear for so many days and was constantly on guard against danger.

There were still pursuers behind him, which made him a little absent-minded for a moment.

After finding a stall in a remote corner and displaying some spirit pills, Lin mo shouted loudly, “Spirit Pills and spirit pills are on sale at a low price.

Its a form of auction.

The starting price is low.

The highest bidder will get them.”

“The starting price is low.

How low is it” Someone asked curiously.

Why was this person auctioning them on the street How many people would bid for them

“For example, there are no low-grade ninth-grade consumable spirit pills.

The market price is 10 million spirit stones.

The starting price is 8 million.”

“If no one bids, you can take it for 8 million.”

Lin Mo said unceremoniously.

It was a loss of 2 million.

However, he was in a hurry and could only do so.

“Thats great.

Ill bid eight million then.” After that person heard that, he directly bid.

The surrounding people looked at each other, but none of them had any intention of bidding.

“No one is bidding Then this spirit pill will be sold at a low price.”

Lin Mo confirmed once again.

Under everyones shocked gazes, he said, “Alright, eight million.


Pay up.”

After throwing the spirit pill to the bidder, Lin Mo stretched out his hand and got the person to pay for the spirit pill.

“So straightforward”

That person was stunned.

He took out the spirit pill doubtfully and released his soul power.

After careful verification, he finally nodded his head.

This was a genuine ninth-grade spirit pill.

Although it was a consumable item, if he were to sell it at the auction house, he would be able to sell it for at least eleven to twelve million.

He had made a profit…

“Brother, are you short of spirit stones Theres no need to do this.

Go to the four seas auction house and they will sell it for ten million low-grade spirit stones.”


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