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As the pursuers knew that they wouldnt be able to catch up to them, after calculating the route, they went to the front to stop them.

“It looks like we cant go forward.

You cant participate in the following battle…” Lin Mo said.

In front of them, the lights were brightly lit.

However, this was not to welcome them.

Instead, they were iron cavalrymen holding magic weapons.

At the front, there were several Nirvana Realm powerhouses, and each of them was very powerful…

“I have extracted more than half of the true dragons blood essence during this period of time.

You should devour it.

This way, your chances of survival will be higher.”

Qing Xi opened her mouth and took out a bright red jade bottle.

It contained golden blood, and there was a bright red glow in it.

“Thank you, but I want to give this true dragon blood essence to someone…” Lin Mo took it with a smile.

At this moment, a hint of tenderness appeared on his face.

After working so hard for so long, he could finally give Jiang Xiyue a better gift.

“Is it… For Jiang Xiyue”

Qing Xi muttered to herself as she walked behind him and looked at Lin Mos straight back.

For some reason, when she saw Lin Mos tender side, she felt an inexplicable sense of loss.

It was difficult to put into words.

“People arent born equal…”

Qing Xi smiled and looked at Lin Mo in front of her.

Perhaps this protection did not belong to her from the beginning.

At first, it was Bai Luo, and then it was Jiang Xiyue…

“Ill take the dragons blood out first.

You go with the Origin Spirit Puppet.”


Lin Mo did not notice the change in Qing Xis expression and said to himself.

He looked into the distance, dropped a drop of the dragons blood, and swallowed it.

In an instant, a dragons roar sounded in his body and a wave of rich true dragon aura reverberated.

“Now, you go first.”

Lin Mo shouted loudly.

As long as Qing Xi could successfully leave the border, she would be able to escape.

The movements on his side also attracted the attention of the troops stationed at the front.

“Are they here”

At the front of the troops, Jin Lie sneered.

This dragons roar was definitely dragons blood and there was no mistake.

“Everyone, listen up.

Kill them all.”

Jin Lie gave the order, and all the experts moved out, rushing toward Lin Mo.

Seeing this, Lin Mo spread his Kun Peng Wings and flew in the opposite direction of Qing Xi.

In his hand was a bottle of dragon blood, emitting a rich aura.

The pursuers at the back were all frustrated.

They all sped up crazily, wanting to obtain the true dragons bloodline as soon as possible.

Perhaps there were spies of other princes mixed in, but who knew

Such a chaotic scene made some people at the border baffled.

However, after sensing the shocking dragon qi, they turned pale with fright.

“This is an archaic divine beast, the aura of a true dragon.”

“Who is that mysterious person He actually has the aura of a true dragon”

“Speaking of which, didnt the crown prince of the Yanhuang Divine Empire order to kill the Saintess Qing Xi who colluded with evil cultivators”

“It seems that the information is wrong…”

Everyone discussed.

After a short moment of hesitation, greed overcame reason, and one by one, they joined in the pursuit.

The Nirvana Realm powerhouses flew at the front line, continuously approaching Lin Mo, and they were about to catch up.

At this moment, Lin Mo swallowed a spiritual pill in his mouth.

In the next moment, his speed soared, and in the blink of an eye, he flew 10,000 meters away.

Such a terrifying speed allowed him to quickly shake off his pursuers, find a mountain range, and hide.

Here, Lin Mo took out a formation disk.

It was very exquisite.

“What a pity.

It could have been used twice…”

Lin Mo sighed inwardly.

This was the formation disk that Bai Luo had given him before he left.

It could block the attacks of Nirvana Realm powerhouses.

It could have been used twice, but with so many people following behind, this formation disk was destined to be destroyed.

Without the formation disk, even if he knew about the formation, he did not have the ability to set it up.

Just the materials alone were a problem.

After spending a few minutes to set up the formation, Lin Mo restrained his aura and then used the spirit-holding technique to leave.

“I hope I can delay it for a while…”

After doing all this, Lin Mo resolutely turned around.

Then, under the night sky, he quietly turned back and returned to the border of the Yanhuang dynasty.


The sound of horses neighing could be heard.

There were still troops stationed here, but the Nirvana Realm powerhouses had all left.

Most of the troops had left, leaving only a small part of them remaining.

In order to prevent Lin Mo from luring them away, Qing Xi escaped alone.

Jin Lie was also here.

He predicted that Qing Xi was definitely still hiding nearby.

With a golden light flashing, Lin Mo returned and came before Jin Lie.

“Youre finally here.

Are you Qing Xi or Lin Mo” Jin Lie smiled indifferently and stood out, his body emitting a powerful aura.

“Im the person whos gonna kill you.”

Lin Mo lowered his voice and walked over step by step.

Under the moonlight, his body was tall and straight, facing thousands of soldiers and horses without moving an inch.

“Kill me Just you alone” Jin Lies gaze was cold.

There were more than a thousand people here, all of them were at least tier 20 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

One person might not be able to pose a threat to Lin Mo, but if they attacked together, even someone at tier 31 of the Dragon Transformation Realm would find it hard to find victory.

“Taking your head off an army is as easy as taking something from your pocket.”

Lin Mo said indifferently, his eyes under the bamboo hat filled with confidence.

Jin Lie laughed at the sky.

He and Lin Mo both at tier 25 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

Being eighth on the Yanhuang Board of Fame was enough to show his talent.

How could his combat strength be weak

Now, he even had an army by his side.

Lin Mo was just one person, so what could he use to kill him

“What a funny joke.

However, you have to pay the price for boasting.”

Jin Lie said as he released his aura, pressing down on Lin Mo.

“Whether its a joke or not, well know after a battle.

After killing you I can consider my mission complete.” Lin Mo said indifferently.

He looked at Jin Lie.

The latter waved his hand and the iron cavalry charged toward Lin Mo.

“Dont think that Ill fight you alone.

For the crown princes sake, I cant accept your despicable methods.” Jin Lie said.

Lin Mo rushed over, and Jin Lie also instantly rushed forward to attack together with the iron cavalry.

The fluctuation produced by the collision between the two actually overturned the surrounding iron cavalry one by one.

Their imposing battle skyrocketed, and the two people exploded with astonishing destructive power.

Around them, the iron cavalry all retreated.

Those below tier 25 of the Dragon Transformation Realm collapsed on the ground, being suppressed by this imposing aura.

The iron cavalry under them were unable to resist because of their weaker strength.

Although Lin Mo was surrounded for a time, these iron cavalry could not do anything to him.

“Dont just stand there.

Long-range attacks, use your martial arts.”

Jin Lie said coldly.

He raised his hand to block Lin Mos punch.

He was shaken by a powerful force until he was in pain.

“Its useless.

In front of absolute strength, everything is an illusion.”

Lin Mo approached step by step and opened his God Devouring Bodys Domain.

The spiritual energy in the area where the two of them were standing was instantly sucked dry.

The earth cracked and space rippled.

Their martial arts were confined within a certain range and could not move.

In the end, they dissipated as the spiritual energy was exhausted.

Even if some powerful martial arts could pass through the domain, they would not have much power in front of Lin Mo and would be easily blocked.


Lin Mo was not afraid.

With the spiritual energy he had absorbed, he threw a punch at Jin Lie.


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