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The Ancient Sword of Desolation appeared, emitting a sword qi that shot up into the sky.

No one was able to stop Lin Mo.


Jin Lie made his move, blocking Lin Mos advance.

He gave a vicious kick, forcefully disrupting Lin Mo.

He could not let Lin Mo continue like this.

Otherwise, his armys morale would plummet.

At that time, they would not even have the courage to make a move against Lin Mo.


The Ancient Sword of Desolation fiercely slashed at Jin Lies arm, causing sparks to fly everywhere.

A layer of armor appeared on Jin Lies arm, and mysterious symbols lit up on his body.

It was a spirit-grade magic tool.

It was precisely this magic tool that allowed him to block the ancient sword of Desolations attack.

In an instant, Jin Lie attacked once again.

Like a wild dragon that had emerged from the mountain, his attack materialized, shaking the mountains and rivers.

Moreover, with the protection of this magic tool, Lin Mos God Devouring Body Domains influence on him had also become much smaller.

Jin Lie formed a seal with both hands.

The first move he made was a high-level spirit-grade martial art.

In front of him, a mountain-splitting giant axe was formed.

It was formed by the absorption of spirit qi runes, and it emitted a dazzling light.


The giant axe hacked downwards with great momentum, suppressing Lin Mo below.

It was as if Mount Tai was pressing down on him.

Lin Mos face showed no fear.

He raised his sword and pointed it at the sky.

The Devouring God Body Domain spread out, and the spiritual qi of the huge axe was continuously absorbed.

With the Devouring God Bodys ability, Lin Mo ignored this attack.

His long sword shattered the symbols, and his body rushed forward, slashing toward Jin Lie.



When the Ancient Sword of Desolation was blocked, a faint light appeared in Lin Mos palm.

The dense aura of flames exploded, like a blazing sun that bloomed in his palm.


A golden long spear appeared out of nowhere and fiercely struck the blazing sun.

As the two collided, the surrounding mountains crumbled and the earth cracked.

Layers of magma actually surged out from beneath, condensed from spiritual energy.

Lin Mos aura exploded, triggering the underground magma to attack Jin Lie.

The latter was not afraid either.

Knowing that Lin Mo was not easy to deal with, he was already prepared.

The magical artifact on his body blocked the magma attack.

At the same time, Jin Lie held the golden long spear in his right hand and swept it continuously.

Spear shadows surged in the air, carrying a powerful and terrifying spear intent.

The quality of this long spear even surpassed that of the Ancient Sword of Desolation.

The sword rays clashed with it many times and eventually started falling behind.

This was the foundation of the imperial family.

If Lin Mo had stayed in the imperial city and participated in some activities…

Perhaps Jiang Xiyue would be able to find such a magical artifact for him.

However, it was not possible now.

Lin Mo could only passively defend and was gradually surrounded by the surrounding spear shadows.

This made Lin Mo slightly surprised.

Jin Lies combat strength was indeed extraordinary.

Knowing that his God Devouring Body domain could absorb spiritual energy, he did not engage in close combat with Jin Lie.

Instead, he used the spear shadows surrounding Jin Lie.

Such a person had rich battle experience.

It was hard to imagine what kind of battle prowess the stronger crown prince had.

“I originally wanted to play with you more, but unfortunately, Im in a hurry,” Lin Mo said.

Bai Luos spirit array could not hold on for long.

He had to end the battle quickly.

“Why Dont tell me you want to escape”Jin Lies expression was calm as he looked at Lin Mo mockingly.

Although he did not know what method Lin Mo had used to lure the large group of people away, none of this was important.

Once the time was up, Lin Mo would definitely die.

“Hehe, dont even think about making me fight to the death with you.

This is a battlefield, and its incomparably cruel.

I only need to stall for a moment, and youll die without a doubt.”

Jin Lie mocked, not giving Lin Mo a chance.

The spear shadows filled the sky, completely sealing the area.

Many symbols covered the sky, pressing down.

At this moment, Lin Mo was trapped below, and it was hard for him to break through.

The God Devouring Bodys domain could not hold on any longer.


Jin Lie shouted, his eyes bursting with killing intent.

He jumped into the air, and the golden spear spun in his hand before he threw it out.

A rainbow fell from the sky, bringing with it astonishing pressure.

At the same time, Jin Lie had also prepared a killing move.

The symbols on his palms flickered, releasing an even stronger wave of energy as he dove down.

A double-layered killing move.

This was the strongest attack that Jin Lie could unleash within a short period of time.

Lin Mos hands emitted a fiery light as the image of avermillion bird revolved around him.

The Vermillion Bird Divine Flame spread out, supporting the body of the Ancient Sword of Desolation.

At this moment, sword qi soared into the heavens, It erupting from Lin Mos body and instantly shattering the spear phantom image.

Divine Flames spread from every part of his body and adhered to the sword qi.

This place instantly turned into a sea of fire.

The Sword Qi moved unhindered and the world shook.

Even the void trembled slightly.

Lin Mo used the Cloud Piercing Four Spirits and hid the Vermillion Birds Aura.

Although its power was greatly reduced, it could not be underestimated.

In this instant, Lin Mo and Jin Lies exchange had already lasted for more than ten rounds.

The sword qi moved unhindered and the spear shadow shook the sky.

The wind and clouds shook, and bursts of explosions rang out in mid-air, dazzling and eye-catching.


The golden spear was very impressive, and its quality was at least at the seventh tier of the spirit grade.

It could be seen how much the crown prince valued Jin Lie.

On the other hand, Lin Mos Cloud Piercing Four Spirits was even more powerful.

Divine flames filled the sky and attached to the sword qi, its offensive power was unparalleled.

“Golden Dragon Sky Roaring Technique!”

Jin Lie let out a long cry, and in the blink of an eye, a dragon appeared behind him, shining brilliantly.


The moment the flood dragon appeared, Jin Lie attacked Lin Mo.

The Vermilion Bird Divine Flame appeared around Lin Mo, one after another, resisting the pressure of the golden dragon.


Flames burst out from Lin Mos body, and the Vermilion Bird Divine Flame burst out with a dazzling attack to destroy the power of the golden dragon.

However, he was surprised to find that the energy of the golden flood dragon was very strange.

After it was destroyed, it was condensed again.

Moreover, it could resist the Devouring God Body.

Seeing this, Lin Mo calmed down.

His Soul Devouring Art was fully activated.

Layers of black light spread from his Dantian.

This was the way the Soul Devouring Art Stood, devouring the sky and the Earth.

With the support of the Soul Devouring Art, the devouring God Body became even stronger, devouring everything.


The vortex was formed.

Lin Mo sat cross-legged in the middle of the vortex.

This place was like a black hole, devouring everything.

In less than ten seconds, the golden dragons power dissipated, and it was completely devoured by the God Devouring Body.

It did not have any power to escape.

Lin Mo kept the God Devouring Body, and the Vermilion Bird Divine Flames were ignited again, attacking Jin Lie.

This gave him a big shock.

The golden dragons heaven roaring art could be said to be a very powerful move.

Although the attack power was a little weak, it was the best way to trap people.

In the past, it had always been successful.

Not to mention those of the same level, even those of a higher level would not be able to escape.

This failure had surprised him.

Lin Mos strength had exceeded his expectations.

“The golden dragon has appeared, the body of the golden dragon.”

Jin lie roared furiously.

The golden dragon image that had just dispersed appeared once again.

In the next moment, it actually descended from the sky and charged at Jin Lies head.

In the next moment, the golden flood dragons strength soared.

Jin Lie, who was originally only at tier 25 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, had now reached tier 26.

Not only that, there was also an extremely dense and powerful force on the golden flood dragons body.

It was extremely terrifying.

Lin Mo was greatly shocked.

He did not expect that Jin Lie had such a move that could raise his strength by one level.

This was incredible.

The strength of this technique was at least at the seventh or even eight tier of the spirit rank…


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