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He had no choice but to take this seriously.

The Kun Peng Wings on his back spread open as he searched for an opportunity.

There was not much time left.

That group of experts would arrive soon.

He had to end this battle as soon as possible.

Relying on the Kun Peng Wings, Lin Mo fought, searching for an opportunity.

In such an intense battle between the two of them, the ground was filled with devastation.

Jin Lie had even used his cultivation technique to increase his strength by one rank.

However, due to the God Devouring Body, Lin Mos spiritual energy had remained at its peak, and the two of them were still evenly matched.

In the end, Lin Mo seized the opportunity to use the Cloud Piercing Four Spirits, and the Vermilion Bird Divine Flame beat Jin Lie back to his original state.

In reality, this move of his could not last for long, because maintaining it required a lot of spiritual energy, and the burden on the soul was also very great.

Therefore, after receiving Lin Mos attack, he had no choice but to withdraw from this state.

Jin Lies expression was grave.

He did not expect Lin Mo to be so difficult to deal with.

The spiritual energy in his body was like a bottomless abyss, and there was no sign of depletion at all.

“I cant fight for much longer…”

He muttered in his heart.

The soldiers at the rear had long been frightened by Lin Mos imposing manner and could not participate in the battle.

Now, he no longer wanted to kill Lin Mo.

instead, he wanted to stall Lin Mo.

He did not believe that the experts who were chasing after Lin Mo would be killed.

That was impossible.

There were so many Nirvana Realm experts, unless they had all encountered something fatal.

However, he was familiar with the surrounding areas.

There were no traps anywhere, and there were no powerful demonic beasts.

Lin Mo knew that he could not stall any longer.

His attacks became more and more agile.


Jin Lie struggled to hold on.

The spiritual energy in his body was being consumed more and more, and the pressure within him was gradually increasing.

Under Lin Mos feet, a wisp of purple light faintly appeared, but under the cover of the flames, it was barely noticeable.

However, Jin Lies soul was sharp, and he could sense that Lin Mo had become even more dangerous.

The flames spread, and Lin Mo unleashed his full strength.

The two archaic divine beast spells were unleashed at the same time, and even Lin Mo felt the pressure, his face somewhat pale.

“Could this be an earth-rank martial art”

Jin Lie asked, his expression grave.

He felt that Lin Mos technique was too powerful, suppressing a spirit-grade martial art.

They were clearly on the same level, but he was being suppressed in all directions.

“Take a gander.”

Lin Mo smiled faintly.

The Kun Peng Wings flapped, carrying the Vermilion Bird Divine Flame as it attacked.


This attack instantly caused Jin Lie to be heavily injured.

Lin Mo Sighed, missing the best opportunity.

The Qilin Steps incomplete technique required one to take four steps in order to unleash its strongest power.

However, Jin lie had attacked in advance and used his martial arts.

Lin Mo was only able to take two steps before he had no choice but to launch an attack.

However, even so, Jin lie was still injured.

His chest was split open and fresh blood flowed out.

“Summon, Golden Dragon Aspect.”

Jin Lie roared and executed his strongest killing move.

At the same time, he took out a golden spirit pill and swallowed it.

His body suddenly doubled in size.

What he swallowed was a spirit pill refined from the golden flood dragons diluted blood essence.

At the critical moment, he could unleash the strongest attack of the golden flood dragons Heaven Roaring Mantra.

In an instant, a golden flood dragon appeared in front of Jin Lie.

Its scales were vivid and lifelike, as if a golden flood dragon had come alive.


The golden dragon roared and clawed at Lin Mo.

it was invincible and easily passed through Lin Mos domain.

Lin Mo used the Ancient Sword of Desolation to meet the attack, but he was sent flying at the next moment.

This move was too powerful.

Jin Lies explosive attack had already surpassed Lin Mos, making it difficult for him to block it.

The two of them engaged in a terrifying battle, expanding the battlefield.

The surrounding people had no choice but to retreat again.

In less than a minute, Jin lie and Lin Mo had exchanged 100 attacks, creating a huge commotion.

Jin Lie was worthy of his title as a peerless genius.

In the future, he might become the number one general of the Yanhuang Divine Empire and conquer all the lands.

After a round of battle, the two of them retreated.

Both of them were panting as Lin Mo faced the sky and let out a long roar.

“Haha, Awesome!”

He laughed out loud and was about to say something when his soul power suddenly sensed a powerful fluctuation.

Behind him, on the horizon, a few figures were rushing over.

They were Nirvana Realm experts.

“Lets finish this battle quickly.”

Lin Mo whispered.

He waved his hand and threw out several spiritual lights, emitting a pure aura.

“What are you up to” Jin Lies eyes were puzzled.

What Lin Mo threw out were spiritual pills.

Among them, two were spirit grade.

They were very precious.


Following Lin Mos low shout, the spiritual power attached to the spiritual pills exploded, along with the spiritual pills.

Powerful and pure spiritual energy undulations spread out, instantly engulfing the two.

“This is my final attack.

If you can take it, then it will be considered it my loss.”

Lin Mo sneered.

In the next instant, a terrifying aura spread out from his body.

The Kun Peng Wings were retracted, and a Vermilion Bird Phantom slowly appeared behind him.

The pressure of an archaic divine beast spread out, extremely terrifying.


The Vermilion Bird howled towards the sky, and its body carried a hazy and terrifying aura.

At this moment, the Vermilion Bird Divine Flame spread out without any concealment, burning the surrounding space until it became deformed.

“Thats… A Vermilion Bird”

Jin Lies eyes focused, and his hair stood on end.

He actually did not fight and fled, wanting to escape from this place.

When he turned around, he was shocked to realize that the Vermilion Bird Divine Flame had already surrounded this place.

In the next moment, the Vermilion Bird Phantom was struck out by Lin Mo, flying towards him.


The sky and earth shook, and space instantly shattered.

The Vermilion Bird Divine Flames attack was too terrifying, and its temperature rose rapidly.

When this attack was launched, Lin Mo felt as if his body had been hollowed out, and his devouring God body crazily absorbed the surrounding spiritual qi.

The battle had already reached this stage, and it was already over.

Although Jin lie was hiding inside the golden flood dragon illusion, compared to the Vermilion Bird, this illusion was like a firefly and a bright moon.

The flames melted Jin Lies body, and a wisp of flame penetrated Jin Lies forehead and burned his soul.

Lin Mo rushed over immediately and said, “Youre very strong, but Im stronger…”

A golden ring fell off Jin Lies finger and was put away by Lin Mo before it was covered by the flames.

The flames completely erupted and enveloped Jin Lies body.

The pure spiritual energy formed from the self-detonation of several spirit pills engulfed everything, no one else knew what had happened inside.

When the Vermillion Bird Divine Flame was extinguished and the spiritual energy was devoured by the God Devouring Body, Jin Lie had already turned into a pile of ashes.

“What, Lord Jin Lie”

Someone shouted loudly.

The group of soldiers in front became even more uneasy and rushed forward.

Jin Lie had died here.

With the crown princes temperament, they would not have much of a chance of coming out unscathed…

However, although their realms were higher, they were not Lin Mos match.

“Bastard, youre courting death.”

An angry roar came from behind.

An old mans eyes were about to split open.

The golden light in his hand flickered as he charged towards Lin Mo.

Seeing this, Lin Mo did not dare to delay.

The Kun Peng Wings appeared and flames covered it, killing the group of soldiers charging towards them.

As the figures were strewn, when the Nirvana Realm expert rushed over, these people had already been slaughtered by Lin Mo.

“Haha, so this is the eighth place on the Yanhuang Board of Fame.

Its just so-so.”

Lin Mo threw his head back and laughed loudly.

He waved the ring in his hand and said, “Ill take this.”

After saying that, Lin Mo turned around and left.


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