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“The eighth prince has received his majestys recognition.

He has received a personal army of a thousand people, led by five Nirvana Realm powerhouses.”

“Yeah, such an army can even attack the Holy Land…”

Some people were extremely excited and kept discussing.

However, when they heard this, Lin Mo immediately became dissatisfied.

“This dog emperor is so biased…”

Lin Mo cursed in his heart.

If the crown prince and Jiang Xiyue exchanged their identities, Jiang Xiyue would probably be executed…

On the other hand, the crown prince directly established his authority.

His position was even more stable and he had all sorts of resources…

It looked like he had been rewarded an army, but who knew how many spies were planted in this army

On the surface, they were protecting Jiang Xiyue, but they were secretly spying on her.

It was really disgraceful…

Moreover, this army might not necessarily listen to Jiang Xiyues words…

“Only an army” Lin Mo asked.

“Theres still one million middle-grade spirit stones, a number of cultivation techniques and martial arts, and countless elixirs.”

These people said, but these people were not above the level of a spirit-grade 5.

Compared to the army, they were a little lacking.

“Forget it, its better to have them than not to have them…”

Lin Mo sighed.

It seemed like Jiang Xiyue was not liked by the people because she was a woman.


Moreover, with these treasures, Jiang Xiyue could legitimately advance.

In addition to his own auction system, he could increase the value of these treasures by more than ten times…

After staying in the Qinghuai Holy Land for a few days, Lin Mo felt bored and left.

After a few days of traveling, he finally arrived at the Imperial City and was shocked by the prosperity of this place.

He was recognized as soon as he arrived here and caused quite a stir.

The various families in the imperial city sent out invitations one after another to invite Lin Mo over as a guest.

Some of the young people also looked at Lin Mo with unconvinced eyes.

After a round of questioning, Lin Mo finally discovered the problem.

It turned out that it was the death of the eighth-ranked person on the Yanhuang Board of Fame, Jin Lie.

His position was vacated and Lin Mos name was written down by the emperor.

This caused Lin Mos reputation to soar.

Even before he came to the imperial city, there were already countless young geniuses who wanted to challenge him.

“Young friend, are you willing to marry into our Gu family The eldest and second young misses of our Gu family are currently looking for a husband.”

“Young friend, have you ever been married This old man has a daughter, shes 20 years old…”

Lin Mo was surrounded.

It was not easy for him to break free, but he was once again blocked by two young girls.

“Qing Wen Qing Wu.”

He was overjoyed.

His savior had finally arrived.

He did not expect his reputation to be so great…

“Palace head wants to see you.

Come with us.” Qing Wen chuckled and said as she looked at the somewhat disheveled Lin Mo.

“Its better to follow your orders.”

Lin Mo nodded and left with Qing Wen and Qing Wu.

The people behind him were unwilling, but there was nothing they could do.

After passing through the streets of the imperial city, they finally arrived at the imperial palace.

Under Qing Wenqingwus lead, they arrived at the Purple Moon Palace.

It was more like a paradise than a palace.

The imperial palace was too big, and so was Jiang Xiyues territory.

Putting aside the numerous palaces, there were countless mountains and rivers, and one could not see the end of them.

“Lin Mo!”

Through the teleportation array, Lin Mo arrived at the core of the palace.

Jiang Xiyue had been waiting there for a long time.

When she saw Lin Mo appear, a smile appeared on her face.

“We meet again…” Lin Mo said with a smile, his heart filled with joy.

Jiang Xiyues bedroom was very big.

There were array formations set up on top of it.

There were cultivation, defense, attack, and even teleportation formations.

“Such spiritual energy.

Its a hundred times more than the outside world…”

Lin Mo was shocked.

was this Jiang Xiyues territory.

If he had been born here, he basically would not have to worry about the God Devouring Body.

The surrounding spiritual energy would be enough it to devour.

“Are you surprised”

Jiang Xiyue laughed softly and held Lin Mos hand naturally.

She flew up with her and looked down.

“Ill show you around.”

In Jiang Xiyues territory, the land was vast and the people were few.

Only when they passed by some mountains and rivers could they detect some people below.

Some people lived here and did not have to worry about food and clothing.

Some were even ordinary people.

Lin Mo was surprised.

Why were there still ordinary people living in Jiang Xiyues territory

“These are some of my hangers-on and my family members.

Most of them are itinerant cultivators.

Since they work for me, I have to protect their relatives safety,” Jiang Xiyue explained.

Some of the surrounding mountains were as high as 30,000 feet.

Jiang Xiyue led Lin Mo up a mountain peak.

On the mountain peak, Lin Mo saw a few familiar faces.

“Senior Luo, Lil Die”

Lin Mo was a little surprised.

Could it be that Luo Haoyu saw Lil Dies extraordinary talent and wanted to teach her

This was a good thing.

Lin Mo had not seen through Luo Haoyus strength yet.

It was not bad to be able to teach Lil Die.


Lil” Die had a bitter expression on her face.

She was using her finger to carve something on a jade talisman.

When she saw Lin Mo walking over, she was instantly overjoyed.

She jogged over and hugged Lin Mos thigh tightly, unwilling to let go.

“Elder Luo.” Jiang Xiyue bowed slightly and greeted Luo Haoyu.

“Your Highness, the inscription of theTai Yu spirit nurturing technique is nearing its end.

You will be able to practice it in a few days.” Luo Haoyu said with a smile.

When Yan Rong and Lin Die brought the Ancient Flame Sects inheritance runes over, they were both very surprised.

They did not expect that the best inheritance in the Ancient Alame Ruins would actually be secretly obtained by Lin Mo.


“Big Brother, under senior Luos guidance, Lil Dies strength has also improved.” Lin Die chuckled.

Her small face was filled with an expression of wanting to be praised, and Jiang Xiyue liked it very much.

“Lil Die is great.

Work hard for a few more days, and then you can rest,” Jiang Xiyue encouraged.

However, when she heard that she was going to engrave the runes of the “Taiyu recuperation technique” again, her little face instantly fell.

“Got it…” Lin Die said pitifully.

Her little mouth twitched, and she looked like she was going to cry.

“This will also help strengthen your soul power…” Luo Haoyu said earnestly.

He was very satisfied with Lin Die and wanted to take her as a disciple.

However, this little girl refused to acknowledge him as her master, and she did not want to engrave the runes in the beginning.

“She found it troublesome and wanted to resonate with my divine sense.

She presented her memories to me without any defenses at all…” Jiang Xiyue said helplessly.

Ever since Yan Rong told Lin Die about her relationship with Lin Mo, the little girl seemed to understand and believe her.

After that, she said everything, scaring everyone.

“Then why didnt she resonate with her divine sense Why did she have to inscribe runes” Lin Mo asked.

She was a tier 9 earth rank.

It would take some time for her to inscribe runes.

However, it would not be so easy to inscribe an incomplete technique from an archaic divine beast.

With their current strength, they would not be able to learn it without using their divine sense to resonate with their opponents memories.

“It wont work.

My soul is recorded in the imperial mausoleum.

Whoever looks at my memories will be able to see it.”

“And when that time comes, Lil Die will be chased down…”

Jiang Xiyue shook her head.

Although she wanted the archaic divine beasts technique, she could only stop at the sight of it…

“Is that so…”

Lin Mo frowned.

If that was the case, then Jiang Xiyue would have no fate with the Kun Peng Wings and other divine abilities…

“Its fine.

When you become stronger, you can carve it for me…”

Jiang Xiyue said indifferently.

What she wanted now was the heaven-defying cultivation technique, theTaiyu divine nurturing technique.


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