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“Maybe he is just a fool with a lot of money.”

“He could have already mastered the technique.

If so, hell only lose a few thousand low-grade spirit stones.

Thats nothing.”

Meanwhile, the Huang sisters were overjoyed.

They knew how much Lin Mo had originally paid for the cultivation technique.

In a way, they had made a huge profit.

Everyone felt that Lin Mo was losing out.

Of course, only Lin Mo himself knew the truth.

He may have had a deficit in terms of spirit stones, but he had benefited from other aspects.

[ Ding! The host has successfully auctioned “Dust Rising Steps”.


[ Successfully triggered 3,000 times return! ]

[ Obtained a tier 7 top-grade movement technique, “Dragon Swimming Steps”! ]

Lin Mo had already mastered the “Dust Rising Steps” and now, he received an even better rebate from the system.

The spirit stones lost were nothing in comparison.

Even the royal family would covet such a cultivation technique.

Moreover, it was exactly what Lin Mo wanted.

Since he was being threatened by the Miao and Lin families, he needed a better movement technique.

The”Dust Rising Steps” was good but it was still a tier four cultivation technique, even if it had the potential to become tier five.

Thus, it was still slightly lacking.

With the “Dragon Swimming Steps”, it would make him difficult to be pursued once he mastered it.

Lin Mo did not like to underestimate his opponent.

If he was not completely confident, he would not simply take any action.

This was also the reason why he had yet to make a move on the Lin and Miao family.

Besides, these two families were huge and their foundations were deep.

He needed to take things slow.

“The second item up for auction is a tier 4 top-grade demonic beast, winged python.

Starting price is 8,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

A huge iron cage was lifted up.

There was a pair of cold and cruel vertical pupils.

The bucket-sized python coiled inside the cage, looking rather restless.


Its tongue flickered around restlessly.

Upon seeing the mass amount of people, the python quickly entered an attacking state.

Its upper body stood up straight and the tip of its tail slapped the ground.

Fortunately, this cage had a special seal on it.

No ordinary cage could contain this demonic beast.

Even so, everyone still felt a chill when they saw the snake.

“Thats a genuine tier 4 top-grade demonic beast.”

“Look, there are a pair of small wings on its back.”

There were two small bulges on the pythons back.

It was close to its abdomen and there was a pair of wings.

However, the wings were quite small.

Realistically, the snake would not be able to fly.

Furthermore, the snakes body was huge.

Someone guessed, “I think it mutated.

The wings may look unremarkable now but in the future, they will definitely grow bigger.

By then, it would be even more of a threat.”

Snakes were reptiles, so they could only fight on the ground.

If they had functional wings, they could expand their fighting capabilities.

Their speed would also increase.

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It took a lot of effort for Wu Jin to obtain the snake.

He did his best to fulfill Lin Mos request.

The lowest grade of a demonic beast that the system had rewarded was tier five.

Lin Mo was rather worried about this.

If he auctioned off this low-tier demonic beast, the return might not be what he expected.

“Father, thats a tier 4 top-grade demonic beast! Should we buy it”

Du Nanfeng and Du Wan were quite shocked.

They did not expect Lin Mo to produce results so quickly.

Their faith in him was bolstered.

No doubt, the young man would keep his words.

They believed he would provide them with a top-grade tier five beast soon.

Although a tier four top-grade demonic beast would prove the black-blood tiger with some growth, its effects would undoubtedly not be as good as a tier five demonic beast.

Therefore, this python was not a must-buy for Du Nanfeng.

Hence, he decided to take things slow.

Miao Yan overheard Du Wans words.

In recent times, wherever there were demonic beasts, the Du family would also be present.

Normally, the Du family would instantly place their bids.

The corners of Miao Yans mouth immediately revealed a malicious smile.

“10,000 spirit stones!”

After placing his bid, Miao Yan threw a provocative gaze over.

A tier four top-grade demonic beast was not weak.

If the Du family obtained it, their power would increase even further.

After all, beast taming was their specialty.

It would certainly threaten the stable position of the Miao family.

Additionally, the relationship between the Miao and Du families was not that good.

Miao Yan would not allow them to gain the upper hand.

Unfortunately for him, he did not know about the deal between the Du family and Lin Mo. Otherwise, he would absolutely regret his decision.

Du Wan lowered his voice and said with dissatisfaction, “Miao Yan doesnt need the python at all.

A higher-tier demonic beast had already been prepared for him.

Hes deliberately bickering with us.”

Du Nanfeng was a shrewd old man.

Obviously, he had seen through Miao Yans plan.

He said meaningfully, “Then, we shall return the favor.”

Lin Mo and the Miao family did not have a good relationship either.

If the Miao family found out they were helping Lin Mo, coupled with the existing conflicts, their fragile connection would falter even further.

It was only a matter of time before they came for each others throats.

Thus, it would be better to do Lin Mo a favor.

The father and son looked at each other.

Du Wan immediately understood Du Nanfengs intentions and shouted, “12,000 spirit stones!”

Then, he glared back fiercely at Miao Yan.

On the other hand, Miao Yan thought that he had successfully provoked the Du family.

He was very pleased with himself.

“15,000 spirit stones!”

“20,000 spirit stones!”


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