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Of course, Lin Mo would not tell anyone about the True Dragons Heart Blood that he had obtained.

Even Qian Qian and the others did not know about it.

“Learn this and leave the imperial city before swallowing it.”

After everyone left, Lin Mo brought Jiang Xiyue to the inner building of the Moon Pavilion.

He took out a scroll that contained theBreath Holding Technique that he had carved during this period of time.

This technique was very magical.

Its grade was very low, but it was very complicated.

There were so many runes in it that even Lin Mo was speechless.

“Whats wrong” Jiang Xiyue was very curious.

Did Lin Mo not call her here to give her the purer true dragon bloodline

Why did he have to learn a spell book now

“Take a look at this first…”

Lin Mo did not hide anything and took out the True Dragons Heart Blood from the system space.

The moment the crimson blood appeared, the pavilion was filled with dragon might.

If Lin Mo had not put it away in time, the entire Yue Xuan would have been destroyed by the dragon might.

Countless experts in the imperial city would also know that by then, he and Jiang Xiyue would not be able to escape even if they had wings…

“Just now… What was that”

Jiang Xiyue took two steps back and stumbled.

She almost fell when she lost her balance.

Lin Mo hugged her in time and said softly, “A true ancient divine beast, the blood of a true dragon.”

“You… Where did you get it”

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Jiang Xiyue could not believe it.

Everything just now seemed to be an illusion.

The ancient divine beast, the true dragon, had a terrifying aura.

At that moment, she felt like she was about to be swallowed.

Facing a true dragon, she had no chance of survival.

“This is my secret.

You can think of it as me having a treasure basin.

Do you trust me”

Lin Mo hesitated for a while before finally speaking.

This statement was ridiculous, but it was similar to the truth.

The systems effect on him was the same as the treasure basin.

“I believe you.”

Jiang Xiyue nodded and looked at Lin Mo seriously.

“Did I make the right bet back then” She looked at Lin Mo.

she had never regretted her decision back then.

She thought that Lin Mo had to grow up completely before he could become her true partner.

She did not expect that Lin Mo would give her such a big gift when they met again.

It was too… Too precious…

“I wont let you down.” Lin Mo smiled and handed the scroll to Jiang Xiyue.

He reached out and held her slim waist.

Feeling the touch on her waist, Jiang Xiyues pretty face blushed slightly.

She struggled for a while, but Lin Mo hugged her tightly.

“You… What do you want” Jiang Xiyue said timidly.

Lin Mo could not control himself for a while and his hands began to become disobedient.

“You look like youre tempting me to commit a crime…”

Gently smelling the fragrance of the beauty in his arms, Lin Mo felt a ball of evil fire surge up in his lower abdomen.

He could not bear it anymore.

This time, no one disturbed him.

Luo Haoyu and the others all left.

Tang Chen went to collect the auction items but did not return.

There were no Nirvana Realm powerhouses in Yue Xuan.

No… Perhaps there was one.

That was the White Tiger Marquis who was left in the auction houses Reception Hall by Lin Mo…

Every moment of spring was worth a thousand gold coins!

When dawn broke, Lin Mo sat by the bed in a loft in Yue Xuan.

He looked at Jiang Xiyue who was dressed up on the dressing table.

Lin Mo was slightly mesmerized by such a beautiful scene.

However, soon, there was an urgent knock on the door.

The door was kicked open by someone.

Lin Mo and Jiang Xiyue were shocked by the commotion.

“Ah, Qian Qian, why are you here!”

Jiang Xiyue cried out in surprise.

She did not expect her good sister, Qianqian, to find her here.

“Palace master, What are you…”

Qianqian was anxious, especially when she saw the red marks on Jiang Xiyues snow-white neck.

She was even angrier.

She glared at Lin Mo with murderous eyes.

She looked like she wanted to rush up and execute Lin Mo on the spot.

“Hey, what are you doing here so early in the morning Why didnt you knock on the door” Lin Mo said unhappily.

The princess was changing.

Such a beautiful scene was ruined just like that.

“You still dare to say that”

Qianqian wanted to pull out her sword when she heard this.

However, Lin Mo was already one step ahead of her.

He grabbed hih clothes and jumped to the window.

“Find the materials and come find me after the practice session,” Lin Mo said softly.

His words were very ambiguous, making Qianqian want to hit him.

However, Jiang Xiyue only blushed and said softly, “Okay.”.

Seeing this, Lin Mo didnt dare to stay here any longer.

He jumped down from the window.

If he stayed any longer, he was worried that Qianqian would really cut him.

“Palace Master, are you letting him off easy just like that” Qianqian looked at Jiang Xiyue and said with disappointment.

Although this was Jiang Xiyues choice, she was still a little unhappy, especially since this person was Lin Mo.

“Alright Qianqian, you didnt get to know him until you fought him, even though he did go a little overboard back then…”

Jiang Xiyue tried to persuade her, but her voice became softer and softer as she spoke.

These words made Qianqian even angrier.

Was it going a little overboard to auction her off as a female slave

“I wonder what the palace head likes about him…”

Qianqian did not understand what Jiang Xiyue meant.

The two of them shared the same fate, and they were both struggling through a sea of bitterness.

Back then, the two of them had made a rash decision.

Although they did not see each other again, they were still worried about each other.

As such, feelings were born in their hearts…

When they met, it was as if a lifetime had passed…

“Alright, Im not angry about this.

Palace head, do you know that this fellow left the white tiger waiting all night This will affect you.”

Qianqian explained.

This was the reason why she had come here.

Lin Mo, this bastard, only cared about the love between a son and a daughter.

He had thrown aside the important guests that he could not afford to offend…

On the other side, Lin Mo left the attic.

After being reminded by someone, he remembered that the White Tiger Marquis seemed to have waited for him for an entire night.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly ordered someone to prepare wine and went to the welcoming hall.

Just as he pushed open the door, a fierce aura blew over.

This bloody smell caused even Lin Mos heart to tremble uncontrollably.

“How many people has he killed…”

He muttered to himself.

Even if he had been decisive in his killing, he did not have such a dense killing intent.

It was clear how many people had died at the hands of the White Tiger Marquis.

“Isnt farm owner Lin putting on a little too many airs…”

The White Tiger Marquis spoke.

His tone was calm, but a hint of dissatisfaction was mixed within.

“Im sorry.

Last nights matter was too important, so I couldnt come.”

Lin Mo said vaguely, took out a jade cup, and personally poured a cup of wine for the White Tiger Marquis.

“Forget it, these are the spirit stones on my body.

Where are the true dragon bloodline and theflood dragon out to the sea”

The White Tiger Marquis recalled that he had a favor to ask, so it was not good to put on airs.

He took out a beast skin belt and placed it on the table.

“Hehe, senior is straightforward.” Lin Mo smiled and took out a scroll and a jade bottle.

The White Tiger Marquis hurriedly took it, opened the jade bottle, and looked at it carefully.

Finally, he nodded in satisfaction.

“What do you need me to do, field owner Lin” The White Tiger Marquis asked.

However, he also made it clear that some things should not be said.

It was impossible in a short time.

“I see…” Lin Mo felt a little regretful.

He had thought that he could help Jiang Xiyue recruit someone, but he was rejected by the White Tiger Marquis before he could say anything.

“I bought the True Dragon Bloodline.

Its not enough for me to take sides with just one martial arts book,” said the White Tiger Marquis.


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