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The Sword Qi surged, and these mercenaries lost their lives before they could even react.

After cleaning up these peoples corpses, Lin Mo concealed himself and went deep into the area.

As for the smell of blood here, there was no need to deal with it.

The smell of blood was already very strong within the range of the blood fiend mercenary group…

“Mm, the ones with the lowest cultivation base are all at the tier 27 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, and they have the most people.”

Lin Mo said in a low voice.

Along the way, he had observed a lot and knew the specific strength of the blood fiend mercenary group.

With tier 27 Dragon Transformation Realm as the foundation, the 28th and 29th tiers could be considered as the core strength.

As for the Dragon Transformation tier 30 and 31st, he had yet to meet them, and he did not know why.

“How strange.

Could it be that the blood fiend mercenary group has come out in full force”

Lin Mo frowned.

Under the uncertain circumstances, he did not really want to make a move.

After all, he did not know where the White Tiger Marquis was at the moment.

It was not until Lin Mo went deep into the depths of the blood fiend mercenary group that he discovered the true upper echelon.

It was a middle-aged man who was at the 30th tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

He was the strongest person that Lin Mo had discovered so far.

Seeing this, Lin Mo hesitated for a moment before choosing to make his move.

He quietly walked into a building and used his soul power to block this place.

Then, the Origin Spirit Puppet made its move.

In just three moves, this person was forcefully controlled by Lin Mo.

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“Who are you” The middle-aged man was shocked.

He did not expect that there was actually someone who could sneak into the headquarters of the blood fiend mercenary company.

“Answer my questions.

If you say one more word of nonsense, Ill destroy you and capture someone else to ask around,” Lin Mo said coldly.

The middle-aged man felt the killing intent from Lin Mos body and his body trembled slightly.

He nodded and said, “If I talk, can you let me go”

“I can let you go once and give you a chance to resist,” Lin Mo said.

Naturally, it was impossible for him to let them go.

His mission was to destroy the headquarters of the blood fiend mercenary group if he had the chance.

In addition, the majority of the people in this mercenary group were bloodthirsty.

For their own selfish desires, they were even willing to kill the employer who had come to issue the mission.

He did not feel the slightest bit guilty about destroying such a mercenary group.

“Then you can ask.” The middle-aged man thought for a moment, feeling that Lin Mo would not let him go.

However, it was not like he did not have a chance to resist.

“What mission did your mercenary group receive Why did so many people leave” Lin Mo asked.

“I dont know about this.

Only the three regimental commanders know.

They took away most of the people and said that there was a big mission.

“I dont know the specifics either.

However, I know the schedule.

You can too.”

Perhaps he was afraid that Lin Mo would not be satisfied with the answer he gave, so he added, “Im the only Dragon Transformation Realm tier 30 guard in the entire mercenary group.

If I dont know the answer, its even more impossible for others to know.”


Lin Mo was stunned.

It was basically the same as what he had observed.

After asking about the matter again, Lin Mo did not receive any useful information.

The only thing that surprised him was that the blood fiend mercenary group was actually the crown princes influence.

The crown prince had supported many hidden factions, helping him sell stolen goods and do dirty work.

The blood fiend mercenary group was mostly used to rob houses and clear out some unwanted chess pieces.

This was also the reason why this place was filled with extremely vicious people.

“If thats the case, then theres nothing more to say.”

Lin Mo obeyed and allowed the Origin Spirit Puppet to let go of this person, fulfilling his promise.

The middle-aged man had just struggled free when a shocking aura burst forth from his body.

Following which, he shouted.

“Someone, theres an intruder!”

As soon as he said those words, a sword light pierced through the middle-aged mans spiritual energy barrier, shattering it in an instant.

The Origin Spirit Puppet wielded a sharp sword in its hand.

Even though it was of a lower grade, it was still able to instantly kill those of a lower cultivation realm.

“Who dares to commit murder in my blood fiend mercenary group”

The crowd rushed over one after another, but these people were not strong enough.

Facing Lin Mo, they could only be killed.

An hour later, the blood fiend mercenary group was completely annihilated.

Corpses littered the ground.

Lin Mo frowned as he swept the battlefield.

In the end, he didnt receive any news, so he could only helplessly give up.

Fortunately, the blood fiend mercenary groups warehouse had piled up quite a number of treasures.

There were spirit stones, precious materials, and even a medicinal field.

“Three spirit grade 3 spirit herbs, not bad.”

Lin Mo nodded his head in satisfaction.

This was not a wasted trip, at least he had gained something.

He had originally thought that he would encounter a powerful enemy, and had even prepared his escape route.

He had even brought along talismans to increase his speed, as well as talismans for short-distance teleportation.

There was even a powerful existence like the White Tiger Marquis that he had invited, even though he did not come in the end…

“Eh, Ive only walked for a short while, why is the Imperial city so lively”

Lin Mo returned and walked along the streets.

He was a little surprised, as he discovered that the imperial palace was even more lively than he had imagined.

There were many more outsiders, and some even had traces of blood on their bodies.

“Eh, its her.”

Ninth on the Board of Fame, the Holy Maiden of the Gu Yue Holy Land, Xiao Yue.

This holy maiden, who was as otherworldly as the mortal world, had appeared in the imperial city at this moment.

Next to her was the disciple of the Lei Ming Holy Land, Ji Hong.

The two people on the Yan Huang Ranking of the wind and Cloud had come to the imperial city because the so-called Jingdou Dao conference was about to begin.

Lin Mo watched from the side, wanting to see what these two people were here for.

Not long after, a woman wearing a snow-white long dress walked over and welcomed the two people.

“Sister Xiao Yue, Sister Ji Hong, please forgive me for being late.” The woman gave a light laugh.

She was very delicate and pretty, causing the surrounding peoples eyes to go blank.

“Tenth princess, what are you saying Weve just arrived.” Xiao Yue nodded, a smile on her face.

Everyone was shocked.

They did not expect the Holy Maiden of the Ancient Moon Holy Land to appear, but even the tenth princess had come.

The tenth princess flew over in a hurry.

Behind her were two white unicorns pulling a carriage.

She must have felt that the unicorns were too slow, so she flew over first.

“Eh, Sister Ji Hong, why arent you seeing your brother”

The tenth princess asked.

She had thought that Ji Hongs brother would come, but in the end, he didnt…

“My brother is so engrossed in his cultivation that he will arrive the day before the start of the competition…”

Ji Hong said helplessly.

Her brother was a battle maniac.

He knew that a genius had risen recently, Lin Mo, and he really wanted to fight him.

However, he was worried that Lin Mo had hidden a trump card, so he had been cultivating recently, wanting to wait for a breakthrough before fighting him.


In the distance, Lin Mo was a little speechless.

Why would he want to fight her…

“The holy son of the thunderous sacred land, Ji Zixiao, is currently ranked seventh on the Board of Fame.

Hes only second to the eighth princess.

He wants to challenge Lin Mo, but Lin Mos ranking is lower than his.

“Actually, its about the same.

The top ten are all very valuable.

Being able to enter shows that hes very strong.

The gap between them is very small.”

People were discussing this.

They really wanted to see Lin Mo and Ji Zixiao, who were currently at their peak, fight.


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