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Many people were surprised, but they also thought that the Jingdou Dao conference was about to begin.

This was also why the number of people in the imperial city gradually increased.

Some of them had come to participate in the competition, while others had come to watch the battle, wanting to see the pomp of the Imperial City.

However, until now, the news of the Jingdou Dao Conference had still not spread.

No one knew exactly how they would participate, or whether it would be a simple competition.

“Big news, big news.”

At this moment, a group of people hurried back from outside the city gates, shouting.

“Dao brother, dont panic.

Tell me, what is this big news” Someone said.

“Outside the Imperial City, a big battle occurred, triggering a spatial crack.

A ball of blood-red flame appeared, startling several Nirvana Realm experts.”


Many people were shocked.

Not to mention what the blood-red flame was, just the Nirvana Realm experts were enough to shock them.

One had to know that even in the imperial city, Nirvana Realm experts only appeared occasionally and ordinary people would not be able to see them.

Now, these people actually started a battle because of a ball of flame, and it was more than a dozen of them.

“What kind of flame is it”

Lin Mo asked in puzzlement.

The world was mysterious and endless.

There were some strange places that could give birth to all kinds of strange treasures.

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If he could take a look at the blood-red divine flame, he might be able to gain something.

However, he was a little worried now because according to that person, the place where the spatial crack appeared seemed to be the place where Jiang Xiyue and the others had killed the blood fiend mercenary group…

“According to your description, that should be the blood soul flame.

Its very helpful to the soul.”

The tenth princess was very knowledgeable.

After hearing the news, she made her assessment.

In fact, the royal family had long said that the blood soul flame was buried in this area of the imperial city.

This kind of flame was extremely mysterious.

If an ordinary person touched it, they could nourish the soul.

However, if they had any thoughts about the blood soul flame, they would suffer a backlash and their soul might even be burned by the blood soul flame.

However, this was still very tempting.

As long as one obtained the blood soul flame, their combat strength would be unparalleled, and their soul would undergo a perfect transformation.

Hence, this was also the reason why that person had hurried back.

It was to spread the news.

Even if one could not participate in such a grand event, one could still gain a lot.

“Heavens, the blood soul flame from the Imperial City has appeared.

Could it be that it will start a great war” Xiao Yue frowned.

She also knew a bit about the legend of the blood soul flame, but it was not detailed.

Moreover, with the appearance of a supreme treasure of this level, people like them did not even have the qualifications to fight over it.

As long as it appeared, it would attract people to fight over it.

In the end, it was very likely that it would be a great battle between many Nirvana Realm experts.

“The eighth princess and the fourth prince are also there.

Its said that their hangers-on exchanged blows and wanted to take the blood soul flame as soon as possible.”

Another person rushed over, delivering first-hand news.

The Jingdou Dao conference was about to begin.

The eighth princess was already famous on the Board of Fame.

If she could obtain the blood soul flame, her ranking would be close to the crown princes.

Due to the fourth princes talent, his battle strength was much weaker than the eighth princess and the crown princes.

If he could obtain the blood soul flame, he would fill the gap and catch up.

“Why did the royal sister and brother arrive at the first moment” The tenth princess frowned as if she had thought of something.

She then shook her head.

Just as everyone thought of going to take a look, the imperial city had already been cordoned off.

One by one, soldiers surrounded the city walls and sealed off the area.

“An unexpected situation has occurred.

You are allowed to enter the imperial city but not to leave.”

A tigers roar sounded out.

In the next moment, a white tiger stepped on air and flew over with a middle-aged man on its back.

It was the White Tiger Marquis.

He had just come out of closed-door cultivation when he received an imperial edict that ordered him to seal off the imperial city.

“Even the White Tiger Marquis has come.

What a surprise.” Someone sighed.

The White Tiger Marquis did not belong to any prince.

He only listened to the emperor.

The only person who could allow him to mobilize the army was the emperor.

“The eighth princess and the fourth prince are fighting over the blood soul flame.

You cant interfere.

Go back.”

A voice transmission entered Lin Mos ears.

Through the token, the White Tiger Marquis sensed Lin Mo in the crowd and sent a voice transmission to remind him.

In fact, even if the White Tiger Marquis did not say anything, Lin Mo knew that he could not help.

If a great battle broke out between Nirvana realm experts, he would be of no use other than to cause trouble in the past.

Therefore, he did not have any objections to sealing the city.

After walking around the streets, he returned to Yue Xuan.

“Field Lord, new news has arrived.

The fourth Prince and eighth princess have been ordered to return to the palace.

The Emperor has appeared.”

Lin Mo sat in a courtyard.

Under the pavilion, he slowly drank his wine as he listened to the reports of his maidservants.

“Oh, the blood soul flame has been captured by the Emperor”

He was a little surprised.

could a rare object like the blood soul flame really be captured

Wasnt this emperor a little too powerful He did not even hear much of the battle…

“Not this one.

The Blood Soul Flame has intelligence.

Perhaps it sensed danger and escaped into the void.”

The maid replied.

Only an hour had passed.

It was said that the emperor had not even arrived.

However, it was said that in the space where the Blood Soul Flame was located, an expert had discovered some blood spirit crystals.

This was a very magical crystal that contained the power of the Blood Soul Flame.

It was very weak, but it was a very good tonic for the soul.

Lin Mo was surprised.

It seemed that there was still some harvest.

He just did not know if Jiang Xiyue had obtained it…

Not long after, Jiang Xiyue returned and reported to Lin Mo that she was safe.

Soon after, she was summoned into the imperial palace by an imperial edict from the emperor.

What followed was the news confirmed by the Jingdou Dao conference that the competition would be held two months later.

Apart from that, the emperor issued a reward.

Outside the Imperial Palace, the Blood Soul Flame still existed.

Whoever could provide the information, and if the information was true, would be heavily injured.

The Blood Soul Flames hiding methods were very powerful.

Ordinary people did not dare to barge in, not even Nirvana realm experts.

However, the emperor only asked people to provide information.

As long as they found the blood soul flame, regardless of whether they caught it or not, there would be a big reward.

“What kind of big reward”Lin Mo was interested.

If the reward was good, he was willing to give it a try.

“A thumb-sized blood spirit crystal.”

The maid answered.

Lin Mo instantly sat up from the recliner, his eyes shining brightly.

“Are you serious”Lin Mo asked.

“Theres a reward list posted at the entrance of the palace.”The maid was startled and nodded.

Blood Spirit Crystal, this kind of treasure that could improve ones soul was rare.

A thumb-sized blood spirit crystal that could be used by the emperor as a reward, it must not be a simple treasure.

Its value might be very high…

If Lin Mo could auction off this kind of heaven-defying treasure, then he might be able to get a better one.

This way, his and Jiang Xiyues strength would increase by a large margin…

Lin Mo was a little tempted.

He wanted to take the risk and give it a try.

Who knows, he might really be able to find it…

“Forget it.

Lets talk about it when Xiyue returns.”

He asked the maid to leave and found a pile of ancient books to look at the Blood Soul Flame.

The more he observed, the more shocked he became.

According to legend, the blood soul flame could condense a second soul.

Not only could it help one comprehend the Dao, it could also provide a second life for the host.


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