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In the beginning, people were still competing.

However, the price soared at a ridiculous rate and they could no longer afford it.

Eventually, only Du Wan and Miao Yans voices were left.

Wang Qing and the Huang sisters simply watched.

“Who do you think will win”

“I cant tell.

Both families are not lacking when it comes to spirit stones.”

“Even if the Du family won the bid, they would suffer a huge loss.

The price is ten times higher than normal rates.

Miao Yan is really ruthless.”

Currently, the price for the demonic beast was forty thousand spirit stones.

From the looks of it, neither side was willing to give up.

The price would just continue to go up.

Du Wan looked a little anxious.

“Miao Yan, dont go too far! Our family is determined to obtain this tier 4 demonic beast.

Why are you making things hard for us”

On the other hand, Miao Yan had a confident look on his face.

He was certain victory was within his grasp and replied pretentiously, “What are you saying Are others not allowed to bid on the demonic beast I need it as well.

Lets go all out.”

Everyone knew he was just trying to provoke the Du family.

If Du Wan actually needed this demonic beast, he would be enraged by him.

A smile flashed across his face.

Despite that, he hid it and pretended to be angry instead.

“Are you trying to challenge the Du family In Qingyang City, we…”


Du Nanfeng finally spoke.

He looked calm on the surface, but everyone could tell that he was actually displeased.

“Since Young Master Miao wants to compete with us, we will be more than willing to play along.”

Basically, he meant that they were going to fight to the end.

Miao Yan did not want to be overshadowed.

So, he said, “Alright, lets see whos better.”

Things were seemingly going according to Miao Yans plan.

There was no way he would let the Du family have the demonic beast at a normal price.

He did not hesitate and continued his bids.

Du Nanfeng and Du Wan looked at each other.

Then, they followed suit.

The fish had already taken the bait and the net was about to be reeled in.

Lin Mo saw everything that was happening.

He could barely hold back his laughter.

What the Du family did was an absolute power move.

If he had not personally made the agreement with them, he would have also been fooled by their act.

Of course, Miao Yan was not aware of anything.

He thought that he could strike a blow to the Du family.

The price was getting higher and higher, which meant the Du family would need to expend a lot of spirit stones.

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“50,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

When Miao Yan shouted out this sky-high price, everyone gasped.

“Did I hear wrongly A mere tier 4 demonic beast is actually going to be sold for 50,000 low-grade spirit stones.

This price is unheard of even in large auction houses.

In fact, this price could buy several tier 4 demonic beasts!”

“Sigh, I really dont understand what goes through rich peoples minds.”

Miao Yan also realized this price was too high.

Even for him, it would be difficult to fork out such an amount.

What if the father and son got frightened and stopped bidding!

His heart skipped a beat.

He tried to comfort himself by thinking about their previous purchase history.

They should keep bidding.

The servant beside Miao Yan also looked troubled.

“Young master, we didnt bring that many spirit stones.

Im afraid…”

Miao Yan said fiercely, “Stop blabbering.

The Du family will definitely continue to bid.

We wont be the one paying.”

Although he said that, Miao Yan could not help but feel a little flustered.

He subconsciously looked at Du Wan, hoping that the latter would place another bid.

Then, he would stop.

Fifty thousand low-grade spirit stones were a lot.

There was a deathly silence in the air.

Nobody spoke for a long time.

Miao Yan tried to provoke the Du family again.

“What happened Is the Du family afraid If so, why did you act like you were determined to win”

As if his provocations had worked, Du Nanfeng opened his mouth.

Miao Yan thought that he was going to call out a higher price, so he felt relieved and revealed a smug smile.

Unfortunately for him, that was not the case.

Du Nanfeng revealed a magnanimous expression.

He did not look even a little bit displeased.

“Since Young Master Miao is so determined, I wont compete with you.”

Was the bidding session over

“Why didnt you call out a bid!”

Du Nanfeng and Du Wans acting were really superb.

It was not surprising that Miao Yan got tricked.

Not only him, but everyone else also thought the Du family would continue to bid.

Nobody expected them to stop.

Du Nanfeng smiled as if he had won the auction.

“Thank you for letting us win.

Young Master Miao is really too kind.”

Du Wan also had a mocking expression on his face.

He looked at the dumbfounded Miao Yan and urged, “Young Master Miao, why are you still standing there Quickly take out 50,000 low-grade spirit stones.

The tier 4 demonic beast is yours.”

He even emphasized the words “Tier 4”.

Du Wan then pretended to sigh and said, “The Miao family is indeed rich.

They can afford to buy a mere tier 4 demonic beast for 50,000 low-grade spirit stones.

We are no match for them.”

What he said was simply rubbing salt to the wound.

Miao Yans eyes went black and he almost fainted.



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