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As for the auction items that no one was interested in, Lin Mo didnt earn much, but the systems rebates gave him a high probability of obtaining good items.

The auction continued, and every item was sold with satisfaction.

Perhaps everyone felt that it was too dull, after all, there hadnt been any particularly good treasures appearing before.

Seeing the atmosphere in the auction hall gradually drop, Lin Mo smiled faintly.

He beckoned for a maid to bring a silver plate over.

The red cloth was lifted, and a scroll that was emitting a silver luster appeared.

This unique fluctuation attracted everyones attention.

“Next, this auction item is going to be incredible.

This is a method to create spatial talismans.”

“Everyone, you must know that the method to create spatial talismans is very special and precious.

Its hard to find in this world.”

“The scroll in my hand can create a spirit rank 5 spatial talisman.

It can tear through space and escape.”

“As for distance, it can travel at a speed of a thousand li in a minute.”

This speed was already not bad, and it was the method to create spatial talismans.

It was even more precious.

“The production method of a spirit rank 5 spatial talisman.

The starting price is 1,000,000 middle grade spirit stones.”

Lin Mo dropped his hammer and announced the starting price.

“Its actually the production method of the spatial talisman”

Hearing Lin Mos introduction, everyone instantly sat up straight.

Even the crown prince wasnt an exception, and his interest was piqued.

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Before this, he had never made a move, no matter how high the value of the items in the auction was.

But now, with the spatial Talismans production method being auctioned, it had finally piqued the crown princes interest.

Although there were some spatial talisman production methods available on the market, the highest one was at the first tier of the spirit grade.

Even so, they were still heavily guarded, and anyone who wanted to buy them would have to pay an astronomical price.

Now, what Lin Mo had taken out was actually able to produce a fifth tier spirit grade method…

This caused a huge commotion.

Some people even suspected that it was fake.

No one would take out such a treasure and sell it.

“I guarantee that its genuine.

Everyone, just appraise it.”

Lin Mo smiled and got the maid to bring him into the private room for them to examine.

In any case, the production method was very complicated.

It was impossible to memorize it just by looking at it for a while.

One had to study it carefully over and over again.

In fact, the crown prince, the second prince, and the seventh prince both expressed their desire to bid for it after they had just finished reading it.

The three of them showed great determination.

No matter how high the price was, they had to bid for it.

This was because this represented a kind of foundation.

If they could obtain it, the strength of the forces under their command would increase greatly.

Moreover, when they were assassinated by the enemy, they could also escape at the first opportunity.

It could be said that this spatial talisman was something that all strategists fought over…

After the silver scroll was shown to everyone, a maid brought it over.

Lin Mo placed the auction hammer down and announced the start of the auction.

“1,050,000 middle-grade spirit stones.”

In the hall, someone immediately called out the price.

The value of this item was simply too huge.

“Im sorry, I forgot to say it.

Every time I raise the price, it must not be lower than 100,000 middle-grade spirit stones…”

Lin Mo shook his head.

He didnt intend to sell this production method cheaply.

After Yan Rong was rejected by the ancient flame sects inheritance runes, Jiang Xiyue, Luo Haoyu, and the others also started to participate in the runes.

Among them, this production method was obtained by Jiang Xiyue.

Lin Mo wanted to auction it off, wanting to return a better profit…

“1.1 million!”

Hearing Lin Mos words, that person wasnt angry and once again called out the price.

However, just as he shouted out the price, an increase in the price was heard from the other side.


A one-time increase of 400,000.

The person who raised the price came from the private room.

He was a noble of nobility and did not lack spirit stones.

“Hehe, this kind of supreme treasure is worth more than this price…”

Amidst the bidding voices of the crowd, the seventh Princes voice was heard.

He was extremely eager for this production method.

“2.5 million.”

Most of the people who had participated in the bidding earlier were nobles.

However, now that the seventh prince had participated in the bidding, many people were scared off.

The price of 2.5 million had already exceeded their expectations.

Moreover, it was only the seventh prince who was bidding.

The second prince and the crown prince had already said that they wanted it, but they had yet to make a bid.

“His Highness the seventh prince has bid 2.5 million.

Is there any higher price”

Lin Mo knocked on the auction hammer and said excitedly.

2.5 million, the price was getting higher and higher.

“Yes, thats right.

Lets snatch it.

This young master will reap the benefits of the fisherman…”

A sum of spirit stones that would not cost anything would enter his account.

After this auction ended, he would be able to go into seclusion to cultivate.

Although he didnt dare to guarantee a breakthrough, it would at least allow his strength to improve a little.

Thats right, such a huge amount of spirit stones and resources wouldnt allow him to make a breakthrough.

The further he progressed in the God Devouring Body, the more difficult it would be for him to make a breakthrough.

Lin Mo had never relaxed his cultivation.

However, his daily cultivation could only barely supplement the requirements of the God Devouring Body.

It could be said that his strength hadnt improved at all.

It was just that after cultivating, it had become more solid.

While Lin Mo was thinking, the crown prince had already made his move, competing with the seventh prince and the second prince.

The three of them werent willing to give in.

By the time Lin Mo reacted, it had already been raised to 7.5 million.

“7.6 million…”

The seventh prince spoke, his voice coming from within the private room, but it was already filled with a hint of anger.

Even he would have to go through a bit of gathering before he could take out this price of spirit stones.

Moreover, once he took it out, he wouldnt be able to purchase anything else for the time being, not to mention the blood spirit crystal…

“Eight million.

This is my final price.

If you can still go higher, Ill give up…”

The crown prince raised the price once more.

His tone wasnt very calm either, and it was obvious that he was suppressing his anger.

Even if he had the authority to mobilize the national treasury, he still had to report it.

If he took too much, his father wouldnt be happy…

Moreover, because of the incident at the Qinghuai Holy Land, people were saying that he had been deceived by evil cultivators and that he was not as capable as the eighth princess…

Such words also caused him to lose the authority to supervise the country and suffer heavy losses…

“Forget it.

Since the crown prince wants it, its naturally not easy for me to fight for it…” The second prince said with a smile.

Eight million was too much for him.

Even if he took it out, he did not have many spirit stones to refine talismans.

“The crown prince has bid eight million, is there a higher price” Lin Mo asked with a smile.

“Since second brother has already given up, then its not good for me to fight for it.”

The seventh prince also said.

Eight Million was a burden to him, and he wasnt willing to accept it.

These two planned to keep the spirit stones and fight for the last blood spirit crystal…

“Alright, Congratulations to the crown prince for spending eight million to successfully auction off the spatial talisman production method.”

Lin Mo nodded his head in satisfaction.

8 million wasnt a small amount.

If he continued to add on, it would almost be comparable to the price of a true dragon bloodline…

[ Congratulations to host for successfully auctioning off the production method of a spirit grade tier 5 spatial talisman production formula ]

[ Successfully triggered 2,000 times the auction profit ]

[ Congratulations to host for obtaining the production method of a spirit rank 7 spatial talisman production formula ]

As expected, the system wouldnt give a high multiple for an auction that made a huge profit unless one was extremely lucky…

“Not bad, Spirit Level 7, enough for Xiyue to arm her army…”


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