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He controlled the excitement in his heart and announced the end of the auction.

It took him nearly an hour to complete the handover with the customers.

When those people finally received the blood spirit crystals, the joy on their faces was almost impossible to hide.

“Wheres the crown prince”

Lin Mo finished preparing in the welcoming hall.

All the bidders left with their treasures, including the seventh prince and the fourth prince.

However, the crown prince did not see them.

“Hehe, brother Lin, sorry for the wait.”

With this thought in mind, the door to the welcoming hall was pushed open, and the crown prince slowly walked in.

Behind him were the people from the Heavenly King Mansion.

When they saw Lin Mo, their killing intent instantly soared.

The crown prince waved his hand, gesturing for the people from the Heavenly King Mansion not to come in.

He came to Lin Mo alone.

“Your Highness, Crown Prince.”

Lin Mo stood up and bowed, doing what he should do.

“Theres no need to be so polite.

I still have some things to talk to you about.”

The crown prince smiled and walked over to Lin Mo to finish his work.

He took out a beast leather belt and threw it in front of Lin Mo.


Streams of spiritual energy emerged from the bag and Lin Mo opened it.

In an instant, the spiritual energy density in the entire reception hall increased by a hundredfold…

“A total of 32,000,000 mid-grade spirit stones.”

The crown prince opened his mouth and said.

Attending Lin Mos auction this time had caused him to spend a huge amount of money.

Putting everything else aside, if he wanted to replenish his depleted national treasury, he would have to dig out more than 30 mid-grade spirit veins…

Even if he had many subordinates, he would still need quite a bit of time.

“Many thanks to His Highness the Crown Prince.”

Lin Mo made a quick count, and after making sure that everything was safe, he took out all the treasures that the crown prince had bought.

Amongst these, the most precious treasure was the palm-sized blood spirit crystal.

With this, the Crown Princes soul power would greatly increase, and his battle prowess would also greatly increase.

It was hard to imagine how strong he would be after he entered seclusion.

However, what surprised Lin Mo was that the crown prince actually kept the largest piece of the blood spirit crystal.

After keeping the other treasures into the spatial bag, the crown prince stopped his actions.

“Jiang Xiyue obtained three pieces of the blood spirit crystal, so she must have obtained one.

Youve contributed so much to her, but isnt she willing to share a piece with you” The crown prince said.

His expression was calm, and no one could see what he was thinking.

However, Lin Mo already knew what he meant.

Lin Mo said, “This blood spirit crystal belongs to the princess.

I naturally dont have the right to interfere in how she wants to distribute it.”


The crown prince revealed an expression that was just as I expected as he pushed the blood spirit crystal towards Lin Mo.

“Since Jiang Xiyue has treated you so well, theres really no need for you to follow her.

Why dont you join my sect”

“As long as you nod your head, this blood spirit crystal will be yours.”

Although he was reluctant to part with it, the strongest of his younger generation, Jin lie, had already been killed by Lin Mo.

Even the second son of the Heavenly King Mansion, Jin Yu, had died at Lin Mos hands.

It could be said that he had suffered heavy losses for the true dragon bloodline, and all of this was thanks to Lin Mo.

The people of the Heavenly King Mansion wanted nothing more than to kill Yue Xuan and tear Lin Mo into pieces.

Only the crown prince knew how powerful Lin Mo was.

For him to be able to make it this far, he was worthy of being a peerless genius.

Yet, such a person like Jiang Xiyue was so cold to him, she would rather sell the blood spirit crystal for money than give him a single piece.

“How is it Join my sect, and Ill mediate the grudge between Jin Lie and Jin Yu.”

The crown prince continued to speak.

As long as Lin Mo publicly broke away from Jiang Xiyue and announced that he would join the crown princes sect, he could even find a tier 9 spirit grade cultivation technique for Lin Mo…

“I wont let you…”

“Alright, theres no need to say anymore.”

The crown prince wanted to continue speaking, but Lin Mo interrupted him.

From the looks of it, Jiang Xiyue didnt treat him well…

Thats right.

The True Dragon bloodline and the blood spirit crystal were all used for the auction, and nothing was given to him.

However, he didnt know that all of this wasnt Jiang Xiyues decision at all.

Jiang Xiyue had given the decision to Lin Mo a long time ago, but the one who wanted to auction it off was Lin Mo.

“Your Highness, I owe you a debt of gratitude.

I wont leave.

Your Highness, put away the treasures and leave this place.”

Lin Mo shook his head and told the crown prince to leave as soon as possible.

Moreover, he had already sensed a special fluctuation from the teleportation array of Yue Xuan.

Jiang Xiyue had come through the teleportation array and was walking towards him.

The crown princes spiritual sense was extraordinary.

A moment later, he sensed Jiang Xiyues aura and put away the blood spirit crystal.

In the next moment, the door to the reception hall was opened.

Jiang Xiyue was wearing a purple dress.

Her silky black hair fell down and was draped behind her.

Her fair skin was rosy, and her eyes were clear and soft.

She walked over slowly like a fairy who had descended to the mortal world.

“My Royal Sister, youre here” The crown prince looked at Jiang Xiyue.

The latter seemed to have dressed up meticulously, which surprised him.

His royal sister didnt seem to be the kind of person who liked to dress up.

Was It for Lin Mo

He looked at Lin Mo, only to see Lin Mo looking at Jiang Xiyue with some intoxication.

He was also mesmerized by this scene.

“A beauty trap… What a cliché… And a useful strategy…”

The crown prince sighed.

He had noticed something when the two of them met.

If this Lin Mo was really lustful for beauty, perhaps the attraction of his blood spirit crystal was not enough…

“Your Highness, if youve bought the things, you can leave.

Its already late, be careful on your way.” Jiang Xiyue smiled lightly.

She slowly walked to Lin Mos side and held Lin Mos hand with ease.

“Since your royal sister has said so, then its not good for you to stay any longer.

Ill give you another piece of advice, brother Lin.

Although the secular world is good, ones own strength is the true principle…”

After the crown prince left, Lin Mos gaze was a little strange as he looked at Jiang Xiyue who had dressed up meticulously.

“What are you looking at”

Jiang Xiyue rolled her eyes at Lin Mo as she held onto a strand of black hair in front of her.

When she saw Lin Mos expression, she felt a little smug in her heart.

She was the number one beauty in the imperial city, so it was only natural for her to have such charm…

“Looking at beauties.”

Lin Mo smiled.

His life was really comfortable.

He had enough resources and a beauty to accompany him.

It would be great if he could continue like this…

“Dont give me that crap.

Hand over the spirit stones.” Jiang Xiyue rolled her eyes at Lin Mo again and stretched out her hand.

Seeing this, Lin Mo took out all the spirit stones he had obtained from this auction.

Other than some of the auctioned items, the rest of the treasures were all his own.

“Ive earned a total of 81,320,000 middle-grade spirit stones.”

Lin Mo took it out.

He didnt expect to earn so many middle-grade spirit stones in one go.

Jiang Xiyue took away 70,000,000 middle-grade spirit stones, leaving the rest for Lin Mo to continue developing.

She explained, “Ive raised quite a few armies, the largest of which has more than 100,000 people.

The consumption of spirit stones every month is very high, so these can last for a while.”

Hearing this, Lin Mos mouth opened wide and he looked at Jiang Xiyue in disbelief.

“You have also secretly raised an army”

Could it be that Jiang Xiyue was planning to usurp the throne after she achieved success in her cultivation in the future

“The throne will definitely not be passed to me.

If I want to live, I will either leave my hometown or usurp the throne.”

“And what is that look in your eyes Although I am the mastermind, you are also the number one accomplice.”

Jiang Xiyue said with her arms akimbo.


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