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Inside the Danger Zone


Lin Mo was speechless.

The strength of the royal family had once again been refreshed in his heart.

He remembered that Jiang Xiyue was obviously not favored.

Where did she get so many resources to nurture the private army…

Also, didnt she always stay in the imperial city How did she nurture a private army…

“How much are you hiding from me…” Lin Mo was helpless.

He thought that Jiang Xiyues ultimate goal was to surpass the crown prince, or even find an opportunity to assassinate him.

He didnt expect that she actually intended to overturn the rule and become the real empress.

“Other than the army, there are also some strong people.

However, you usually dont meet them.

Dont worry, we are already in this relationship.

Are you afraid that I will lie to you” Jiang Xiyue comforted him.

She told Lin Mo that not only her, but the other princes also had their own private army.

However, the scale was not as big as hers.

“Arent you the weakest among the princes” Lin Mo asked.

The reason why she created the army was to close the distance between them.

She wanted to nurture a Nirvana Realm powerhouse for the future.

As Lin Mo saw it, the strongest person by her side was only Luo Haoyu.

Moreover, it was because of Qianqian that he helped her.

There were a few powerhouses like Luo Haoyu around the other princes, especially the crown prince.

He could even ask the elders of the imperial family to help him…

Jiang Xiyue was a little disappointed.

If it wasnt for the talent that she displayed being chosen by the emperor, she would have been killed long ago.


The struggle for the throne was extremely cruel.

Once one was involved, one would either win or die…

“I cant even give up…” As she said this, a hint of desolation flashed in her eyes.

“You cant even give up voluntarily” Lin Mo was shocked.

As a prince, was her fate so tragic

“Of course not.

Besides, I was forced into it from the start because I had no other choice.”

Jiang Xiyue spoke.

The crown princes growth also required experience.

If she displayed her talent, she was destined to become the crown princes whetstone.

Either the crown prince was sharp enough to cut her in half, or she was tough enough to break the crown prince in half…

At this point, she also had her own pride.

She could not give up.

When she was strong enough, she could pull in some allies and launch the final attack.

And this time, the Jingdou Dao Conference would be her only hope.

“Ive heard quite a bit about the Jingdou Dao Conference.

What kind of conference is it”L in Mo asked.

“Its the hope for the eastern continent to catch up to the other continents.

It has to do with the origins of the great chaos.

Its both dangerous and an opportunity.”

However, she did not know the specifics.

She only knew that the entire younger generation of the eastern continent would come to participate.

Not only that, there might even be people from other continents.

“Alright, lets not talk about this.

Ive already learned the spirit-holding technique.

I can refine the true dragons heart blood now,” Jiang Xiyue said.

She was also improving.

She asked Lin Mo again and received a positive answer.

“Dont worry.

The True Dragons heart blood is really useless to me.

You can just refine it without worry.”

Lin Mo held Jiang Xiyues hand and comforted her.

That night, two black figures hid in a pavilion in Yue Xuan.

They used spatial runes to leave Yue Xuan without alerting anyone.

Lin Mo and Jiang Xiyue walked out of an empty alley on the main street of the imperial city.

The two walked towards the entrance of the imperial city.

“The Purple Moon Palaces array formation is very strong.

Even my fathers spiritual sense cant penetrate it.

Do we really have to be so careful”

Jiang Xiyue said softly after leaving the imperial city.

This was because Lin Mo had said more than once that absorbing the true dragons heart blood would result in shocking changes that could not be absorbed in the Imperial City.

“Be careful with the ten-thousand-year-old ship.

Even if you absorb it, dont show it,” Lin Mo said.

Now that he understood the situation, he had to be even more careful.

Moreover, it was time for him to restrain himself.

During this period of time, his radiance was too dazzling and even attracted the emperors attention.

The ranking on the ranking list was enough to show that if he continued to show his prowess, he would be in danger of being killed.

“Then lets head east.

Thats a natural danger zone, but Ive secretly taken control of it.”

Jiang Xiyue said as she led Lin Mo forward.

In the boundless mountains, there were all kinds of dangerous areas, not to mention danger zones.

What Jiang Xiyue led Lin Mo to was a danger zone with a notorious reputation.

The two of them went very smoothly.

They did not encounter any ferocious beasts blocking their way, and they spent half a day arriving at this dangerous place.

“Are we really going in”

Standing at the entrance, Lin Mos heart was palpitating.

The aura emitted by this dangerous place was too terrifying, and it was very strange.

The moment he stepped into it, he felt that someone was spying on him.

As they went deeper, the feeling became more and more obvious.

This was just a magnetic field that targeted the soul.

It felt very scary, but there was no danger.

“This place is very dangerous,” Jiang Xiyue explained.

She took out a token and brought Lin Mo quickly through the outer perimeter to the central region.

“This place is full of traps, but as long as youre careful, youll be able to avoid them,” She explained.

She had met the second prince many years ago, and he had disliked her because she had displayed her talent.

She had been hunted down when she was out, and she had come here while escaping.

By chance, she had discovered the secret of this place.

After exploring, she found a way to survive that led to the center of the danger zone.

“There is an army here that I have trained.

The size is around a thousand people, and none of them are weak.”

As they spoke, they passed through many powerful formations.

There were even terrifying formations that could crush a Nirvana Realm powerhouse.

After slowing down, Lin Mo raised his head and saw a black mass of volcanoes in front of him.

Jiang Xiyue brought Lin Mo to the front of this group of volcanoes and took out another token.

When Lin Mo arrived here, he immediately felt an extremely hot aura spread out, as if he had fallen into the lava.

However, when Lin Mo wanted to circulate his spiritual power to resist this heat, he suddenly realized that the God Devouring Body in his body was slightly circulating.

In the end, the heat was converted into spiritual power and fused into Lin Mos body, recovering some of the energy that had been consumed during the journey.

“What a nice place…” Lin Mo said in surprise.

Jiang Xiyue smiled faintly.

When she discovered this place, she had the same expression as Lin Mo.

The two of them flew up, passing through numerous volcanoes, and finally came to a stop in the central region.

Here, in the huge crater of the volcano, there was no longer lava flowing.

Instead, there was a clear spring that was emitting hot air.

Lin Mo stood in the sky.

Just taking a breath of this hot air made him feel as if his entire body was burning up.

This shocked him greatly.

The density of the spiritual energy here was even denser than that of the Purple Moon Palace.

It was simply unimaginable.

The clear spring below was all condensed from pure spiritual energy.

There was also a portion of spiritual essence.

If one cultivated here, it would be difficult not to improve.


When Jiang Xiyue and Lin Mo appeared here, eight figures sitting cross-legged in the clear spring below opened their eyes and flew up.

Six men and two women, each with strong strength, were at the first sky of the Nirvana realm.

They half-knelt in the air and spoke respectfully to Jiang Xiyue.

“Greetings, Palace Master.”


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