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With a respectful expression, no one asked why Jiang Xiyue brought an unfamiliar young man in.

“This is the Divine Flame Army.

The scale is more than 1,100, and each of them is at least level 30 of the Transformation Dragon Realm,” Jiang Xiyue introduced.

“Three to five years ago, they were all at the bottom.

They were bullied.

I took them away, gave them resources, and let them cultivate in the danger zone.”

“Their talent is also not bad.

With sufficient resources, a total of nine people have broken through to the Nirvana stage in the past few years.”

“I have also set a goal for them, and that is to break through to the Nirvana stage…”

After listening to Jiang Xiyues explanation, Lin Mos face turned pale with shock.

More than 1,100 people.

This kind of quality was not inferior to the guards of the imperial city.

Moreover, if they all broke through to the Nirvana Realm in the future, it would be even worse.

This would be a terrifying army.

An army formed entirely by Nirvana Realm experts, even a seventh sky of Nirvana Realm expert would not dare to resist it…

Jiang Xiyue looked at the eight people who were half-kneeling in the air and waved her hand, asking them to get up.

She said, “Where is Ning Feng Where did he run off to”

One of the women walked up and said respectfully, “Reporting to the palace master, Commander Ning Feng is out training.

He is going to hunt some inner cores of demonic beasts for his brothers to train.”

Hearing this, Jiang Xiyue nodded and said to Lin Mo, “Ning Feng is the commander of the Flame Divine Army.

He broke through to the second sky of Nirvana realm half a month ago.

His talent is quite good.”

Lin Mos heart was already numb.

This was only one army under Jiang Xiyue.

What was the other army like

“Bingxin, Im going into seclusion here.

You guys are responsible for guarding the Dharma.

Oh right, pass these spirit stones to the soldiers to cultivate.”

Jiang Xiyue said as she took out a total of 30 million middle-grade spirit stones from her Qiankun bag.

It seemed like Jiang Xiyue had placed a lot of hope in this army…

“Yes, Palace Mistress.”

The woman named Bingxin took the middle-grade spirit stones and didnt say anything throughout the entire process.

She split the spirit stones with the others and turned around to leave.

“This clear spring contains a lot of energy, but its a bit painful to absorb.

Just hold it in.”

Jiang Xiyue landed together with Lin Mo in the clear spring.

Rays of divine light circulated in the spring, which was extremely dazzling.

The water vapour rose and soaked them, and there was a burning pain on her skin.

“Time is precious.

Hurry up and cultivate.”

Jiang Xiyue was a little excited, and her beautiful face was filled with excitement.

The blood of a true dragon was a rare treasure.

If she could use this to comprehend the techniques of a true dragon, she might really be able to soar into the sky…

“Theres no need to be so excited.

As long as you want, the True Phoenix Nirvana technique, Kun Peng Wings, Qilin Steps, and the archaic Vermillion Birds techniques can all be yours,” Lin Mo said calmly.

Jiang Xiyue gritted her teeth and rolled her eyes at Lin Mo.

This guy clearly knew that she coveted these techniques, yet he still dared to provoke her like this…

She smiled and said, “If I can use this to comprehend a true dragon spell, Ill show off in front of you too.”

“The sky hasnt even turned dark yet, why are you already dreaming Oh right, daydreaming…” Lin Mo patted Jiang Xiyues shoulder to wake her up.


After the two of them played for a while, Lin Mo took out the true dragons heart blood.

In an instant, the draconic aura spread throughout the entire dangerous land.

Dragon roars resounded through the sky, and some of the soldiers who were cultivating were awakened.

Bing Xin and the others who were originally guarding around the center of the dangerous land were shocked by this dragon roar and couldnt believe it.

“This is the aura of an archaic true dragon.

Where did palace master get the blood essence…”

“No wonder he came here to cultivate.

Only a dangerous land would be safe with such a commotion.”

The few of them muttered to themselves.

They looked at each other, leaving one person to protect them while the others scattered.

At such a critical moment, they could not be disturbed.

Occasionally, there would be people coming to explore the absolute center.

If necessary, they would kill them.

At this moment, Lin Mo and Jiang Xiyue also let out a sigh of relief.

In the clear spring, the true dragons heart blood had just appeared when it burst out with a supreme divine light, as if it was going to break through the sky.

Fortunately, it was blocked by this dangerous land.

Jiang Xiyue immediately began to cultivate.

The True Dragons heart blood was swallowed into her mouth, and endless divine light blossomed from her body.

“Swallowing the True Dragons heart blood, although there are endless opportunities, there are still dangers.

You must succeed.”

Lin Mo looked at Jiang Xiyue who was cultivating and was a little worried.

He took out the remaining ten million middle grade spirit stones and put them all into the clear spring.

With the support of such a large amount of spiritual energy, Jiang Xiyues face gradually turned red.

Runes appeared in the Golden Light and enveloped her.

After a moment, the dragons aura here gradually disappeared and the golden light was gradually restrained.

In the clear spring, her jade-like body lay on the ground.

The black robe on Jiang Xiyues body had long been crushed by the golden light.

Seeing that she was safe and sound, Lin Mo heaved a sigh of relief.

As expected of a treasure given by the system, the danger level was very low.

A Golden Dragon scale appeared between Jiang Xiyues eyebrows.

It looked like a golden dragon had been carved on the scale and was emitting golden light.

Jiang Xiyue opened her eyes and her face was full of disbelief.

She was even a little surprised.

After absorbing it, she was a little uncertain, but she could clearly feel the powerful dragon qi in her body.

“Ive obtained the Dragon Energy.

Its so powerful… The True Dragon bloodline has awakened in my body…” Jiang Xiyue said.

Hearing this, Lin Mo nodded.

He had already made this guess.

This was because the drop of true dragons heart blood given by the system originally contained an incomparably violent power.

However, as long as Lin Mo was around, this power could be suppressed and smoothly absorbed by others.

This was probably the same as the demon beasts that received rebates.

Although the demonic beasts that received rebates didnt have a contract with him, they would listen to his orders…

At this moment, Jiang Xiyue still hadnt recovered from her shock.

She looked inside her body and felt waves of endless power.

She stood up and was about to express her gratitude to Lin Mo.

When she turned her head, she saw Lin Mo looking at her with a fiery gaze.

He couldnt even bear to blink his eyes…

“What are you looking at Have I changed my appearance” Jiang Xiyue was confused.

She was a little proud of Lin Mos look.

Although Lin Mo looked at her normally, he had never been so passionate like today.

“I havent changed.

Continue to be happy.

Im just looking,” Lin Mo looked at Jiang Xiyue and said vaguely.

Hearing this, Jiang Xiyue frowned and suddenly felt a chill on her body…

She subconsciously looked at her body and realized why Lin Mos gaze had changed…

This guy was usually honest and well-behaved.

No wonder he was acting so strangely now.


A scream sounded and Jiang Xiyue instantly sank into the clear spring.

However, the spring water was too clear and Lin Mos vision was not blocked at all.

“Youre still looking…”

She said angrily.

Then, she remembered that there were quite a number of soldiers training outside the crater.

If she heard her voice and came over to check, she would not dare to believe it…


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