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“Buzz Buzz!”

While Lin Mo was speaking, the Blood Soul Flame fluctuated, as if it was emitting a joyful expression, with a hint of urging.

Seeing this, Lin Mo looked around.

After finding no abnormalities, he chose to leave.

This was the location of the Blood Soul Flame, and he had Li Dies aura.

No wonder he could pass through unimpeded.

He had obtained a great harvest this time.

He had obtained 37 drops of ten-thousand-year-old earth milk.

Most importantly, the Nirvana Fire Stone had already recovered.

Moreover, because it had been recovered by the ten-thousand-year-old earth milk, there was a bit of primal chaos qi lingering around it.

He took out a spatial talisman in his hand.

After crushing it, Lin Mo was successfully transported to the top of the crack.

Suddenly, a chill suddenly came from behind him, and a living being pounced on him.

The wind howled, bringing with it a cold aura.

Lin Mos Kun Peng Wings flapped.

He quickly dodged, and when it looked back, it was shocked.

There was a group of creatures that looked like beastmen.

Their bodies were snow-white, and they had sharp claws, ferocious fangs, and empty eyes.

They looked like walking corpses.

However, the auras on their bodies were all very powerful.

When their auras spread out, it made peoples hearts palpitate.

Other than that, there was also a spatial fluctuation.

The space around these beastmen was sealed.

Lin Mo was astonished.

These lifeforms were very strange.

They had signs of life, but they were like puppets.

These beastmen attacked Lin Mo, but it seemed like they couldnt leave the crack.

As soon as they appeared, the power on their bodies rapidly dissipated, and after a dozen seconds, they were all reduced to ashes.

In the end, these beastmen dispersed, turning into a pile of white powder.

“What a strange spell.”

Looking at the powder, Lin Mo was extremely shocked.

Before this, these were still a group of monsters with astonishing strength…

The reason why he was able to descend was because of the permission of the Blood Soul Flame…

After some investigation, he discovered that as long as someone entered the crack and entered a certain range, some spell runes would be activated.

These runes would form some powerful monsters that would guard this place and not allow anyone to come near.

Lin Mo scanned his surroundings and found some hidden runes on some cliffs.

They were extremely profound, and he couldnt see anything abnormal…

“Its the method of the technique.

It surpasses the method and is weaker than the Dao…”

He muttered to himself.

He knew very little about the technique.

Although he had the incomplete technique of an archaic divine beast, he could only use it.

If he wanted to comprehend it, he simply couldnt.

This wasnt something he could come into contact with at his level…

Now, he was facing a problem.

“I dont know what the Bloody Soul Flames goal is in finding Lil Die.

I still have to investigate it from many sources…”

He felt that his knowledge was too little.

If he didnt know the Bloody Soul Flames goal, it would be great if Bai Luo was here…

He returned along the way and found traces of many mercenary groups, asking for information.

This surprised him because the Blood Soul Flame appeared again.

It was not far away in the valley.

However, when everyone discovered it, the Blood Soul Flame had already left.

These people didnt give up and continued to search.

In the end, they provoked a Nirvana Realm demonic beast and half of their men were killed.

The remaining experts fled in panic and didnt dare to stay.

“What did you say The people from the Divine Secrets Holy Land said that they found traces of the Blood Soul Flame through the prophecy” Lin Mo was shocked.

On the way, he got to know a few people and travelled together to inquire about the news.

The Divine Secrets Holy Land, the strongest Holy Land in the Eastern Continent, sent people to meet the Emperor and tell him the specific news of the Blood Soul Flame.

This place was not simple.

It was said that the origin of the great chaos had come from the Divine Secrets Holy Land…

“Crown Prince Jiang Cheng had once gone to the Divine Secrets Holy Land for training and was hailed as the strongest genius in the eastern continent…” Lin Mo recalled a legend.

These were all disadvantageous to him.

Compared to the other princes, the crown princes advantage was too great.

If the crown prince received the support of the Divine Secrets Holy Land, then the entire Yanhuang Divine Dynasty would definitely fall into his control.

After all, the strength of the Divine Secrets Holy Land was not weaker than that of the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

It was not something that other sacred lands could compare to.

Not long after, Lin Mo returned to the Imperial City.

He went to the Purple Moon Palace through the teleportation array and flipped through Jiang Xiyues books.

He found a lot of information about the Blood Soul Flame, but it was all ambiguous.

He did not know if it could be trusted.

Most importantly, he did not find any connection between the Blood Soul Flame and the Huancai Fire Demon.

The only similarity was that they were both born from nature.

“Sigh, I still cant find anything…” Lin Mo was helpless.

He searched Jiang Xiyues library for five days but couldnt find any clues.

On the contrary, Lin die came out of seclusion.

Ever since she went to refine the blood spirit crystal, she had been in seclusion and didnt make any movements.

After such a long time, she finally came out of seclusion.

“Big Brother…”

Just as Lil Die came out of closed-door cultivation, she saw Lin Mo who was guarding outside and immediately pounced over happily.

Her little head rubbed against Lin Mos chest.

Lin Die was extremely excited and actively reported the results of her cultivation to Lin Mo.


“Yes, the 20th tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm is not bad.

However, you have to stabilize your realm properly from now on.”

Lin Mo nodded.

Lil Die had made great progress.

She had gone through another metamorphosis.

“By the way, Lil Die, do you know about the Blood Soul Flame” Lin Mo asked.

He had searched for five days and found nothing.

There was nothing he could do now.

“Blood Soul Flame Whats That” Lin Die raised her head with a puzzled look on her face.

This was the first time she had heard of the so-called Blood Soul Flame.

“The blood spirit crystal you refined earlier was produced from the Blood Soul Flame.

Didnt Xiyue tell you” Lin Mo was confused.

Lin Die shook her head and said, “Sister Xiyue only gave me one blood spirit crystal and told me to go into seclusion.”

She curled her lips in dissatisfaction and looked at Lin Mo.

why didnt she tell her anything…

After chatting with Xiao Die for a while, Lin Mo took out a drop of ten-thousand-year-old earth milk and let Lil Die drink it.

“Big Brother, what treasure is this Its so powerful…” After Lin die drank it, she felt the surging power in her Dantian and was shocked beyond words.

“Ten-thousand-year-old earth milk.

After drinking it, it can subtly improve ones physique.

You take good care of it in the Purple Moon Palace.

Ill take my leave first.”

Lin Mo gently rubbed Lin Dies head and stood up to bid her farewell.

Since Lil Die didnt know the effect of the Blood Soul Flame on her, he had to find someone new to ask.

However, the Blood Soul Flame was so precious that it was impossible for ordinary people to know.

Perhaps the people of the Divine Secrets Holy Land would know, but obviously they wouldnt tell him.

Moreover, if he really went to ask, he might expose Lil Dies information and attract prying eyes.

“Go ask Senior Luo, “Lin Mo said to himself.

He also sent some ten-thousand-year-old earth milk to Jiang Xiyue and returned the Nirvana Fire Stone.

Without alerting anyone, Lin Mo used the spirit-holding technique and announced to the public that he was in seclusion.

Then, he quietly left Purple Moon Palace.

He returned to Yue Xuan through the teleportation formation, put on his bamboo hat, and left the imperial city quietly.


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