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With the cover of the spirit-holding spell, no one could follow Lin Mo.

however, because there were many mercenary groups in the mountain range, Lin Mo was delayed for some time.

It was only three days later that he arrived at the place where the Flame God Army was stationed.

There were still people exploring and looking for clues in this dangerous place.

Lin Mo quietly went deep into the place.

Using the memories that Jiang Xiyue had taken her through, he smoothly arrived at the central area.

“She hasnt come out of seclusion yet”

In a corner, a ball of golden light was extremely quiet.

There were no fluctuations emitted from it.

However, if one were to seriously comprehend it, one would be able to feel that there was an extremely mysterious aura being released from it.

“Ive seen it.

Palace master has obtained a great fortune.

When she comes out of seclusion again, her strength should be able to reach the 31st tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm.”

Luo Haoyu said.

He did not know what Jiang Xiyue had eaten, but he could vaguely guess it.

According to the aura that the flame divine army had sensed before, it must be the true dragon bloodline.

Although he did not know why he had another true dragon bloodline, he was very happy that Jiang Xiyues talent could be improved.

“Its improved so much” Lin Mo was shocked.

Jiang Xiyue was just a little over 20 years old.

An ordinary person might not be able to reach the 31st tier of the Dragon Transformation realm in their lifetime, but she was already close to it…

“Thats right.

Besides, theres a dragons aura around the palace master thats repelling us.

Its very extraordinary,”Luo Haoyu said.

Hearing that, Lin Mo tried to walk forward.

A Faint Dragons roar was heard slowly.

“You cant resist it.

Otherwise, itll affect your highness,” Luo Haoyu reminded.

The dragons aura was protecting Jiang Xiyue, preventing anyone from getting close.

Although he could use his powerful strength to force his way over, it was hard to say whether it would affect her.


As Lin Mo got closer, the dragons roar became more intense.

The dragons aura came pressing down, trying to push Lin Mo back.

This was subconscious protection, and it was not aggressive.

However, in the next moment, the black hole in Lin Mos Dantian revolved, and the endless d ragons aura was swallowed.


Luo Haoyu was the first to sense that something was wrong.

He wanted to stop Lin Mo, but he did not know what to do.

He looked at Lin Mo.

at this moment, the latter had already arrived in front of the Golden Ball of light.

“Xiyue, I brought you something good,” Lin Mo said with a smile.

Although Jiang Xiyue might be in a deep sleep right now, he did not mind.

He took out the Nirvana Fire Stone.

“Buzz Buzz.”

As soon as the Nirvana Fire Stone appeared, the rich nirvana liquid bloomed.

The place where Jiang Xiyue was was instantly melted into a huge pit by the Hot Nirvana Liquid.

The golden ball of light fell and merged into the Nirvana liquid.

“How is this possible”

Behind them, Bing Xin, Luo Haoyu, and even the flame god Army soldiers who were watching from afar were all dumbfounded.

That was because what Lin Mo had taken out was the treasure that he had taken away previously.

The treasure that could maintain the life force of the entire danger zone.

Initially, when Lin Mo said that it could be repaired, they didnt think much of it, thinking that he was just bluffing.

However, from the looks of it now, something didnt seem right…

“How did he do it” Bing Xin couldnt believe it as she muttered.

“Dont ask me, this old man really wants to know too…” Luo Hao Yu shook his head bitterly.

This was simply unimaginable.

They had never even heard of such a treasure.

However, they knew that it was at least at Earth rank 5 and above.

Recovering it was easier said than done.

The reality before their eyes made it hard for them to calm down.

However, they had no choice but to accept this reality.

Lin Mo had really recovered this treasure.

Furthermore, it looked even more powerful than before.

The energy within was extremely dense.

“This is the ten-thousand-year-old earth milk.

One drop is enough to transform you.

Cultivate well…”

Lin Mo smiled faintly and took out a jade bottle.

He dripped a drop of the ten-thousand-year-old earth milk onto the ball of light that Jiang Xiyue had turned into.

Just as it dripped, wisps of chaotic energy surrounded Jiang Xiyue and enveloped her.

In an instant, the golden ball of light disappeared.

Jiang Xiyues aura became weaker and weaker until it was finally undetectable.

After doing all this, he retreated.

With the Nirvana Fire Stone and a drop of ten-thousand-year-old Earth Milk, Jiang Xiyue would definitely be able to achieve the most perfect transformation.

“What did you do after that”

Seeing Lin Mo Retreat, Luo Haoyu hurriedly asked.

Originally, they could still sense Jiang Xiyues aura, but now it was blocked by the primal Chaos Qi.

Without a doubt, all of this was related to the drop of liquid that Lin Mo dropped.

“Earth rank 7, ten-thousand-year-old Earth milk.

This drop is for Elder Luo.” Lin Mo smiled and took out a jade bottle, handing it to Luo Hao Yu.

ten-thousand-year-old Earth Milk!

These words kept echoing in Luo Hao Yus mind, and he looked at Lin Mo without saying a word for a long time.

Even though the royal family had earth grade treasures, they didnt have many, and they were all rank 1 and 2.

Now that Lin Mo had taken out a 7th tier Earth grade treasure, he was even so generous as to give him a drop…

“Where did you get it from”L uo Haoyu stretched out his hand, wanting to take it but hesitating.

This gift was too heavy.

Furthermore, this drop of ten-thousand-yeaold earth milk was very helpful to his subsequent cultivation.

The most suitable ones were only Lin Mo and Jiang Xiyue.

Other than that, Lin Die was also suitable.

A person like him who had lived for more than half his life had already missed the golden age of training.

“Elder Luo, please accept it.

Ive heard from Xiyue that youre the only top-notch expert by her side.

How could she miss you if she has a treasure”

Lin Mo stuffed the ten-thousand-year-old Earth milk into Luo Haoyus hands and said.

This made Bing Xin, who was watching from the side, extremely envious.

An earth grade 7 treasure.

Not to mention seeing it, she hadnt even heard anyone mention it before because it was too precious.

“This… Many thanks to little friend Lin Mo.


Luo Hao Yu trembled as he put away the ten-thousand-year-old Earth Milk, unable to hide the excitement in his heart.

He was certain that as long as he consumed this drop of ten-thousand-year-old earth milk, his strength would increase.

Whether it was in terms of lifespan or talent, perhaps he would be able to break through to a higher realm through cultivation in the future.

“Elder Luo, you dont have to stand on ceremony.

It just so happens that this junior still has some questions to ask.” Lin Mo said.

He and Luo Hao Yu came to the top of a volcano and asked about the Blood Soul Flame.

“Oh, little friend, are you interested in the Blood Soul Flame”

Luo Hao Yu was not surprised.

This kind of precious treasure that was born naturally was indeed worth pursuing.

“To be honest, Ive seen the Blood Soul Flame.

This ten-thousand-year-old Earth milk was obtained from it.”

Lin Mo did not hide anything and told the truth of what he knew.

“What did you say” Luo Hao Yu was shocked and looked at Lin Mo in disbelief.

He did not expect Lin Mo to be so lucky to be able to see the Blood Soul Flame.

Furthermore, not only did he not die, he could even obtain some benefits…

“Ive read many ancient books and know many mysterious treasures.

However, I know very little about the Blood Soul Flame…”

Luo Haoyu shook his head.

He told Lin Mo that it was actually very simple to know about the Blood Soul Flame.

Didnt the people from the Divine Secrets Sacred Land come to the Imperial City As long as they were willing to pay a visit, they would definitely know more than he did.

“What does the Divine Secrets Holy Land do”

Lin Mo asked.

Before he came here, he had already heard about the Devine Secrets Holy Land.


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