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In the end, the black scythe was bought by Wang Qing for eight thousand low-grade spirit stones.

Those who lost the bid could not help but sigh.

“I thought Ill have a chance in this new auction house, but all the good items were still bought by the four great clans.

Its as if Im just their escort.”

The rest of the people agreed.

However, there was nothing they could do.

The final price was extremely high and they did not possess so many spirit stones.

Obviously, the four great clans had powerful foundations.

A normal person stood no chance against them.

“Forget it.

Lets just treat this as an experience.”

[ Ding! The host has successfully auctioned a giant black scythe.


[ Successfully triggered 3,000 times return! ]


[ Obtained tier 6 top-grade weapon, wind-cleaving scythe! ]


Lin Mo was slightly startled.

His reward filled him with ecstasy.

It seemed like the rewards from the system were increasing in terms of quality.


He did not know what triggered it, but that did not matter as long as he profited.

Things were going great for him.

The auction was nearing its end.

To the patrons, their trip today had not been in vain.

This was because they got to witness the clash between the Du and Miao family.

A tier four demonic beast was sold at a price that was equal to a tier six demonic beast.

Originally, Miao Yan wanted to cause trouble.

However, it backfired and he had to suffer the backlash.

This topic would be discussed by many people for a long time.

At the same time, it seemed like the Du family had formed an alliance with Lin Mo.

How else would the event play out to such an extent

“I didnt expect Lin Mo and the Du family to get along in such a short period of time.

Looks like hes quite capable.”

“He has offended the Miao family but with the Du familys support, who knows how the future will play out.”

“After this incident, the relationship between the Miao and Du family will become even tenser.

At this point, theyre walking on thin ice.”

“The Miao family has dominated Qingyang City for years.

They had also been fighting with the Du family over resources and benefits.

This time, Du Nanfeng has managed to deal a heavy blow to them.

I wonder what the Miao family will do next.”.


“Looks like there is going to be a lot of trouble in Qingyang City again.”

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Miao Yan returned home with a livid expression.

Miao Jian and the others had been waiting for his return.

Upon seeing Miao Yan, they hurriedly asked, “Yaner, what happened I heard that you used 50,000 low-grade spirit stones to buy a tier 4 demonic beast.

Is that true”

The Miao family was rich, but this was just a waste.

Miao Jian could not believe what Miao Yan had done.

Miao Yans eyes turned red with anger.

“Father, they set me up! The Du family has already joined forces with Lin Mo.

They tricked me into wasting so many spirit stones.”

Miao Yan recalled what had happened.

Du Nanfeng and Du Wan should have lost, not him.


As soon as he finished speaking, a loud sound could be heard.

It was Miao Jian.

He had struck his palm on the table.

“This is too much!”

The table was made of a hundred-year-old piece of heavy wood.

It was said to be indestructible.

Yet, Miao Jian could destroy it easily.

One could only imagine his cultivation level.


Miao Jian furrowed his brows.

Then, he gritted his teeth and said, “This is not your fault.

They are simply too cunning.”


After that, a look of contemplation flashed across his eyes.

“Im just wondering when did they start to work together.”

“Father, the Du family was so devious.

We have been on bad terms for a long time.

They must have planned this attack from the start.”


Miao Jians expression was cold.

“We cant underestimate the Du familys strength.

Nonetheless, they will be dealt with sooner or later.

The real problem is Lin Mo.

Hell definitely pay a painful price.”

“Dont worry, I have already contacted the second elder of the Lin family.

He has promised to help us,” said Miao Jian sinisterly.

His eyes were filled with killing intent.

If the two great families joined forces, they would definitely be able to deal with Lin Mo.

Miao Yan finally revealed a relieved smile.

“When the time comes, I will personally cut that brat into a thousand pieces.

Only then will my anger be appeased!”

Once the auction was over, Lin Mo brought the tier five demonic beast over to the Du familys estate.

Naturally, Du Nanfeng and Du Wan welcomed him warmly.

“Did you like my gift”

Lin Mo understood that Du Nanfeng was referring to the fifty thousand low-grade spirit stones.

“Of course.

Thank you for helping me.”

The tier four demonic beast should have only cost ten thousand spirit stones at most.

Miao Yan was basically scammed.

Du Wan was laughing from the side.

“You should have seen Miao Yans expression.

It was so gratifying.”

Lin Mo revealed a mysterious smile.

“Im here to return the favor.”

Du Nanfengs heart skipped a beat.

“What do you mean”


A demonic beasts roar could be heard.

Du Nanfeng looked at the thick python in front of him.

Its huge wings were strong and powerful.

When the python flapped it, dust, sand, and stones on the ground flew everywhere.

Every feather was extremely sharp as well.

They flickered with a faint green light.

Clearly, it contained a lethal poison.

This demonic beast was an advanced version of the winged python.

The aura emitted was enough proof of it being a genuine top-grade tier five demonic beast!


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