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Even though the owner didnt ask for any spirit stones from him, the look in his eyes was filled with resentment.

A million middle-grade spirit stones were gone just like that.

Anyone would feel sorry for him.

Lin Mo felt extremely sorry for him.

No wonder the wine contained so much spirit energy.

It was actually so expensive…

Lin Mo slept through the night and only woke up the next afternoon.

The spiritual energy accumulated in his body had already been absorbed, and his cultivation realm had also been stabilized.

“Its not unreasonable for it to be a little more expensive…” Lin mo muttered to himself.

He would have to invite Bai Luo to taste it some other day.

She would definitely pay attention to the happenings at the Red Dust Restaurant.

As the sun set, the Yue Xuan auction was held as scheduled, and the crowd swarmed over one by one.

What shocked Lin Mo even more was that a guest had arrived the day before the auction.

“Greetings, Lord White Tiger Marquis.”Huixiang, who was behind Lin Mo, bowed.

Lin Mo also looked at the White Tiger Marquis in surprise.

This persons aura was a little strong, and the faint dragon aura that he emitted made Lin Mo even more certain.

The person in front of him had already refined the true dragon bloodline.

“Senior, have you refined the true dragon bloodline How is it Is this spirit stone worth it” Lin Mo said with a faint smile.

The White Tiger Marquis was able to obtain such benefits from devouring such a level of true dragon bloodline.

His strength was almost on par with Luo Haoyus.

On the other hand, Jiang Xiyue had devoured the true dragons heart blood.

Other than that, she also had many natural treasures, blood spirit crystals, ten-thousand-year-old Earth Milk, and the help of the Nirvana Fire Stone.

She was afraid that when she came out of seclusion, she would have accumulated enough to successfully break through the Nirvana Realm…

“Theres no need to thank me for my great kindness.

If theres anything you need in the future, just say the word.

If I say no, my Dao heart will collapse and my strength will regress and die.”

The White Tiger Marquis said straightforwardly.

This determination surprised even Lin Mo.

“Senior, have you thought about it”Lin Mo asked.

Originally, he had wanted to obtain the friendship of the White Tiger Marquis.

In the future, if there was a need, he would be able to request his help and the White Tiger Marquis would not reject it.

Who would have thought that the White Tiger Marquis would actually stand on their side

Furthermore, he had even made an oath.

If he returned, his dao heart would suffer a problem, and he might even die a tragic death.

“You might not be able to imagine what benefits you have brought me.

I have thought it through.

You can tell the eighth princess that I will continue my closed door cultivation.”

After the White Tiger Marquis finished speaking, he planned to leave.

“Senior, please wait a moment.

Theres an auction tonight.

You can participate in it.

If you see anything, feel free to place a bid.”

Lin Mo spoke out to stop him.

It just so happened that there werent many people overseeing this place.

Even though he had invited an elder from the Purple Moon Palace, he didnt mind having one more.

The White Tiger Marquis Thought for a moment before nodding his head.

He didnt refuse.

After letting Huixiang bring the White Tiger Marquis to arrange a private room, Lin Mo walked out from the backstage and walked onto the auction stage.

The moment he appeared, the noisy atmosphere in the hall quieted down.

“Welcome to the Yue Xuan auction.

I am Lin Mo, the auctioneer of this auction.”

“There are a lot of treasures today.

Everyone will definitely have an eye-opening experience.

Dont miss out, guests who have the money.”

Lin Mo was becoming more and more familiar with the techniques of the auction.

A few simple sentences had already stirred up the excitement of the auction.

Looking at the crowd that was discussing fervently below, Lin Mo waved his hand and a maid walked up from behind.

“Lets welcome our first item for todays auction.”

The red cloth was lifted by Lin Mo.

Lying on the silver plate was a pale yellow chrysanthemum with golden patterns on its petals.

“This is Jinrui Chrysanthemum.

It has the effect of refining a golden body, and at the same time, it has the effect of increasing ones Qi and blood.

If an old senior were to consume it, he would be able to extend his life by a hundred years.”

“Spirit rank 5, Jinrui Chrysanthemum.

Starting bid, 400,000 middle-grade spirit stones.”

As he spoke, Lin Mo dropped his hammer and announced the start of the auction.

Meanwhile, the crowd below exploded.

This was a good item.

Especially for some old men and women, their eyes were wide open.

Most of these people were people who didnt have much time left.

Now that they saw a treasure that could extend ones lifespan, all of them were eager to bid.

Even in the private room, there were a few people who were tempted.

Extending ones lifespan was too rare.

“Four hundred and ten thousand.”

“Four hundred and twenty thousand.”

“Four hundred and fifty thousand.”

The price began to rise, and there were people bidding one after another.

This kind of good treasure naturally made the wave of auctions even more intense.

Some people wanted to use it to refine a golden body to make themselves stronger, and these were mostly middle-aged men and young men.

In the end, the auction price was fixed at seven hundred and twenty-five thousand middle-grade spirit stones.

The bidder was an old man in the hall.

He was as thin as a stick, and his aura was very weak.

This was already a person who had half a foot in the coffin.

Seeing this, everyone felt relieved.

He was about to die of old age, no wonder he was fighting so hard for it.

“Alright, Congratulations to this guest for successfully bidding for Jin Rui Ju at the price of 25,000 mid-grade spirit stones.”

Lin Mo dropped the auction hammer, and the old man couldnt wait to take out the spirit stones, wanting to make a deal on the spot.

He didnt refuse, and got the maid to bring the Jinrui Chrysanthemum down.

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning the spirit rank 5 Jinrui Chrysanthemum ]

[ You have successfully triggered 2,000 times the profit from the auction ]

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully obtaining the spirit rank 7 Heavenly Golden Chrysanthemum ]

The effects of this heavenly golden chrysanthemum were the same as that of the Jinrui Chrysanthemum, and the strength of the golden body refined was about the same.

However, it could extend ones lifespan by 500 years, and that was the most precious thing about it.

“Those old seniors who can provide for Xiyue…”

Lin Mo muttered to himself.

It would be a bit of a waste for him to devour such a treasure.

After all, he didnt need a golden body, nor did he need to extend his lifespan.

After taking a brief look, Lin Mo waved his hand, and a maid immediately walked up with a silver plate.

Due to the crown prince and the Divine Secrets Holy Land, he had a lot of items up for auction.

Therefore, unless it was a treasure that he wasnt clear about, he had neglected the part where he showed it to the guests in the private room.

“Many people have welcomed the starting items, and Lin Mo has also used this to auction off some low-level treasures.”

Due to this, he had obtained a lot of high-quality items that returned a profit, allowing his collection to once again become rich.

A full hour had passed, and Lin Mo didnt fail to auction off a single item, which made him very satisfied.

“This next item is a little special.

Ive set a price for it at Spirit Rank 1.

I wonder if any of you are interested.”

Lin Mo smiled as a maid walked up from behind.

The red cloth was lifted, and on the silver plate lay a bamboo slip that didnt have any spiritual energy fluctuations.

“Hehe, Im ashamed to say this.

A while ago, I often went out to look for information on the Blood Soul Flame.

I was a little greedy, and my goal was to offer a reward…”

Lin Mos straightforward words caused everyone below to chuckle.

However, no one said anything.

Even a prince would be tempted by such a reward, much less Lin Mo.

Naturally, no one doubted or ridiculed Lin Mos actions.

“Finally, hard work pays off.

I found quite a bit of information about the Blood Soul Flame and summarized it.”

“However, I dont have much hope left.

Ill be going into closed-door cultivation next.

Therefore, I plan to auction off the information about the Blood Soul Flame.”


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