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After Lin Mo finished speaking, in the private room at the very front, the crown prince was slightly stunned before he let out a soft laugh.

He looked at Li Long, who was as still as a mountain beside him.

He knew how Lin Mo had obtained this information regarding the Blood Soul Flame.

However, he did not expect that after Li Longs reminder, Lin Mo would really give up on the search for the Blood Soul Flame and stop the damage in time…

“He can bend and stretch, hes neither arrogant nor impetuous.

This Lin Mo, in terms of temperament, Im inferior to him…”

At this moment, Li Long opened his eyes and looked at Lin Mo on the viewing platform.

He didnt have any objections towards Lin Mos auction.

After all, Lin Mo had invited him to a banquet to receive this news.

How he dealt with it was up to him.

“What News about the Blood Soul Flame”

“This Lin Mo is really amazing.

Hes even able to detect such news.

Its unbelievable.”

“Yeah, but he seems to be giving up.

He said that hes going into seclusion.

Is that true”

Some people were puzzled.

Lin Mo had investigated for so long and finally concluded the information with great difficulty.

Now, he was actually planning to sell it

“I believe that the Jingdou Dao conference is about to begin.

All the geniuses choose to go into seclusion and rarely go out.”

“Thats true.

Lin Mo is the only genius on the ranking list who is still running around…”

Some people could not help but look at Lin Mo with pity.

It was no secret that Lin Mo was the eighth princess hanger-on.

However, the other princes were recruiting hangers-on by giving them resources, nurturing them well, and winning over the hearts of the people.

However, the eighth princess, Jiang Xiyue, did not do that.

She only gave the title of the owner of the month pavilion and did not give any benefits…

Blood Spirit Crystals, enlightenment stones, and even the bloodline of the true dragon, she would rather sell them than give them to Lin Mo…

“I heard that Lin Mo is very close to the crown prince recently, and he even had a meal at the Red Dust Restaurant Yesterday…”

“Shut up, is this something that can be discussed…”

Looking at the chaotic discussions below, Lin Mo wasnt angry at all.

He knocked on the auction hammer to signal for everyone to keep quiet.

“Alright, the information regarding the Blood Soul Flame isnt complete.

The starting bid is 10,000 middle-grade spirit stones.”

Thats right, it was only 10,000 middle-grade spirit stones.

He didnt even expect anyone to bid for it.

Even if someone were to bid for it, he would still be happy.

That was because what he really wanted was the systems return on the profits from the auction.

Right now, he urgently wanted to know the information regarding the Blood Soul Flame.

He wanted to know the relationship between it and the Huan Cai Fire Demon.

If it didnt work here, he could only look for Bai Luo.

This would cause further delay.

Moreover, he could only look for Bai Luo by himself.

Others might not be able to find him…

“Eleven thousand middle-grade spirit stones…”

After a short silence, a middle-aged man opened his mouth.

He was a mercenary who often wandered in the mountains.

During this period of time, he had been looking for the Blood Soul Flame.

Right now, he was extremely conflicted about obtaining the news.

If the news wasnt of much help, he would suffer a loss.

Although 10,000 mid-grade spirit stones wasnt enough to bankrupt him, it was enough to make his heart ache.

“11,000 mid-grade spirit stones, is there anyone else who wants to bid”

Lin Mo knocked on the auction hammer and looked down, but no one stood up to bid.

Clearly, they also felt that Lin Mos news about the Blood Soul Flame wasnt too reliable.

“11,000 middle-grade spirit stones going once!”

“… twice!”

“Three times!”


Seeing that no one had any reaction, Lin Mo couldnt be bothered to waste any more time.

He quickly shouted three times before announcing the deal.

[ Congratulations to host for successfully auctioning the incomplete information of a Spirit Rank 1 Blood Soul Flame ]

[ Successful triggering of 5,000 times auction return ]

[ Congratulations to host for obtaining the complete information of the Blood Soul Flame ]

The complete information, the complete information of the Blood Soul Flame, was finally obtained.

Lin Mo was overjoyed.

After waiting for so long, he was finally able to obtain the relevant information.

It was truly not easy.

However, the bamboo slip in the system space was very large.

It was likely that there was a lot of information recorded within it.

Now was not the time to look at it.

The auction continued.

It was still some low level treasures that had been purchased during this period of time.

Lin Mo had taken them all out and auctioned them off in one go.

The auction continued for six hours.

Although there were people bidding, the prices werent very high.

Not to mention the distinguished guests in the private rooms, even the people in the front of the all didnt participate in the competition.

Occasionally, they would see those who were interested and participate.

“Haha, everyone, are you feeling bored The following items might be able to cheer you all up.”

Looking at the cold atmosphere of the auction hall, Lin Mos words instantly roused the spirits of the silent crowd.

Were the low-level treasures finally auctioned off Thats right, the auction was nearing its end, it was time for the high-level treasures to appear.

“Lets welcome the next item in the auction.”

Lin Mo waved his hand, and a female attendant walked up with a silver plate in her hands.

The red cloth was lifted by him, and everyones gaze landed on the silver plate at the same time, only to see a scroll on it.

Just by looking at it, traces of lightning flashed.

Compared to the items auctioned earlier, this was a true treasure.

“Spirit rank 5 body tempering technique, Great Sun Lightning Art.”

“This Great Sun Lightning Art isnt simple.

Those who practice this technique will have their body strength greatly increased.”

After getting the maid to send the Great Sun Lightning Art down for the guests in the private room to view, Lin Mo slowly began to introduce it.

“When the Great Sun Lightning Art is fully mastered, lightning will surge out with a wave of ones hand.

While its destructive power is astonishing, it can also defend.”

“However, it still has a flaw.

The strength of ones physical body has increased, and the requirements for ones soul are extremely high.

Therefore, the conditions for cultivating it are extremely harsh.

Otherwise, this Great Sun Lightning Art might be able to rank within the seventh or even eighth rank of the spirit rank.”.


When Lin Mo said this, many people were shocked.

The meaning behind his words was very clear.

If anyone could overcome this flaw, it would be equivalent to obtaining a seventh or even eighth rank spirit rank cultivation technique.

“The starting bid is 700,000 mid-grade spirit stones.

Each increment must not be lower than 10,000 mid-grade spirit stones.”

700,000, so expensive…

Everyone in the hall sucked in a breath of cold air.

Initially, they had thought that they would be able to benefit from the appearance of good treasures.

However, from the looks of it, these treasures were reserved for the great powers at the very front.

Even if the people in the private room didnt want them, there were still those people at the very front of the hall…

There was no need for Lin Mo to say anything else.

Although the Great Sun Lightning Art had its flaws, it was a rare high-grade cultivation technique.


Someone started to bid, instantly stirring up the atmosphere of the auction as people started to discuss fervently.


Someone called out the price, but these people didnt dare to raise it too much.

After all, even though they had some financial resources, they werent spending it here.

Especially buying a cultivation technique that they couldnt use for a short period of time…


At this moment, a sudden voice came from a private room, causing Lin Mo to feel a little surprised.

This was because this was the fourth prince who had gone into seclusion for a period of time.

After such a long period of time, he had also refined the Blood Soul Flame, and now that he saw this cultivation technique, his mouth was drooling.

“Thats right, he has refined the blood spirit crystal, and his soul power is able to withstand the Great Sun Lightning Art.”

Lin Mo thought to himself.

It seemed that the fourth prince was very lucky to have found a suitable cultivation technique…

However, just as everyone thought that the fourth Prince would succeed, a bid came from the private room on the other side.



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