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“Its the second prince.”

Lin Mo heard clearly from the stage that the bidder was the second prince.

He didnt expect this person to join in the fun.


The fourth prince continued to raise the price without any intention of backing down.

At this time, the shouting in the hall had completely stopped.

Since the two princes were fighting over it, they naturally did not dare to participate.

“Hehe, it seems that fourth brother has refined the blood spirit crystal, which is why he has the courage to cultivate this great sun lightning art, right”The second Princes words were filled with ridicule.

Seeing this, the fourth prince did not waste his breath and said, “Thats indeed the case.

Im not like some people who dont know their own limits.”

Seeing the two of them fighting, Lin Mo also wanted to watch the show.

He did not urge them and just stood on the stage to watch.


Second brother is a little interested in the Great Sun Lightning Art.

I wonder if fourth brother can part with it”

“1 million.

Im afraid that wont do.”

The fourth prince didnt give in at all.

The price had reached 1 million.

However, the two of them didnt have any intention of giving in either.

They were both people who knew what was good for them.

Although the Great Sun Lightning Arts flaws were obvious, it was still classified as a spirit rank 5 technique.

However, its value wasnt a spirit rank 5 technique.

Therefore, after the two of them saw through it, they began to fight over it.

“Sigh, I was still thinking of picking up scraps…”

Seeing this, Lin Mo could only sigh helplessly.

He was still thinking of letting the Great Sun Lightning Art be sold at a low price.

This way, he might be able to trigger the Great Sun Lightning Art by 10,000 times.

Perhaps, he might be able to obtain a top-tier spirit rank 9th rank cultivation technique.

Who would have thought that the 2nd Prince and the 4th Prince would already start fighting over it…

“2.5 million.

Royal brother, this price is already about to exceed the Great Sun Lightning Arts price.

Even if you buy it, you wont be able to use it.”

The fourth Prince raised the price again, causing everyone in the hall to be dumbstruck.

The starting price of 700,000 had already tripled.

From the looks of it, it seemed like it was still rising.

“Hehe, since fourth brother wants it so much, then this brother cant fight over it anymore…”

The second prince chose to give up.

At this point, it would be a bit of a loss for him to raise the price.

However, since he was able to make the fourth prince pay three times the price, his bid this time wasnt considered a loss.

“In that case, thank you very much, royal brother…”the fourth Princes indifferent voice sounded from within the private room.

However, Lin Mo could hear some slight anger from within.

“Alright, Congratulations to His Royal Highness the fourth Prince for successfully bidding for the Great Sun Lightning Art.”

Lin Mo sighed and dropped the auction hammer.

2.5 million was about the price of this cultivation technique.

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning the rank 5 spirit rank Great Sun Lightning Art ]

[ You have successfully triggered the 3,000 times auction return ]

[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining the rank 7 spirit rank lightning haste technique ]

As expected, it didnt trigger the double.

After all, this cultivation technique didnt suffer any losses.

“Alright, this next item is also a rare good item.”

“Its produced from the mouth of a volcano.

However, it can only be consumed by men.

It can greatly increase the yang energy in the body and increase the speed of the circulation of the spirit energy.

When consumed during cultivation, the effect is very good.

However, if its used to cultivate with a dao partner, it will have the greatest effect…”

Speaking up to this point, Lin Mo didnt need to explain in detail.

Everyone already knew what it was.

It was used to strengthen ones Yang energy…

“Cough cough, a spirit rank 6 Sky Yang fruit.

Even if theres no dao partner, if one were to consume it alone, other than feeling a little uncomfortable, it would still be very good for the improvement of ones cultivation.”

Speaking up to this point, Lin Mo felt a little embarrassed to continue.

This was because everyone in the hall was looking at the person beside him with a mocking gaze.

At this moment, whoever made a bid would mean that they were unable to do it…

Even if they were unable to do it, who would admit to it Hence, when Lin Mo made his bid, the atmosphere turned exceptionally cold.

“Sky Yang Fruit, the starting bid is 1,000,000.

Each increment must not be lower than 50,000.”

“Alright, let the bidding begin now.”

Seeing that everyone had fallen into silence, Lin Mo was speechless.

This was also his first time auctioning off such a spirit herb.

Although its main effect was to increase the speed of the flow of spiritual energy and speed up his cultivation.

However, its aphrodisiac effect was genuine.

However, he didnt mind the silence.

As long as someone placed a bid, even if it was the starting price, he would be satisfied.

In fact, he would even be happy.

After all, this meant that the system would be able to increase the number of spirit herbs.

He might even be able to obtain a spirit rank 9 spirit herb.

However, reality proved that in the face of strength, a slight loss of face was secondary.

“1.1 million.”

In front of the hall, a middle-aged man stood up and called out the price.

“Dont look at me like that.

If you have the ability, dont participate in the bidding,” The middle-aged man said angrily.

His fierce eyes stared at the people around him, but he still saw the smiles on their faces.

“Hehe, brother Yang is right.

A treasure that can increase ones cultivation speed, yet you guys are still looking down on it.”

“I bid 1.2 million.”

On the other side, a man stood up and raised the bid by 100,000.

His expression was calm, and he ignored the gazes of the people around him.

Once someone bid, the quiet auction hall disappeared.

One after another, people began to bid.




Lin Mo was a little speechless as he heard the numerous bids.

Werent you guys too embarrassed to bid just now…

Why did more than a dozen people suddenly appear to bid…

What made Lin Mo even more speechless was that the price of the Sky Yang fruit had already been raised to 2,300,000.

From the looks of it, it seemed like its price would be even higher than the Great Sun Lightning Art…

“This customer has placed a bid of 2.8 million.

Is there anyone else who has placed a higher bid” Lin Mo knocked on the auction hammer and asked.

The person who had placed a bid of 2.8 million was the middle-aged man who had placed the bid from the start.

Furthermore, he did not give in at all.

As long as anyone else placed a bid, he would immediately place a bid.

This made Lin Mo sigh in admiration.

Youve already written your inability on your face, yet you still found an excuse for yourself in the beginning.

“2,800,000 going once.”

“2,800,000 going twice.”

Seeing that no one was bidding, Lin Mo was just about to place the hammer for the third time.

From within the fourth princes private room, someone shouted, “Cough cough, Ive just bid for the Great Sun Lightning Art, and its rather troublesome to cultivate.

This heavenly sun fruit can increase the speed of spiritual energy flow, and its effects arent bad.

Ill bid 3,000,000 Middle-grade Spirit Stones.”

What was going on

Lin Mo was a little stunned, he really wanted to laugh on the spot.

The fourth prince couldnt do it Hahaha, this was really the most interesting news…

However, he still didnt dare to show it, or else the fourth prince might fall out with him.

The surrounding people were also looking at the fourth Princes private room, their expressions all different.

The fourth prince didnt say anything about this, he just looked at the auction stage calmly.

Since he had bid, he naturally found an excuse.

“Three million going once.”

“Do you have any friends who want to make a bid”

“Three million going twice.”

“Three times, sold.”

The middle-aged man from before did not dare to offend the fourth prince.

At this moment, he had already fallen silent.

After Lin Mo dropped the auction hammer three times, the heavenly sun fruit was successfully taken by the fourth prince.

“Dont be discouraged if you dont get it.

The next item in the auction will also be of great help to your cultivation.”

As Lin Mo spoke, the maid behind him stepped forward.

The red cloth was lifted, and a golden glow appeared on the silver plate.


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