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Right now, he was also wondering why the crown prince would take out such a precious spirit pill to auction and not use it to buy peoples hearts.

“Wait, Buy Peoples hearts”

The fourth prince was shocked.

He suddenly remembered that Lin Mo and the crown prince seemed to be very close recently.

Without mentioning anything else, the news that Lin Mo had invited the crown prince and the disciples of the Sacred Land of divine secrets had spread throughout the imperial city.

Many people who worshipped Jiang Xiyue were secretly contemptuous.

They felt that Lin Mo was about to betray them and was planning to seek refuge with the crown prince.

And at such a time, the crown prince had displayed his strength.

With such abundant resources, wouldnt Lin Mo rush to look for the Crown Prince

“Damn it, fathers favoritism is too severe.”

Thinking of this, the fourth prince rebuked angrily.

He did not believe that the crown prince would be able to obtain so many treasures on his own.

He definitely had the emperors help.

If that was the case, how would these unfavored princes compete for it

Lin Mo didnt waste too much time.

Regardless of how the people below discussed, he started the auction.

And this time, Lin Mo directly set the starting price at six million.

This wasnt a big deal, because the final bid price would definitely exceed six million.

“Eight million.”

Suddenly, a loud and clear voice sounded.

It was the second Princes.

He had made his move.

He had never snatched the star pill before, so he would not give up now.

Rather than slowly raising the bid to eight million, it would be better for him to directly bid eight million.

This way, he would be able to intimidate some small fries and not dare to casually bid.

The entire hall fell silent.

Many people were speechless.

It seemed that the second prince was determined to win.

If they really wanted to bid, it would probably cause the second prince to be unhappy.

“8.1 million.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded in the hall and echoed in the surroundings.

No one knew who was bidding.


The second Prince said angrily.

He opened the door of the private room and walked out.

A yellow robe looked behind him, but there was no way to find out who it was.

“8.5 million.”His low voice echoed in the auction hall.


The bidding voice continued to reverberate, but no one could detect who was bidding.

Even the people in the hall were looking around, trying to find the person who was bidding.

“Its the person who just bid.

Hes at the 31st level of the dragonification realm and has some concealment techniques.”

Right at this moment, a voice transmission entered Lin Mos ears, telling him who was bidding.

“White Tiger Marquis”

Lin Mo was stunned.

The person who sent him the voice transmission was the White Tiger Marquis.

He had seen through the other partys concealment methods.

However, this was also normal.

No matter how powerful ones concealment methods were, it was impossible to hide it from a nirvana stage cultivator.

The only thing that made him curious was why this person dared to offend the second prince in such a manner…

“9.5 million.”The second Princes roar-like voice reverberated in the hall.

“9.6 million.”

The voice in the dark showed no signs of stopping.

Each time, it only increased the bid by 100,000, the lowest bid.

“10 million.”

The second Prince felt his heart bleeding.

If he had known earlier, he would have bid against him for a price higher than the previous one of 1 million.

But at this time, the person who had secretly bid also stopped.

10 million.

This was basically the limit that the second prince could accept.

If he increased the bid, he probably wouldnt want it.

Seeing this situation, the second prince was suddenly shocked.

He turned his head to look at the other side, the private room where he had bid just now.

He had already guessed that perhaps it was the person in the private room who was competing with him, wanting to make him pay a lot of money…


Although he was angry in his heart, he couldnt say anything in the auction hall.

After snorting coldly, he returned to the private room.

“10 million going once.”

“10 million going twice.”

“10 million going thrice, sold.”

As the hammer descended, Lin Mo smiled and nodded.

Putting away the star pill, selling one star pill for 10 million was already a great deal.

He just didnt know what the system would return.

[ congratulations host for successfully auctioning a spirit rank 7 star pill.


[ successfully triggered 9,000 times the auction return.


“Congratulations, host, for obtaining a spirit rank 9 high-quality heavenly soul pill.”

The recompense was still a heavenly soul pill, and it was a high-quality one at that.

This made Lin Mo very satisfied.

A maid walked up from behind, and up until this point, Lin Mo still hadnt said what the final item was.

There wasnt even a countdown, which made everyone very curious.

What kind of treasure could compare to a star pill

“The next item is the seventh level spirit rank heavenly reflection fruit.

Moreover, the medicinal effect is only one step away from advancing to the eighth level spirit rank.”

“If the star pill is said to raise the soul, then the heavenly reflection fruit is in fact an increase in the physical body.”

“Everyone should know that the physical body is the foundation of everything.

Without the physical body, the soul is nothing and will slowly dissipate.”

“And the effect of the heavenly reflection fruit is to greatly increase the strength of the physical body.

After consuming it, the dragonification realm will be unimpeded.

Even the Nirvana realm and the first few stages of cultivation will be very smooth.”

Lin Mo said with a smile.

If this heavenly reflection fruit was consumed together with the star pill, the effect would be very obvious.

Basically, it could be said to be a direct link to the Nirvana realm…

Just as he finished speaking, not only the second prince, but even the fourth prince walked out and looked at Lin Mo with burning eyes.

“Brother Lin, may I ask how many heavenly reflection fruits are there”The second prince cupped his fists and asked Lin Mo.


They did not expect that Lin Mo would have so many good things in this auction.

The Great Sun Thunder Art, Star Pill, and heavenly reflection fruit.

Each of them was a treasure with significant effects.

The one who was the most excited was naturally the fourth prince himself.

He had already refined the blood spirit crystal, so he had given up on the star pill.

Other than that, he had also bid for the Great Sun Thunder art.

If he could auction the heavenly reflection fruit now, then he would be able to reach the Nirvana stage directly, and there would be no obstacles in his path of cultivation.

“Hehe, theres no need to explain too much.

We already know the effects of the heavenly reflection fruit.

Quickly tell us the starting price.”

On the other side, the mysterious person also spoke.

He was determined to obtain the heavenly reflection fruit.

“In that case, the starting price for this heavenly reflection fruit should be six million.”

Lin Mo laughed.

A palm-sized fruit that was like the blazing sun appeared on the silver plate.

Just by looking at it, everyone felt as though their eyes were being burned.

The second Prince and the fourth Princes breathing became heavy.

They were determined to obtain the heavenly reflection fruit.

“Eight million.”

In the private room, the mysterious person took the lead and raised the price by two million.

However, this time, the second Prince and the fourth Prince did not have the intention to give up.

They started to bid.

This was because they lacked a heavenly reflection fruit.

After their souls had been upgraded, the upgrade of their physical bodies was very important.

Therefore, after the two of them made their bids, they quickly raised the price of the heavenly reflection fruit to 10 million.

“11 million.”

At this moment, another voice suddenly sounded out, shocking everyone.

This was because this was another person whose identity was unknown.

The voice also reverberated in the surroundings, and no one could recognize him.

At this moment, in the Crown Princes private room, his tightly shut eyes suddenly opened as he looked at Li long beside him.


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