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The Finale Heavenly Soul Pill

“Perfect, crown prince, youre really my lucky star…”

Lin Mo muttered to himself.

However, among the treasures that the Crown Prince and the Divine Secrets Sacred Land had brought, this heavenly thunder calcined wood was already of the highest quality.

It was originally defined by Huixiang as the finale.

However, Lin Mo changed his mind Midway and planned to give a huge gift as a return to the crown prince.

“I originally wanted to sell the heavenly lightning fire calcining wood for a rebate, but since I cant sell it now, Ill sell it to you.”

Lin Mo pondered for a moment before finally nodding his head.

“The finale item that everyone has been looking forward to is finally about to appear.

Everyone has been waiting for a long time.

The next item to be auctioned is a spirit rank 9 spirit rank pill…”

He smiled mysteriously, and no maidservants walked up from behind him.

Lin Mo took out a silver plate and took out a heavenly soul pill that he had obtained from auctioning the star pill from the system space.

“A spirit rank 9 heavenly soul pill.

Its effect is the same as the star pill.

However, its medicinal effect is three times that of the Star Pill…”

When these words were said, the entire crowd was shocked.

Everyone looked at Lin Mo in disbelief.

Was this true The effect of the three times star pill

If that was the case, then wouldnt the people who were competing for the star pill have suffered a huge loss.

“Bastard, what do you mean Did you do it on Purpose”

The person who had auctioned the star pill earlier was the fourth prince and a mysterious person.

That person had an angry expression on his face.

He had actually walked out and attracted everyones attention.

This was especially so for the fourth prince.

His eyes were filled with fury as he wanted to see who this person was.

However, he wore a bamboo hat on his head, so no one could see his appearance.

In fact, the aura on his body was very strange, making it difficult for others to detect him.

“What do you mean on purpose This friend, Please Dont disturb the auction.”

Lin Mo said indifferently.

If it werent for the fact that he had two heavenly soul pills, he wouldnt even want to take them out for auction.

“The finale is the Heavenly Soul Pill.

Why didnt you say it just now”That person said coldly.

If he had known that the finale was the Heavenly Soul Pill, he definitely wouldnt have asked for the star pill.

Instead, he would have left behind his financial resources to buy the Last Heavenly Soul Pill.

“The Heavenly Soul Pill is the Heavenly Soul Pill, while the star pill is the star pill.

The two dont have any mutual aid effects.

Why would I say that”

“Could it be that because their effects are the same, they cant be sold”Lin Mo said indifferently.

Thats right, everyone finally reacted.

There wasnt any connection between the two, so why would they say that.

It wasnt like they couldnt be auctioned just because their effects were the same.

“Alright, you win.

How much is the starting price”The person said coldly.

However, Lin Mo could still feel an inexplicable killing intent emanating from him.

“You want to kill me just like that”

Lin Mo was taken aback.

wasnt this persons personality a little too extreme It was understandable that he was angry, but for him to directly want to kill him was a little too much…

“The starting price is 10,000,000 middle-grade spirit stones.

Each increment must not be lower than 500,000 middle-grade spirit stones.”

In any case, he didnt expect these people to increase the bid much.

This heavenly soul pill basically belonged to the crown prince.

“Good stuff.

Senior brother Li, can you calculate it”

In the Crown Princes private room, the crown prince looked at Li Long and asked.

When Lin Mo said that the Heavenly Thunder calcining wood wasnt the last item, he knew that there would definitely be a great gift in the end.

However, he didnt expect it to be so big.

A Spirit Rank 9 heavenly soul pill, even the Imperial Palaces Alchemist couldnt refine it.

It was evident how precious this kind of spiritual pill was.

Li long pondered for a moment, and his body emitted a strange light.

Finally, he opened his eyes and said, “I cant calculate it.

I only know that this heavenly soul pill has just been out of the furnace not long ago…”

This was the only piece of information, and there was nothing else.

However, what he needed to worry about now was whether he should buy it or not…

He was very interested in the effects of the Heavenly Soul Pill.

It was very helpful to him, no less than the blood spirit crystal.

However, what he didnt understand was where Jiang Xiyue got such a precious elixir and was willing to sell it…

“It seems that we have to reevaluate the eighth princess.

Shes the one who hid it the most…”

Li Long said.

After thinking for a short while, he finally understood something.

“Lets buy it first.”

“Eleven million.”

The crown princes bid had exceeded the expectations of many people.

wasnt it said that the auctioned items this time were all taken out by the Crown Prince.

What was he doing Raising the price That wasnt the first time he had bid.

On the auction stage, in order to stimulate the crowd, Lin Mo didnt take any protective measures after taking out the heavenly soul pill.

He didnt even put in the simplest jade bottle, allowing it to be exposed to the air.

As time passed, the aura of the heavenly soul pill spread throughout the auction stage.

Everyone took a sniff, feeling refreshed.

Everyones soul power started to stir, as if it was about to rise.

Almost everyone had a subconscious thought,buy it, I must buy it..

The Heavenly Soul Pill was definitely worth more than this price.

For this, even if they had to offend the crown prince, they wouldnt hesitate.

Even Lin Mo was slightly shocked.

He was the closest to the Heavenly Soul Pill, so he received the greatest benefits.

His soul power slightly increased, and he only took a whiff of the fragrance…

With such an unforeseen event, the people in the auction house became excited and eager.

“12 million.”

The mysterious man who had questioned Lin Mo just now made a bid.

He ignored the crown princes price and continued to make his bid.

His mysterious identity had always been a mystery in the eyes of everyone.

Now that he dared to offend the crown prince, this made everyone even more curious.

“13 million.”

Someone Else made another bid.

It was the southern town king.

He could not resist the temptation of the Heavenly Soul Pill.

In front of the most precious treasure, unless the emperor came personally, the crown prince alone would not be able to make him back down.

“15 million.”

The crown prince continued to bid, and the three of them began to fight over it.

No one was willing to give up on the Heavenly Soul Pill.

“16 million.”

The mysterious man called out the price, but in the next moment, he was drowned out by the southern kings voice, “17 million.”

He was already old, and there was basically no chance for his strength to improve, unless there was some kind of opportunity.

And right now, the Heavenly Soul Pill was an opportunity.

It could improve his soul, and he might even be able to improve his physical cultivation.

This way, his lifespan would increase by a few hundred years.

“18 million.”

“19 million.”

“19.5 million.”

At the end of the bid, the crown prince was the first to give up.

Lin Mo did not expect that the crown prince would not like this gift

“If you dont like it, you should have said so earlier.

If you had known earlier, you could have changed it…”

Lin Mo was filled with regret.

Treasures that could improve ones soul were relatively rare.

He was originally reluctant to sell them.

But who would have thought that the crown prince would be the first to give up on the treasures he had prepared for the crown prince…

“Hehe, there are truly talented people emerging from every generation.

Young friend, you arent young, and your spirit isnt small.

Which faction did you come from”

The prince of Zhennan laughed lightly.

At this moment, the price had already reached 20 million, and it was precisely the price that the mysterious man had placed.

Everyone in the hall was very curious and wanted to know the mysterious identity of this person.

“Prince Zhennan must be joking.

A rogue cultivator.

If it werent for the auction and a fair competition, junior wouldnt dare to compete with Senior…”

The man said, cleverly saying that this was a fair competition and leaving his identity aside.

“Thats true.

However, the heavenly soul pill is precious, and I dont want to miss it.”


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