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The southern town king agreed and raised the bid again.

“21 million.”

“22 million.”

“23 million.”

What a terrifying price.

Was this a spirit rank 9 spirit pill…

Everyone was watching the show.

They wanted to participate, but they didnt have the financial resources to compete.

“23 million going once.”

“23 million going twice.”

Lin Mo dropped the hammer twice in a row.

He waited for a while and saw that the man was far from willing to bid.

After waiting for a while, Zhennan Wangs expression was calm.

He even planned to continue bidding.

In the end, the man wasnt able to bid and chose to give up.

“23 million going three times, sold.

Congratulations, senior Zhennan Wang.”

Lin Mo smiled and nodded.

This time, his income was not bad.

23,000,000 net profit, 5,000,000 commission.

The most important thing was that so many treasures were sold at a profit.

“Alright, thank you all for coming to participate in this auction.

The next auction will be held in seven days.

Please continue to support us then.”

Lin Mo smiled faintly.

A bumper harvest, a bumper harvest…

Perhaps to outsiders, the crown prince was the one who had made a huge profit.

However, he had already made a huge profit and was grinning from ear to ear.

The exchange at the counter lasted until midnight.

After sending off the last customer, he finally relaxed.

“Oh right, I havent checked the news about the Blood Soul Flame yet.”

Lin Mo suddenly recalled that he had also received the complete news about the Blood Soul Flame being auctioned off.

After returning to his residence, Lin Mo sat in the small courtyard.

A maid brought him a pot of wine.

He drank a cup first and started to examine it.

The Blood Soul Flame was a mortal lotus seed that had fallen into the chaotic qi at the beginning of the chaos.

It was nurtured for a million years before it finally formed the Blood Soul Flame.

Wherever the Blood Soul Flame appeared, it would be accompanied by the chaotic qi and form natural treasures related to the chaotic qi.

For example, the ten-thousand-year-old earth milk was formed because of the Blood Soul Flame.

“The Blood Soul Flame is born with intelligence, and it is comparable to humans.

It will devour other natural treasures…”

Lin Mo was shocked.

The Blood Soul Flame was born with intelligence.

It said that no matter what the Blood Soul Flame experienced, or even if its intelligence were erased, it would instinctively devour all natural treasures.

The purpose of luring Lin Mo to the underground crack and using the ten-thousand-year-old earth milk to express his goodwill was to gain his trust.

He dared to believe that when he sent Lil Die to the ten-thousand-year-old earth milk, this fellow would not hide anymore.

He and Lil Die would also die from this, doomed to eternal damnation…

“What a terrible scheme.

For a few drops of the ten-thousand-year-old earth milk, I almost harmed Lil Die…”

Cold sweat appeared on Lin Mos forehead.

It was fortunate that he had the system.

It was fortunate that he was vigilant and had investigated a lot of information about the Blood Soul Flame.

If he were to rashly send Lil Die over, that would really be bad…

This was what he thought.

He continued to read on.

The Blood Soul Flame was born to be raised by nature.

However, if someone were to subdue it, its future would be limitless.

Its soul power would be nourished by the chaotic aura and become even stronger.

Meanwhile, the devouring of spiritual items was relative.

Other spiritual items could also devour the Blood Soul Flame.

Once it succeeded in devouring, its bloodline talent would advance and it would be blessed by the heavens.

The Great Dao would be within reach.

“So mysterious”

Lin Mo was a little surprised.

If Lin Die could devour the Blood Soul Flame, wouldnt it be even better…

However, this thought only lasted for a short period of time.

He didnt think too much about it.

Lin Die was only at tier 20 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

Not to mention devouring the Blood Soul Flame, she would be considered strong if she could even protect herself…

“However, this is also a direction.

The Blood Soul Flame wont give up on little die so easily.

When it becomes strong in the future, Ill almost let Lil Die devour it…”

After making up his mind, Lin Mo finally finished reading the introduction of the Blood Soul Flame.

Some of the natural treasures that could counter the Blood Soul Flame were also displayed on it.

However, it was basically very difficult to collect all of them.

At least, it should be impossible in the eastern continent, because most of them were earth grade, and even heaven grade…

“Forget about it, Ill go into seclusion first.”

After giving his instructions, Lin Mo used Yue Xuans teleportation array to return to the Purple Moon Palace.

The spiritual energy here was extremely dense, and it was just right for him to refine artifacts.

He took out a batch of spirit stones.

Apart from that, he also took out the Li fire mystic wood and a large piece of star iron.

These two treasures were the main materials, and there were many other supplementary items.

Lin Mo waved his hand and took out the Ancient Sword of Desolation.

The Dao fire in his body emerged and enveloped it.

As it was being forged, the patterns on the Ancient Sword of Desolation gradually distorted.

Seeing this, Lin Mo hurriedly put the Li fire mystic wood in.

In just an instant, the Dao flame spread out and even covered Lin Mo.

The surrounding materials were all swallowed.

Under the burning of the flame, they melted.

The turbid energy was removed.

With the help of the ore materials, the star iron started to melt.

Then, the God Devouring Body in Lin Mos body was activated.

The removed magazines were swallowed and circulated in Lin Mos body for a whole day.

What appeared once again were streams of pure energy.

They were all devoured by the desolation ancient sword.

Together with the star iron, they slowly fused into the Ancient Sword of Desolation.

The Li fire mystic wood below continued to burn, and Lin Mos dao fire became increasingly intense.

In the end, the flames in the room he was in soared into the sky.

Even some of the experts who were in seclusion felt a little uneasy.

The Ancient Sword of Desolation vibrated slightly as its power continued to rise.

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed quietly.

The temperature in Lin Mos seclusion was terrifyingly high.

Even though Lin Mo had comprehended some principles of the Flame Dao, he still felt a little hot.


The sound of flames occasionally came from the quiet room.

At a certain instant, Lin Mos tightly shut eyes suddenly opened.

The Ancient Sword of Desolation, which had been burning in the flames, suddenly exploded with a sword qi that shot up into the sky.

The sword qi carried the aura of flames and was extremely terrifying.

A palace that cost nothing to build instantly exploded and was torn into pieces by the sword qi.

Even the protective array within was shattered and couldnt withstand it.

Lin Mo held the Ancient Sword of Desolation in his hand.

The Li fire mystic wood below had already been burned into ashes and all of its energy had been absorbed.

“Level 9 spirit class, Ancient Desolation Sword, what terrifying power…”

Soaring up into the sky, Lin Mo triggered the formation protecting the Purple Moon Palace.

Almost in an instant, the Nirvana Realm experts attack was formed.

The light of the formation enveloped him and attacked.

Lin Mo did not dodge.

He held the Ancient Desolation Sword and blocked the attack of the formation with one sword strike.

Although his body was pushed back a few thousand meters, he was not injured at all.


The sound of rushing wind was heard.

Such a huge commotion attracted the attention of many experts.

They were all experts that Jiang Xiyue had provided for.

These people looked at Lin Mo with shock in their eyes.

Especially when they saw the Ancient Sword of Desolation in Lin Mos hand, their expressions became even more shocked…

“Young friend, youre amazing.

You can actually perfect A level 9 spirit-grade magic tool…”

An old man stroked his beard and exclaimed in admiration.

With his eyesight, he could tell at a glance that the Ancient Sword of Desolation had been reforged.


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