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“What should we do next Kill our comrade and auction off his treasures.

This is equivalent to humiliation.”

A middle-aged man said viciously.

He couldnt sit still any longer and wanted to make a move to flatten Yue Xuan.

“Dont be rash.

Lets not talk about the fact that you cant break Yue Xuans formation.

Even if you can break it, there are true experts in the Purple Moon Palace.

All of you have to stay behind.”

Li Long stepped out to stop them, not allowing these people to step out.

“Then what do you think we should do If we cooperate with you, we wont gain anything, but well lose one person.

You have to give us an explanation.”

One of them stared at Li Long, his gaze vicious.

“Lets wait.

In ten days, the capitals Dao conferences primary selection will begin.

At that time, it wont be too late to act,” Li Long said.

No matter what, one had to be extremely careful when making a move in the imperial city.

However, according to the information the Crown Prince received, the first selection would be held in a dangerous place.

At this moment, in Yue Xuan, Lin Mo was calm and unruffled.

As for the servants, they were busy organizing and purchasing the items for auction.

Ever since Lin Mos arrival, although Yue Xuans auction had begun at irregular intervals, every time it was held, many good treasures would appear.

Hence, as soon as the news of the auction was sent out, many people came forward with treasures, intending to compete for the treasures that were about to be auctioned off.

Within three days, Yue Xuan was bustling with activity.

What surprised Lin Mo was that ever since that day, no one had come to find trouble with him.

This made him feel somewhat helpless.

He still wanted to see who would reveal their identity among the people who would come later…

Soon, three days had passed.

The expected attack still had not arrived.

On the contrary, the auction was about to begin.

At the entrance of Yue Xuan, the flow of people was extremely large.

Quite a number of maids and guards were extremely busy as they invited the distinguished guests into Yue Xuan one by one.

Only when night had completely fallen did the people participating in the auction finally complete their arrangements.

Fortunately, Yue Xuan was large enough to accommodate these people.


The formation was activated.

Lin Mo appeared inside Yue Xuan and activated Yue Xuans protective formation to prevent anyone from sabotaging the auction.

When a spirit rank formation was activated, even a Nirvana Realm powerhouse wouldnt dare to cause trouble.

This made Hui Xiang, who was leading a team of guards to maintain order, stunned for a moment.

Yue Xuans formation hadnt been activated for a long time.

Why would the auctioneer activate it completely today

It wasnt just him.

The guests participating in the auction had the same thoughts.

They didnt understand why Lin Mo would do this.

At this moment, on the auction stage, Lin Mo walked out after activating the array formation, causing the crowd below to discuss animatedly.

Many gazes turned towards Lin Mo on the stage.

All of them were very curious about what kind of treasure Lin Mo would bring to them today.

In the private room, the crown prince arrived early.

He didnt meet Lin Mo, nor did he ask about the specific treasure being auctioned.

In reality, he had come here to see the attitude of the Divine Secrets Holy Land.

If there was still a chance for both sides to cooperate, he would definitely not spare any effort to rope them in.

However, if they became enemies, then he could only give up on Lin Mo.

The relationship that they had painstakingly built up would be shattered because of this.

Right next to the crown princes room were the people from the Divine Secrets Holy Land.

It wasnt just Li Long, there were also a few mysterious people.

They were dressed in black robes and had their faces covered, making it difficult for others to see who they were.

They all had their own thoughts, and they were all different.

Under such a strange atmosphere, Lin Mo, who was on stage, adjusted his state and spoke.

“Thank you all for being able to participate in tonights auction.

Tonights auction will still be hosted by me.”

Lin Mo smiled faintly, and the auction hall instantly quieted down.

Numerous pairs of eyes looked at Lin Mo, and then at the handmaidens behind him.

Each of them held a silver plate and lined up, waiting for the auction to begin.

Seeing the gazes directed at everyone, Lin Mo knocked on the auction hammer and said, “There are a total of 73 auction items in this auction.

Now, the auction begins.

Lets invite the first treasure to appear.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a maid from behind walked up with a silver plate.

The eyes of everyone below the stage were burning.

Lin Mo lifted the red cloth, and a spirit pill emitting a terrifying aura appeared in front of everyone.

“The first item up for auction is a 3rd tier spirit grade earth terminus pill.

The main ingredient is produced from a dangerous place thirty thousand miles south of the Imperial City, and contains cold earth terminus.”

A spirit pill refined from this material had a great effect on poisons such as fire poison.

In addition, fire and thunder attribute experts who cultivated to the state of Qi deviation could also consume this spirit pill to ensure their safety.

However, during the process of consuming the Earth Fiend Pill, the Cold Earth Fiend would show strange movements and would probably harm the person who consumed it.

Therefore, the final grade of this Earth Fiend Pill could only be set at the third level of the spirit level.

In fact, its effect should be able to reach the fourth level of the spirit level.

“Earth Fiend Pill, theres actually such a fierce spirit pill being auctioned off.”

“Thats right, Im of the fire attribute.

I must get this spirit pill, its too useful for me.”

“Fellow Daoist, youre not the only one who wants it.

Look around, there are a lot of people competing with you.”


The discussion continued for a while before it ended.

Lin Mo dropped the hammer and said, “Everyone, the starting bid for the Third Rank Spirit Rank Earth Fiend Pill is 400,000 mid-grade spirit stones.

Each increment must not be less than 10,000.”

Although the starting bid was 400,000, the crowd below was still excited.


“450,000 mid-grade spirit stones!”

“I bid 480,000 mid-grade spirit stones! I must buy this demonic Earth Pill!”


The crowd in the main hall was extremely excited.

Just the start of the auction had already made everyone extremely excited.

The demonic earth pill could be used to cultivate, fight with others, or go to some dangerous places.

If one accidentally went berserk during the process of cultivation, then no matter how many spirit stones were spent, it wouldnt be able to save him.

The demonic earth pill could be saved.

Although it was limited by the cultivation attribute, it couldnt stop everyones enthusiasm.

“I offer 550,000.

Lets see who else can compete with me.”


Everyone, I am the leader of the Sky Wolf mercenary group.

Please give me face and thank me.”

“A mere Sirius mercenary group is nothing.

I will bid 650,000.

who dares to raise the price”

The bidding was still hot.

Lin Mo smiled and did not say anything as he watched the crowd below compete.

At the same time.

In the private room in front, the people from the Divine Secrets Sacred Land wanted to rush up and kill Lin Mo.


“I cant take it anymore.

Fifth brother has been killed and his treasure is still being auctioned.

Do you guys still want to watch”

A black-robed man said angrily.

How could he bear to see his companions treasures being openly taken by Lin Mo..

This time, there were a total of five people.

Fifth brother was the youngest among them.

He had been killed because of carelessness.

Now, they were still unable to take revenge.

This feeling was truly unbearable.

“Dont be agitated.

Cant you see that the entire Yue Xuans grand array has been activated”

Li long hurriedly said.

He was really afraid that these people wouldnt be able to hold themselves back and attack.

Once Lin Mo caught hold of something, even if he didnt die, he would at least lose a layer of skin.

This grand array might not even be broken by a fifth sky of Nirvana realm expert…


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