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Some people guessed that unicorns were called auspicious beasts among demon beasts.

It was a symbol of good fortune.

The purer the bloodline, the stronger the auspicious aura.

“Its an auspicious beast, but its not a unicorn.

The aura is different.”

The voice of the tenth princess came from the private room.

She had two unicorns.

Their bloodline was not pure, but they were auspicious beasts.

Hearing everyones guess, she said.

“Hehe, the tenth princess is right.

This isnt a unicorn, but a white crane.

This is a white cranes egg.”

“Its about to hatch.

As long as master provides a bit of spirit energy, it can be born smoothly.”

“As long as its born, it can have the combat strength of a Tier 31 practitioner in the Dragon Transformation Realm.

As for rank, Ill define it as a spirit rank 7.”

“What, such a high rank.”

Everyone was shocked.

Even the unicorn beside the tenth princess was only classified as a spirit level 3 when it was young.

Even so, it had now grown to the first sky of the Nirvana Realm, and the auspicious aura was very rich.

This White Crane egg was classified as a spirit rank 7, it was simply unimaginable.

“Its indeed worth this rank, make an offer.”

The tenth princess said in a low voice.

Looking at her appearance, she was determined to obtain the White Crane Egg.

“Spirit rank 7 White Crane egg, starting bid, 2 million, each bid must not be lower than 100,000.”

Lin Mo announced the start of the auction.

As soon as he finished speaking, before anyone in the hall could open their mouths, the tenth princess had already shouted out her bid.

“5 million.”


The entire hall fell silent.

Everyone in the Hall looked bitterly at the tenth princesss private room.

What was there to bid for The tenth princess had blocked everyones path the moment she made her bid.

Five million.

Even the large families in the imperial city would have to empty their entire fortune.

Some powerful families might have the qualifications to bid, but they obviously would not offend the tenth princess for an egg.

“5.1 million.”

Just as everyone thought that the White Crane egg was going to be bought by the tenth princess, a shout came from another private room.

“Who is this”

Everyone was stunned, including the tenth princess.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with dissatisfaction.

She had raised the price by three million at one go, which was basically the price of a 7th tier spirit grade treasure.

Why was there still someone bidding

“Your Highness, its someone from the Heavenly Kings Mansion.”

A servant girl said.

Judging from the location, there should be no mistake.

“Heavenly Kings Mansion…”

The tenth princess frowned and was a little dissatisfied.

The people from the Heavenly Kings Mansion did not get along with her.

She did not expect that they would raise the bid for her at this auction…


Thinking up to this point, the tenth princess raised the bid once again.

The price of 5,500,000 shocked everyone once again.

“5.6 million.”

However, the Heavenly King Manor still followed closely behind.

However, every time they raised their bid, they would only raise it by 100,000.

This was the lowest increase set by Lin Mo.

Some people were certain that they were here to cause trouble and intentionally raise the price for the tenth princess.

“6 million.”

The tenth princess gritted her teeth.

She did not fight for power and position and did not have much savings in her hands.

This 6 million was about three-quarters of her wealth…

“Hehe, since the tenth princess is so interested in this white crane egg, then its not good for me to fight for it anymore.

Ill just give up.” A soft laugh sounded, causing the tenth princess expression to become even colder.

“Jin Zhong, its this old man…”

The tenth princess gritted her teeth and said.

Jin Zhong was Jin Lies father.

He had sent people to ask for her mothers hand in marriage many times, wanting her to marry Jin Lie.

His purpose was naturally to deepen the relationship between the Heavenly King Manor and the royal family, and at the same time, to pull her to the crown princes side.

However, this matter was also put to rest after Jin Lie was killed.


Congratulations to the tenth princess for successfully auctioning the White Crane Egg.

I believe that the princess will not regret it.” Lin Mo dropped the auction hammer.

This time, he did not bid once or twice.

The deal was done directly to prevent anyone from raising the price again.

He had a good impression of the tenth princess and didnt consider her as an enemy.

“Thank you for your auspicious words, field owner Lin.” The tenth princess nodded and walked out of the private room.

She took out a sptial bag and wanted to trade on the spot.

Lin Mo accepted the Spirit Stones.

After the transaction was completed, the tenth princess left with her people.

Although the auction was successful, the disturbance of the Heavenly King Manor made her rather angry and unwilling to stay here.

“Lets invite the next item up for auction.”

Lin Mo spoke.

The White Crane Egg just now had been added to the auction and hadnt been counted in the beginning.

“Spirit grade tier 7 bow type magic item, exploding spirit bow.”

The red cloth was lifted and a large azure bow lay on the silver plate.

Lin Mo picked it up and showed it to everyone.

He stretched out his hand and gently plucked the bowstring.

A slight vibration spread out, and the surrounding spiritual energy was affected, sending out waves of ripples.

“This… What a powerful aura.”

“Truly formidable.

Where did this Lin Mo get so many treasures This exploding spirit bow is just what I wanted.”

“Its a pity that the grade is too high.

Its probably not suitable for us to compete…”

Some people sighed.

They all understood that at this point, the auction was no longer their business.

Next, even the crown prince didnt dare to say that he could continue to take down the final treasure.

After all, he had already mobilized too much of the national treasury and caused the emperor to be displeased.

“The starting bid for the spirit rank 7 explosive spirit bow is 2.5 million, and each increment must not be lower than 100,000.

The auction begins now.”

Lin Mo smiled faintly and dropped his hammer.

When he announced the start of the auction, the voices of bids could be heard from the various private rooms.

“3 million.”

The first to speak was the people from the Heavenly King Manor.

Lin Mo was somewhat familiar with them.

“3.5 million.”

Immediately after, the second prince also spoke and participated in the bidding.

“4 million.”

The voices of bidding basically followed closely without any pause, causing everyone to stare with their mouths Agape.

“This is the seventh princes bidding.

Theres no need to go all out, fighting to be the first to bid…”

Lin Mo didnt know what to do.

If it wasnt for the fact that these people were all princes or were people with authority in the imperial city, he would have thought that these people were blindly bidding.

“6 Million.”

Suddenly, a bid sounded, causing the entire place to fall into silence.

Some people glanced sideways and looked towards a private room.

“Li Longs voice.

is the Divine Secrets Holy Land also participating…”

Lin Mo was a little curious.

This eastern continents strongest Holy Land actually needed such a level of treasure.

At this moment, in the Divine Armament Sacred Lands private room, a few mysterious people were fiercely looking at the auction stage.

One of them said to Li long, “Your information was wrong, and thats why fifth brother died.

Its normal for you to give an explanation.”

“Thats right, you have to help us get back the remaining treasures.

Otherwise, we wont be able to continue working together.”

Another person said.

They could ignore the previous ones, but they had to get the last few treasures back.

“I understand.

Dont worry, my Lords.”

Li Longs expression was as dark as water.

He really wanted to break off their cooperation, but in the end, he forcefully restrained himself and didnt flare up.

“Thats good.

However, before we make our move, you have to send us Lin Mos latest information.”

The few mysterious people nodded.

This was the final line.

After all, no one was willing to die without knowing why.


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