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Chapter 43 Versailles Lin Mo

There was definitely something fishy going on.

The absence of the Miao family made Lin Mo even more suspicious.

Obviously, Miao Yan was not someone who would easily let go of his hatred.

He was definitely plotting something.

After two auctions, Lin Mo had become quite familiar with most of the locals in Qingyang City such as Du Wan and Wang Qing.

He had also visited both of their families.

As long as the other party had no ill intentions, Lin Mo would not do anything to offend them.

As for the unfamiliar faces, they should be visitors from other places.

The number of patrons this time was several times more than the previous auctions.

It was very lively.

Wu Jin stepped onto the stage and the volume gradually decreased.

“The first item is a tier 5 top-grade Breathing Pill.

Starting price is 7,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

Tier five top-grade pills were rarely seen in Qingyang City.

No one expected the first item to be so good.

This also meant the subsequent items would be better.

The crowd instantly caused an uproar.

“Ive heard about this auction house in Qingyang City.

The owner has a mysterious background and he owns powerful items.

After seeing things with my own eyes, Im not disappointed at all.”

“This auction house is quite big.

The first item is a Breathing Pill, so the next would be even better.

They must have at least a tier 6 item.”

“The starting price of the Breathing Pill is only 7,000 low-grade spirit stones.

Something like this would never happen in the royal auction house.

Over there, it would cost at least 10,000 low-grade spirit stones.

Its true that this place provides high-quality items at a low price.”

“That pill could help any cultivator become stronger physically, especially for those below level 4.

In fact, one might even be able to have a breakthrough.”

Many people knew the value of the Breathing Pill.

It was very promising and would be of great use in battles.

If used well, it could even be considered a trump card.

Wang Qing recalled his fathers warning to stay away from Lin Mo, but he was very curious about the latter.

They looked about the same age.

Was Lin Mo really as powerful as his father claimed

Initially, Wang Qing had some doubts.

However, when he saw the Breathing Pill, his doubts were erased.

“Looks like what father said is true.”

When Du Wan heard this, he could not help but ask, “Whats true”

These juniors needed the Breathing Pill to strengthen their bodies.

Their strength was still insufficient.

If they could obtain the pill, they could reduce the danger when battling in spirit realms and improve their cultivation.

Needless to say, the pill was extremely useful.

Yet, Lin Mo was willing to auction it off.

This meant he had a lot of such pills, or he had already broken through the fourth level.

Basically, Lin Mo no longer needed the pill.

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Still, the Breathing Pill was not that easy to be refined.

Very few people in Qingyang City were capable of such a feat.

Wang Qing was truly intrigued.

“Were about the same age as him, but why is our cultivation level so different If he kept going at this speed, it would be impossible for us to catch up.”

Wang Qings gaze was filled with admiration.

On the other hand, Du Wan was not surprised.

He could roughly guess Lin Mos strength.

Du Wan replied, “Theres no point in comparing.

Dont think too much about it.”

The others thought of the same thing.

They could only guess about Lin Mos true strength.

Anyway, the Breathing Pill was really pointless for Lin Mo.

There was no reason for him to keep it.

More importantly, no one knew about Lin Mos return system.

Not only would he be able to earn spirit stones by selling the pill, but he would also be able to obtain something better.

It was like killing two birds with one stone.

Wang Qing quickly settled down.

He might not be able to compete with Lin Mo, but he still had a chance against the other members of the four great clans.

So, he immediately shouted, “10,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

Du Wan also wanted to bid.

However, his family mainly focused on beast taming.

Therefore, this pill was dispensable to him.

It would be better for him to sit out this round.

The others would definitely need it more.

“15,000 low-grade spirit stones!” “20,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

Others competed with Wang Qing.

Unfortunately for them, the Wang family was rich and powerful.

There was no contest.

In the end, the Breathing Pill was bought by Wang Qing for twenty thousand low-grade spirit stones.

[ Ding! The host has successfully auctioned a tier 5 top-grade Breathing Pill.


[ Successfully triggered 500 times return!)

[ Obtained a tier 5 top-grade medicinal pill, Profound Breathing Pill! ]

Upon hearing the systems notification, Lin Mo was somewhat disappointed.

Previously, the reward would be one grade higher but this time, it was the same.

The Profound Breathing Pill was only a slightly enhanced version.

It might be useful for others, but not for Lin Mo.

He might as well sell it.

If the others knew what Lin Mo was thinking, they would turn red from jealousy.

After all, a tier five top-grade pill was very hard to come by.

Yet, Lin Mo was actually disdained to obtain it.

Fortunately, there was no concept of Versailles (TN: A symbol of the absolute monarchy system).

Otherwise, Lin Mo would definitely be ranked at the top.


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