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Chapter 45 The Huang Sisters

It had been some time and Lin Mo felt that he had a general understanding of the auction return system.

Generally speaking, the system would reward items of the same nature as those that were auctioned off.

For example, if he auctioned off a medical pill, he would get back something of similar nature.

Thus, Lin Mo was not surprised when he obtained the Gold-striped Snake Inner Pill.

Anyway, the Gold-striped Snake Inner Pill was stronger than the Aconitum Inner Core Pill.

The former also had better effects.

There was nothing strange as the two pills were of different grades.

Lin Mo decided to keep the Gold-striped Snake Inner Pill for rainy days.

The time had come for the auctions climax.

Everyone had looks of anticipation on their faces.

They were curious about the last item.

There were already tier four and five items of different varieties.

Each of them had their own use and were extremely valuable.

“Ive heard about this auction house.

Apparently, it has a lot of good items.

At first, I did not believe the rumors but now, I can say this trip was definitely worth it.”

“Thats right.

The items are of high quality and the starting price is also the cheapest.”

The locals overheard this and felt honored.

They could not help but interject, “You guys came at the right time.

The first two rounds had a lot of good things as well.”

“In most cases, the best item is kept for last.

The finale should be spectacular.”

“Yea, I dont think well be disappointed.”

Just as the crowd was busy discussing, Wu Jin finally took out the fifth item.

“The fifth item to be auctioned is a tier 5 low-grade incomplete version of the Golden Shield Art.

Starting price is 5,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

Even if it was an incomplete version of a martial art technique, the starting price had never been this low.

The patrons thought that they heard wrong and became skeptical.

“No way, the starting price is only 5,000 low-grade spirit stonesIts even a tier 5 martial art.”

“The price is almost too good to be true.”

Some people thought they had come across a great bargain.

However, quite a few people felt that something was amiss.

Wu Jin continued speaking, “The missing part of this technique is the first half.

It would be difficult to cultivate for most people.

Thats why the price is low.

Everyone, feel free to make your own decision.

There wont be any refunds once an item is sold.

Naturally, Wu Jin had to make things clear so the auction house would not suffer future backlashes.

Prevention was better than cure.

It was not worth going through unnecessary trouble.

Everyones excitement gradually faded.

They said with disappointment, “I knew it.

There was no way a tier 5 cultivation technique would be so cheap.”

“The owner of this auction house is not stupid.

It may be cheap, but its not free.”

A majority of people lost interest.

“What a pity.

Only a brilliant person would be able to cultivate this technique.”

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“It wouldnt matter as much if the second half was missing.

Once can still cultivate it.

However, this is the opposite.

Theres no way to start and mental cultivation is extremely important.”

It was true.

The most crucial part was missing.

Even those who were quite strong dared not take the risk.


Everyone was a little disappointed by the final item.

A low-grade tier five martial art was indeed precious.

Unfortunately, it had the most fatal flaw.

There was no use since it could not be cultivated.

“Its not completely useless.

In fact, its suitable for those from aristocratic families.

Only they have a shot at cultivating it.”

“True, but it wont be easy.”

Upon hearing everyones words, Lin Mo became a little worried.

What if he failed to sell this cultivation technique He turned his head and looked at the Huang sisters.

Unexpectedly, their gazes were exceptionally fiery.

Lin Mo instantly felt relieved.

With them around, this cultivation technique would most likely be sold.

It did not matter even if the price was low.

Lin Mo only cared about the reward he would get from the system.

“6,500 low-grade spirit stones!”

“7,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

A couple of shouts could be heard.

Lin Mo was quite surprised.

A few people were actually interested in this cultivation technique.

The price did not instantly soar, but it was still increasing steadily.

Towards the end, the participants became fewer and fewer.

They probably felt like it was not worth wasting so many spirit stones on such a dicey martial art technique.

After a while, only Huang Zhiyun and a foreign expert were left calling out the prices.

The foreign expert was fat and had a round figure.

From afar, he looked like a balloon.

His appearance was simple and amiable, but he gave off a murderous aura.

He did not look like a person that should be trifled with.

In any case, the Huang family had a deep foundation and they were locals.

Obviously, they had the advantage.

As the price continued to rise, the foreign expert snorted coldly.

“Little brat, what are you even doing here Go home and drink your milk.

Even if you get this cultivation technique, it would be useless.

With your current level and strength, you wont be able to cultivate it at all.

This technique is not suitable for little girls!”


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