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Chapter 47 Who Dares to Make a Move in My Auction House Shock Everyone!

After all, bandits were existences who kill without blinking.

Even if Scorpion was vicious, if he escaped, the Huang clan would have a hard time finding him.

The Huang sisters were obviously extremely unwilling, but they had no choice but to hand over theGolden Dipper Technique.

However, at this moment, a deep male voice suddenly sounded.

“Who allowed you to be so impudent in my auction house!”

This short sentence was filled with an invisible domineering air as if he was the ruler of the world.

It made ones heart tremble when they heard it.

When the Huang sisters heard this sentence, it was as if they had found their pillar of support.

The hand that they had just stretched out hurriedly withdrew.

Xie Zi did not expect that someone would dare to provoke him, knowing his identity.

His face instantly darkened.

“I think youre tired of living.”

He did not sense the powerful aura from Lin Mos body earlier.

He only thought that his cultivation level was ordinary and did not take it to heart.

At this moment, he looked around and did not see Lin Mo.

He sneered and said, “Youre deliberately mystifying.” However, just as he finished speaking, an afterimage had already appeared behind him.

There seemed to be a shadow of the Golden Dragon, chasing the wind and moon.

It was so fast that it was difficult for the naked eye to catch it.


Everyone could faintly hear the roar of a dragon.

Scorpion also felt an unprecedented pressure.

The cold air behind him invaded him wave after wave, almost about to engulf his body.

His body suddenly stiffened like a rusty machine.

Even his movements became much slower.

He turned around in disbelief, only to see a pair of unfathomable eyes.

The shadow of death enveloped him completely.

It was mixed with ice of a thousand years, freezing him to the point that he was shivering

Every pore on his body was screaming crazily.

This was the instinct of all humans when they were in danger.

Scorpion was already filled with regret.

Faced with such a powerful and terrifying aura, he did not even have the thought of resisting.

Run! Run away from this place as soon as possible!

“I…” He only said one word.

The breath he exhaled had ice crystals on it.

In the next second, he could not speak as his tongue had already frozen.

A light suddenly appeared in the air.

In the next second, Scorpions head rolled down, but there was no blood because all the blood in his body had long been frozen.

Only a red mark could be seen in the middle of his neck.

The incision was neat.

His eyes were filled with fear and panic.

No one knew what Scorpion wanted to say in the end.

The entire process only lasted for a few breaths.

Before everyone could even see how Lin Mo had attacked, he had already returned to his original form calmly.

The Swimming Dragon Steps and Ice Soul Sword technique were indeed out of the ordinary.

Lin Mo could not help but sigh in his heart.

It took a long time for everyone to react.

Looking at the scene of Scorpions corpse, they could not help but sigh.

“Its really too tragic.

His head was separated from his body, and he died without a complete corpse.”

“Its all his fault.

He didnt even investigate clearly.

Whose territory is this He actually dared to make a move on the head of the supreme ruler.” The person who said this intentionally gave Lin Mo a flattery look.

Xie Zi had the strength of a fourth level spirit gathering realm expert.

Not only was Lin Mo able to instantly kill him in one move, no one was able to see clearly how he attacked.

This was enough to prove that Lin Mos cultivation was profound, far surpassing that of a fourth level spirit gathering realm expert.

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Such a kill was something that even a fifth or sixth level spirit gathering realm expert would find difficult to achieve.

Xie Zi had been famous for many years and could be considered an experienced person.

It would not be easy to kill him.

“Look at his corpse!” No one knew who shouted this, but everyone realized that Scorpions corpse was already covered in a light blue crystal.

It was as if he had been frozen.

Even the surrounding temperature was frighteningly low.

“This should be caused by a special ability of the field masters sword technique.

From the looks of it, it should be an extremely powerful ice attribute.”

Scorpions expression was extremely lifelike.

He did not manage to close his eyes, maintaining the expression he had when he was still alive.

The more everyone looked at him, the more shocked they became.

Even they could not help but feel a chill run down their spines.

Such an incomparably sharp sword technique was able to kill with a single strike.

It did not harm anyone in the surroundings at all.

It could be seen just how precise Lin Mos control over his sword technique was.

It could even be said that he had reached the peak of perfection.

“Such a sword technique would not be able to be learned without many years of effort.

Its truly profound.”

The people around him had different opinions when they heard this.

“Its not just his sword technique.

Have you noticed his movement Thats truly profound and unfathomable.”

Only then did everyone remember that they had not seen clearly how Lin Mo had rushed over here and back.

“After hearing what you said, I didnt even see the movement of his sword clearly.

He was just like a ghost.

It was impressive!”

“What kind of movement technique is that How come Ive never seen it before”

The crowd continued to discuss further.

Only then did they realize that not a single person was able to see the entire process of Lin Mos attack.

Their hearts were filled with respect for Lin Mo.

“Although there was a small accident today, its still considered satisfactory.

The auction has ended, and everyone can leave.

The next auction will be held in seven days.

Well be waiting for everyone then.”

It was a pity that everyone was still in a state of shock, and did not notice what Lin Mo said, much less that he had turned around and left.

At this moment, the system notification sounded in Lin Mos mind.

[ Ding! Host has successfully bid for the incomplete “Golden Shield Art”.


[2,000 times return has been successfully triggered.


[ Acquired low-grade tier 7 body tempering martial art, “Golden Shield Art”! ]

Lin Mo was instantly overjoyed.

It was the complete version of the “Golden Shield Art”.

Its strength was at low-grade tier seven.

It was indeed as he had expected.

Only now did Lin Mo realize that there was another use for the auction return system!


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