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Chapter 48 Thank You for Saving My Life.

An Invitation from the Huang Sisters

For example, he did not need to auction off low-level martial arts to return to the system.

As long as he had spirit stones, he would be able to obtain the complete version.

For example, some parts of the powerful martial arts that were missing due to various factors could be obtained through the system.

incomplete version, he would be able to obtain the complete version sooner or later.

However, the problem now was that powerful high-ranked martial arts were difficult to obtain even if they were incomplete versions.

He had only received the “Golden Dipper Technique” by accident.

Furthermore, the missing parts were extremely important.

At the moment, he could not cultivate it.

As such, his master had decided to sell it off, allowing Lin Mo to pick up some scraps.

Under normal circumstances, it would be very difficult for Lin Mo to receive a remnant copy of a high-level powerful martial art.

There were very few copies in circulation on the market, and even if there were, they would have been obtained by someone else long ago.

Perhaps those aristocratic clans that specialized in martial arts might have collected a lot of solitary copies.

Lin Mos gaze moved around, and he already had some ideas in his mind.

“Master, this is the profit from todays auction.”

Wu Jins voice pulled Lin Mo back to reality, but he was not interested in the accounts at all.

“Oh right, I remember you mentioned before that the Huang clan studies martial arts”

“Yes, its said that their clan has also collected a lot of martial arts techniques.

Even if they cant cultivate it, they will use it for research.

The Huang clan is the best at this.

I heard that they even restored some isolated copies.”

It had to be said that although Wu Jins strength was average, he had a rare talent for gathering information.

Lin Mo stroked his chin and said with a knowing expression, “No wonder.”

Previously, the Huang sisters had spared no effort in auctioning martial arts in the auction hall.

Presumably, it was because of this.

Moreover, they would definitely be present at every auction.

Just as Lin Mo was thinking about what excuse he should use to pay a visit to the Huang clan, he did not expect the Huang sisters to take the initiative to come knocking on his door.

Huang Zhirou bowed slightly.

Her figure was like a willow branch swaying in the wind.

She was like a fairy from the moon, appearing very gentle.

“Thank you very much, field owner


If it was not for Lin Mo making a move, perhaps there would not be anyone in the entire hall who could restrain Scorpion.

Perhaps, the sisters might even get injured because of this.

Losing the “Golden Dipper Technique” was not a big deal.

In any case, it was only an incomplete copy, so the two sisters would not feel sorry for the spirit stones.

Losing the Huang clans face would be a big deal.

After all, it would not sound good if words of what happened got out.

The Huang clan, one of


Moreover, it had happened in the city.

No matter how powerful Scorpion was, people would laugh at him.

Huang Zhiyuns face was full of anger and could not bear it.

She looked as if she wanted to whip Scorpions corpse again.

“You were a little too ruthless earlier.

You could leave Scorpion half alive and slowly torture him.”

Huang Zhirou looked at her disapprovingly.

“What are you saying He has helped us, and you all think that is too much”

Huang Zhiyun winked at Lin Mo.

She was very playful and cute.

It was strange.

They were twins and they looked exactly the same.

However, their personalities were vastly different.

Looking at the interaction between the two sisters, Lin Mo waved his hand and said nonchalantly, “This is what I should do.

If you dare to make a move in my auction house, wouldnt that be a slap to my face”

After all, there was a robber in the auction house and he had stolen the items auctioned by the guests.

If Scorpion really succeeded, it would be bad for the reputation of the auction house.

It was likely that no guests would come back in the future.

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The Huang sisters also knew this logic.

However, they still wanted to thank him.

Other than being curious about Lin Mos strength, they also wanted to thank him for the martial arts techniques that they had obtained from him.

Even the quality of the incomplete “Golden Shield Art” was extremely good.

Huang Zhiyun was straightforward.

“I dont know whats the movement technique earlier.

Ive never seen it before.”

In fact, Lin Mos sword technique earlier was shocking.

However, the sisters were more focused on the movement technique.

Lin Mos eyes flashed.

“Its not a good movement technique either.

I just happened to come across it during my travels.”

The sisters naturally knew that what Lin Mo said was not the truth.

They had only met by chance, so it was natural for them to be on guard.

However, they were even more interested in Lin Mo.

After all, every time Lin Mo brought out a martial arts technique, it was extremely rare and unheard of.

However, every single one of them was of high-quality.

The two sisters who loved martial arts were always ready, and the other members of the Huang clan were also curious about Lin Mo.

Coincidentally, after this incident, the two sisters had a better impression of Lin Mo.

Huang Zhirou immediately said, “I wonder if youre available.

Our Huang clan also has many high quality martial arts techniques.

We can share knowledge.

It can also be considered as our thanks to you for saving us.”

The Huang clan had many secret manuals in their collection.

It was not something that ordinary people could easily see.

Hence, this invitation was extremely rare.

Lin Mo was just thinking of a reason and an excuse to visit the Huang clan.

In the end, Huang Zhirou threw an olive branch at him.

So, he immediately agreed.

The two sisters took the incomplete copy of the “Golden Shield Art” and left in satisfaction.

After the people in the auction hall had left, Lin Mo entered the secret room and instructed that no one was allowed to disturb him.

Previously, when he had killed Xie Zi, he had gained quite a bit of enlightenment.

There was a faint flow of true energy within his body.

However, there were too many people at that time, so he had no choice but to temporarily suppress it.

Now that there was no one around, that true energy had also completely erupted.

It was like a spring, striking at the major acupoints in Lin Mos body one after another.


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