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Chapter 51 Broken Cloud Sword Manual! The So-Called Art, Dao, Magic, and Formation

Huang Qing also wanted to use a complete cultivation technique of the same level to exchange for it, but it was not suitable for Lin Mo to cultivate.

Even if he exchanged it, it would be of no use.

It was a secret technique belonging to the Huang clan, and naturally, it was impossible for him to give it to an outsider.

The two sisters seemed to have seen through Huang Qings concerns.

“Father, doesnt our clan have a seventh-level sword technique I think its suitable for Brother Lin.

Hes also good at sword technique.”

Hearing Huang Zhiyuns words, Huang Qing recalled that the Huang clan did indeed have a seventh-level sword technique.

It was a low-grade and incomplete manual.

He said hesitantly, “I have a powerful sword manual called Broken Cloud.

However, its incomplete.

There are only four moves in it.

According to my deduction, there are at least nine moves in the complete version of this sword manual.”

Huang Qing continued, “The incomplete manual is already at the seventh-level.

If its a complete manual, it would probably have the strength of the eighth-level.

However, Ive been studying it for a long time and havent been able to find the secret within.

I have no choice but to leave it aside.”

When he had first obtained it, he had discovered that the destructive power of this sword manual was immense.

The first four moves already possessed the might to destroy the heavens and earth.

Even after studying it for a long time, he was still unable to deduce the next moves.

However, Huang Qing estimated that there should still be five moves left.

In addition, he was not very good at the dao of sword technique to begin with.

So, as time passed, he had lost interest in it.

Subsequently, he had stopped cultivating it.

If he had not heard Huang Zhiyun mention it, he had almost forgotten about this matter.

“If you think its possible, then lets exchange.” Lin Mo did not feel to be on the disadvantaged side.

He was even secretly happy that with the system in hand, he could completely restore this cultivation technique.

From Huang Qings words, it was not hard to tell that this sword manual was very powerful.

It was a pity that it was an incomplete version, so even if he succeeded in learning it, he would not be able to fully utilize it.

Otherwise, if it was a complete version, Huang Qing might not be able to bear to part with it.

Lin Mo said without batting an eyelid, “No problem.”

Seeing that Lin Mo was determined to make the exchange, Huang Qing did not stop him.

Both parties could be said to be extremely satisfied with this transaction.

Huang Qing looked at the Swimming Dragon Steps in his hand.

This was a seventh-level cultivation technique and coupled with the formation that corresponded with it, he believed that it would be able to bring out his potential.


Lin is a straightforward person.

I, Huang Qing, want to be friends with you.”

In addition, the cultivation technique that the two sisters had obtained from Lin Mos auction house were all extraordinary items.

Huang Qing had the intention to build a good relationship with Lin Mo.

“I believe Mr.

Lin saw it in the battle earlier.

Not only can ordinary martial arts be used to defeat the enemy, but they can also be divided into a few major categories such as spells, dao, magic, and formations.”

When Lin Mo heard this, his interest was immediately piqued.

After all, ever since he came to this world, although he had a general understanding of the cultivation system here, the complexity of cultivation was not something that could be explained in just a few words.

Moreover, the original owners cultivation level was mediocre.

There was no one to teach him, nor did he understand the relevant knowledge.

He had always followed a step-by-step procedure.

However, cultivation was more difficult than he had imagined.

In addition to Lin Mos special physique, he had to carefully study it.

There were many aspects that he had yet to touch on.

It was all because of his monstrous talent that he was able to cultivate to this stage.

However, relying on this alone was not enough.

He needed to lay a solid foundation.

Only then would he have the ability to climb to the peak in the future.

Otherwise, there would be great danger waiting for him and a possibility that he might go berserk.

“Id like to hear the details.”

Huang Qing was not stingy with his knowledge.

In any case, even if he did not say it now, with Lin Mos cultivation and fortuitous encounters, he would find out sooner or later.

It would be better to tell him in advance.

He gave a general introduction, but Lin Mo was able to grasp it entirely.

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Things like the “Broken Cloud Sword Manual” and the “Swimming Dragon Steps” should all be under the law.

Previously, when he fought with the two sisters, they had revealed that it was a formation.

Their father, the elder of the Huang clan, should be a high-level formation master.

The beast taming technique that Du Wans father had used and the ability to refine the bloodline of the demon beasts should be part of the “technique”.

Up till now, Lin Mo had yet to see anyone who could truly grasp the “dao”, and Huang Qing had not explicitly stated this.

However, according to his speculation, his God Devouring Body might contain the dao.

Ordinary cultivators had limited strength and energy, and they would usually choose one of them to cultivate.

For example, the four great clans specialized in this dao.

It was not because there were not people who could cultivate both at the same time, but there were only a few.

Those who cultivated all three were even rarer.

There were almost no people who could master all of them.

However, Lin Mos situation was extremely special.

With the system and the God Devouring Body effects, he might be able to control all four at the same time.

After a round of conversation, the sky had already turned dark.

Huang Qing had even given Lin Mo a lot of pills, but he did not lack any of them.

It was just that he could not refuse them, so he accepted them.

This trip to the Huang clan was not in vain.

The “Swimming Dragon Steps” was already useless to Lin Mo, but he had exchanged it with the “Broken Cloud Sword Manual” which had huge potential.

At the same time, he had also obtained a lot of useful information.

It could be said that he had benefited a lot.

At the same time, Wu Jin also welcomed a special guest to the auction house.

It was the butler Uncle Zhang from the Royal Family Auction House whom Lin Mo had met once before.

Seeing his arrival, Wu Jin was very surprised.

A warm smile appeared on his face.

“What brings Butler Zhang here”

Butler Zhang smiled and said, “Is Mr.

Lin here I have something to ask him.”

Wu Jin looked troubled.

“Its really unfortunate.

He has gone to visit the Huang clan.

If its urgent, you may tell me instead.”

Unexpectedly, Butler Zhang shook his head.

“Then, Ill wait here for him to come back.”


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