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Chapter 53 Wuying Mountain, Chased by the Miao Clan

This time, Lin Mo did not cultivate in the secret chamber of the auction house.

In the northeast direction of Qingyang City, there was Wuying Mountain.

Although it was abundant with spiritual energy, there were not many people there.

This was because powerful demonic beasts linger in the inner mountain.

The majority of the people were only active in the outer mountain.

It just so happened that Lin Mo could use the place to cultivate the “Broken Cloud Sword Manual”.

He could also try out its power.

He felt that the space in the secret chamber of the auction house was too small hence he could not display its effects at all.

Lin Mo had already felt this way before.

The fog at Wuming Mountain was endless.

The never-ending green mountain range was like a dragon.

Not far away, one could see the ancient city as if it was the guardian of Qingyang City.

As far as the eye could see, it was surrounded by tall trees that were half the height of a person.

Palm-sized leaves interweaved, almost impenetrable, completely blocking out the sunlight, leaving only specks of light on the ground.

Lin Mo slowly navigated into the mountain.

With his current skills and cultivation level, even if he was in the depths of the mountain, he still could protect himself.

Even if he could not win, he could still rely on the Swimming Dragon Steps to escape.

Thus, he was not worried about his safety.

He found a quiet place halfway up the mountain and started to cultivate the Broken Cloud Sword Manual, attempting to learn the first four moves.

Following the manual, he concentrated his spirit and gathered his qi.

The spiritual energy around his body merged with his major acupoints, constantly in attacking mode.

There would be no rebirth if there was no destruction.

Only by reaching ones limits would one be able to achieve a breakthrough.

There was a saying, “A persons potential is far greater than ones imagination.” This saying was not without reason.

Lin Mo felt as if he had entered an illusionary realm.

His vision was pitch black, and dark clouds covered the moon.

He could not even see his fingers.

At this moment, an illusionary figure suddenly appeared.

His face could not be seen clearly, but he was holding a long sword in his hand as he broke through the clouds.

The aura on his body was extremely shocking.

His attacks were as fast as lightning, making it difficult for people to catch his movements.

Lin Mo used a great deal of effort to see his movements.

Then, he imitated the movements of this person.

By the time he opened his eyes once again, the aura on Lin Mos body had already changed.

He did not expect by just comprehending the manual would allow him to silently break through to the fifth-level spirit gathering stage.

“The Broken Cloud Sword Manual is incomparably exquisite.

Its a pity that it only has the first four moves.”

However, just these few moves were already powerful enough to cause great damage.

Lin Mo could not help but begin to look forward to the next part.

He did not summon the Nine Heavens Meteorite Iron Sword and casually picked up a leaf.

It was clearly just an ordinary leaf, but in his hands, it had turned into some kind of divine weapon.

It was so sharp that it seemed as if it could even split the air in half.


The leaf turned into a sharp weapon that landed on a large tree a hundred meters away.

The thick and sturdy tree branches were shaken by the powerful airflow, and the fallen leaves looked like a sudden downpour.

This was just a small test.

Just as Lin Mo was about to summon the Nine Heavens Meteorite Iron Sword to test it, he felt a strange spiritual fluctuation coming from not too far away.

“It seems like someone is coming”

At this moment, at the foot of Wuying Mountain.

A human figure flashed past in a hurry, turning around and disappearing into the deep forest.

At the same time, a few streaks of light surrounding the figure on his left and right followed closely behind.


That human figure finally had no choice but to stop and helplessly said, “Were originally from the same root.

Why are you all so anxious to fight each other Why are you all closing in on


A few streaks of light also revealed themselves.

They were all dressed in the same uniform and had the Miao clan emblem on their chests.

They were all members of the Miao clan.

Judging from their strength, they were not weak at all.

“How dare you, Miao Qing How dare you betray the clan leader This is an unforgivable crime.

Hurry up and surrender.

Come back with me and ask for forgiveness.

Perhaps I can spare your life then.”

Miao Qing seemed to have heard the biggest joke in the world as a mocking smile appeared on his lips.

“What crime have I committed I merely disliked the clan leaders cruel and vicious style, so I spoke out to dissuade him.

Who wouldve thought that Id almost get myself killed What a joke!”

The few law enforcers of the Miao clan were even more furious when they heard this.

“How dare you frame the clan leader when youre on the brink of death Youre clearly the one who has offended your superiors.

The clan leader only gave you a small punishment and a big warning.

Who wouldve thought that youd hold a grudge and steal a treasure and escape”.

Miao Qing smiled coldly.

“If you wish to add insult to injury, theres no need to hesitate.

After all, youre one of the four great clans of Qingyang City.

Yet, youve done such a disgraceful act.

Tell Miao Yan that if he has the ability, he should fight fair and square and not play dirty tricks.”

“Youre hopeless.

Now that things have come to this, youre still slandering the young master! If I dont show you some moves, youll never know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

It turned out that Miao Qing was a side branch clan member of the Miao clan.

However, due to the dwindling population, this bloodline gradually drifted away from the core of the Miao clan.

It was not easy for Miao Qing to be noticed by the Miao clan as he had relied on his own strength to get to where he was step by step.

However, he did not expect to accidentally offend a hypocrite like Miao Yan.

As he tried to dissuade Miao Jian, he was disliked even more by the pair of father and son.

Coupled with Miao Yans interference, things had escalated to the current situation.

The law enforcers face was gloomy.

“Why are you talking so much with this traitor The clan leader said that if theres any resistance, we can kill him without mercy and bring his head back!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was ready to make his move.

Fiery red spirit energy gushed out, and the dense fire element caused the surrounding temperature to increase immensely.

The huge flame suddenly attacked Miao Qing.

He leaped up like a great roc spreading its wings.

The heatwave brushed past his shoulder.

The hair that blew by his ear instantly melted.


A loud sound was heard, and it immediately startled the birds not far away.

They hovered in the air, indicating that this place was not peaceful.

The tree that was half the height of a man broke, leaving behind a pitch-black stake.

An indescribable burning smell spread in the surroundings.

The enforcer snorted coldly.

“Hmph, you dare to dodge it You wont be able to next time!”

He formed a seal with both hands, not giving Miao Qing any chance to breathe.

The flames attacked again and charred the surrounding grass.

Facing the menacing enforcers, Miao Qing did not dare to be careless.


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