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Chapter 55 Against the Law Enforcer of the Miao Clan.

The Cloud Breaking Sword Technique Is Indeed Formidable

The moment the words left his mouth, the few of them were stunned.

Following this, a cold glint flashed across the eyes of the law enforcer.

“Who are you”

“Lin Mo.”

This name was well-known to the law enforcer and the others.

After all, it was his scheme that caused Miao Yan to stumble.

Miao Yan could be said to hate him to the bone, wanting nothing more than to eat his flesh and blood.

“So, youre Lin Mo!” The law enforcer and the others looked at each other and were filled with killing intent.

“If thats the case, then you can stay here with this traitor!”

“Offending our Miao clan will only lead to death!”

A huge flame descended from the sky and shot toward Lin Mo like a meteor.

However, he stood rooted to the ground and had no intention of dodging.


A black light flashed and disappeared as if it could even break through the air.

In the blink of an eye, the fireball split into two.

Lin Mo held the Nine Heavens Meteorite Iron Sword in his hand.

Even his eyes flashed with lightning.

A wave of flame and heat swept past him.

However, it was not something to be afraid of.

After a shadow flashed past, the law enforcers were all shocked.

They could not see Lin Mos figure at all.

He used his Swimming Dragon Steps to the maximum, and there seemed to be a storm whistling around him.

Even the aura of the flames seemed to have weakened a little.

The wild wind howled, but it did not leave any traces behind.

“This kids movement technique is strange.

Everyone, be careful!”

However, no matter how they attacked, they could not hit Lin Mo.

He was like a gust of wind, unpredictable.

Due to the flames, small holes appeared one after another on the ground.

On the other hand, Lin Mo was completely fine.

The defense had caused them quite a bit of spiritual power.

The law enforcer was somewhat exhausted.

He said in a flustered and exasperated manner, “Whats the point of hiding If you have the ability, then come out and fight us head on.

Could it be that youre afraid, and thats why youre hiding like a rat in a sewer”

Who knew that Lin Mo was not angry Instead, he retorted, “Thats all you have Who are you trying to fool, little flame Youve really disappointed me.”

Looking at his calm and carefree expression, the law enforcers were extremely furious.

The exhaustion and weakened spiritual power caused them to gasp for breath.

Hearing Lin Mos mockery, the faces of the law enforcer and the rest turned completely red.

Miao Qing, who was at the side, could not help but exclaim in admiration.

One had to know that the flame that he had dealt with previously was not worth mentioning in front of Lin Mo.

One could imagine just how powerful his cultivation was.

“Dont be too arrogant!”

The law enforcers joined hands, and the scorching ball of flame slowly rose from their hands, flickering with golden and red light.

Upon closer inspection, it was an incomparably huge flame as if it could replace the sun in the sky.

The scorching temperature caused the surrounding vegetation to instantly wither.

Even Miao Qings forehead was covered in a layer of fine beads of sweat.

He could not help but warn, “Be careful.”

The Fire Dragon attacked, leaving behind scorched earth wherever it passed.

However, Lin Mo was even faster than it, disappearing without a trace in the next second.

The few enforcers instantly lost their target.

“Where is he Strange, he was still here just a moment ago.”

“Could it be that he was afraid and fled in the nick of time”

The Fire Dragon hovered in mid-air somewhat impatiently.

As this move required a large amount of spiritual power, the faces of the few enforcers had turned pale.

Just as they were unable to find Lin Mo, a ghostly voice came from behind them.

“Are you looking for me”

The law enforcers turned their heads around, not knowing when Lin Mo had appeared behind them.

He was 30% lazy, 70% playful, and his black eyes flickered with a dark light as if he could swallow a person whole.

An indescribable fear suddenly appeared in their hearts.

Lin Mo could easily kill them, and his actions just now were like playing a cat-and-mouse game.

“You only know how to hide from us.

What kind of ability is that”

Suppressing the absurd illusion in their hearts, the law enforcer and the others shouted.

The Fire Dragon roared once again as flames filled the sky behind it.

Even the sky had been set ablaze and the entire Wuying Mountain had sunk into a sea of flames.

Such a grand display of power caused the law enforcer and the others to reveal satisfied expressions.

“This time, Ill let you die without a burial ground.

Ill let you know that going against our Miao clan wont end well.”

The flames quickly devoured the figure.

Miao Qing could not bear to see it and turned his head away.

However, in the next second, he saw a scene that he would never forget for the rest of his life.

A huge whirlpool appeared out of thin air.

Suddenly, a black shadow appeared.

It was as if the Grim Reaper had swung his scythe.

The black sword tore through the air.

It was so fast that even the air became distorted.

Even the wind could not catch up with it.

It brought with it the power to split the heaven and earth.

In an instant, the Fire Dragon was cut into two halves.

A mournful cry rang out as the Fire Dragon dissipated.

The law enforcers immediately spat out large mouthfuls of blood as they looked at the scene in front of them in disbelief.

Lin Mo was like a god of death.

The chill in the hearts of the people he was looking at grew heavier.

“Now, the game is over.”

The law enforcers had already started to cower in fear.

However, Lin Mo seemed to have understood their intentions.

The Nine Heavens Meteorite Iron Sword flickered with a pitch-black glow, like an arrow that had left the bow, blocking their path of retreat.

“You want to escape Its too late.”

Sword qi crisscrossed, breaking through the clouds and fog.

In the last scene before the law enforcers lose consciousness was Lin Mo rushing over with his sword, as well as that pair of unfathomable black eyes.

Looking at the figure that had fallen in front of them, it was as if he had died with his eyes wide open.

There was a thin line of blood at the center of his neck.

It could be said to be an instant kill.

Lin Mo sighed in his heart.

The Cloud Breaking Sword Technique emphasized taking the opponent by surprise, and it also had extraordinary power.

If he could complete the remaining parts, he believed that it would be even more powerful.

Seeing Lin Mo walking toward him, Miao Qing opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something.

However, his injuries were too serious, and his eyes went black.

Then, he fainted.


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