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Chapter 58 A Good Show Is About to Begin.

Once Youve Finished Singing, Ill Go on Stage

“I originally thought that the Miao clan wouldnt participate.

I didnt expect them to come this time.”

When his companion beside him heard this, he could not help but reveal a puzzled expression.

“Why do you say that”

“You werent here the last time.

You dont know that Miao Yan bought a fifth-level demonic beast at a high price.”

His companion gasped.

“Such a high price is more than enough to buy a sixth-level demonic beast.

What is he thinking”

“Isnt it because…”

Initially, he thought that after Miao Yan was tricked by Lin Mo and the Du clan, he would not participate in the auction again.

He did not expect that he would still come.

It was likely that he did not come with good intentions.

“Looks like there will be a good show to watch this time.”

“The Wang clan is also here.”

Following this, Wang Qing and his father, Wang Zhong, walked over.

On the surface, the Wang clan and the Miao clan seemed to be doing well.

Therefore, they exchanged greetings.

“I didnt expect that even the head of the Miao clan would be alarmed this time.”

One had to know that other than the royal family, Miao Jian also had his own auction house.

However, he had never been to any other auction house.

It was the first time that everyone had seen him appear here.

Of course, there was also another reason for coming here to find trouble with Lin Mo.

“Thats not necessary.

Didnt the head of the Wang clan come here today It seems like hes also interested in this auction.

I heard that Lin Mo even paid a visit a few days ago.”

In the face of Miao Jians probing, Du Nanfeng remained expressionless.

“I also heard that the items here are pretty good, so I came here out of curiosity to take a look.

Its just that I dont know why the head of the Miao clan came.”

Both of them were sly old foxes.

They looked at each other and smiled, but did not say anything else.

Huang Zhiyun and Huang Zhirou also arrived at the scene.

They even caused a small commotion.

After all, their statuses were not ordinary, and their looks were outstanding.

In addition to their extraordinary cultivation, they were quite popular in Qingyang City.

However, their father, Huang Qing, was not by their side.

Wang Zhong could not help but ask, “Your father didnt come” “My father has never liked these things, so he didnt attend.”

Huang Qing rarely attended such events, so everyone was already used to it.

In addition to the Swimming Dragon Steps that he had exchanged with Lin Mo earlier, he was currently studying it at home.

So how could he possibly show up here

Du Nanfeng said cheerfully, “Now that two clans heads of the four great clans have appeared, I wonder if Du clans head will be here again.” Miao Jian and his sons faces instantly turned black.

They thought of how the Du father and son had cheated them of a large sum of spirit stones in the auction hall that day.

There was another uproar.

“Im not late, am I”

Du Nanfeng walked in with big strides.

His expression was as usual as he greeted them, turning a blind eye to the Miao clans black faces as if nothing had happened.

The clan heads were all cunning old foxes.

No matter what kind of conflicts they had, they still had to be pretentious.

For a time, the venue became even more lively.

Everyone was shocked by the scene in front of them.

The heads of the three great clans had arrived.

In the past decades, the four great clans had been in a better situation, but it was rare for them to gather together.

Even the royal auction house had never seen such a grand scene.

“I wonder what good things will be auctioned off this time.”

Du Nanfeng smiled faintly and said mockingly, “No matter what it is, I believe that Brother Miao is determined to get it.

I wonder how many spirit stones hell prepare to bid for it this time.”

His insinuation made everyone immediately think of what had happened at the previous auction.

The faces of the members of the Miao clan darkened even more, especially Miao Yan.

Everyone knew that the relationship between the Du clan and the Miao clan was not good.

Now, they could not even bother to put on a show.

Miao Jian also smiled forcefully.

“Brother Du, what are you talking about The spirit stones of our Miao clan didnt come from the wind.

If theres something good, well naturally bid for it.

Lets see if theres anything here thats worth us fighting for.”

“If theres nothing good, why would Brother Miao appear here”

Miao Jian and Du Nanfengs gazes met in the air, and sparks instantly flew.

The show had yet to officially begin, but everyone could smell the gunpowder.

Seeing that the situation had gotten out of hand, Wang Zhong came out to smooth things over.

“We havent seen each other for a long time.

Were fated to meet here today.

After the auction is over, let me be the host, and have a gathering.”

Miao Jian said meaningfully, “I dont have any objections.

Im just afraid that when the auction is over, someone will not be in a good


Du Nanfeng was also unwilling to be outdone.

“Thats right.

If I spend so many spiritual stones to bid for a fifth-level demonic beast, I dont think Ill be in a good mood either.”

This was a blatant remark that once again opened the scars of Miao Jian and his son.

“Then theres no need for any more nonsense.

Lets just see what the real deal is at the auction!”

After Miao Jian finished his sentence, his expression was as cold as ice as he angrily flicked his sleeves and left.

Wang Zhong had always been a person of peace and harmony.

He did not participate in the feud between the two clans and could not help but say, “Brother Du, youre acting strange today.”

Although the Du and Miao clans did not have a good relationship, there were very rare tit-for-tat confrontations like this.

Wang Zhong had a feeling that something big was about to happen.

Ever since Lin Mos appearance, the situation of the four great clans had changed.

Although it seemed calm now, there was actually an undercurrent.

He had a premonition that Lin Mo might break the balance in Qingyang City

However, Du Nanfeng did not answer him directly.

“Brother Wang, what are you saying Havent I always been like this”

Wang Zhong seemed like he wanted to say something else, but Du Nanfeng changed the topic.

“The auction is about to begin.

Lets hurry and take our seats.”

Lin Mo took in everything that happened in the venue, and naturally saw the conflict between Du Nanfeng and Miao Jian.


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