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Chapter 59 The Appearance of the Spirit Tempering Pill Caused An Uproar in the Auction House

Other than the local people in Qingyang City, there were also many unfamiliar faces in the auction house.

They did not understand the situation in the city.

They only looked at the people coming and going, and their every movement revealed a noble aura.

Many of them were people with extraordinary statuses.

They could not help but ask curiously, “When I came to the city before, I only heard of the royal family auction house.

I heard that its quite prestigious.

Could this be the place” “Of course, not.

This auction house only appeared recently.

The previous owner didnt manage it well, and in the end, it was taken over by someone else.

Who wouldve thought that the current owner was so capablethat he managed it to such an extent”

That person did not believe what he heard.

After all, this place was crowded and was extremely popular.

Everyone knew that an auction house was most particular about its foundation.

Without three to five years of experience, it was impossible for it to reach such a level.

“Are you joking”

“Why would I lie to you Youve finally come to the right place today.

This is a good auction house.

It even exceeds the royal auction house.

Each time, there will be fifth-level treasures on auction.

This is something that even the royal auction house cannot do.”

Hearing the introduction from the locals of Qingyang City, the outsiders were shocked.

However, looking at their expressions, there was no need to lie to them.

They were looking forward to the upcoming auction even more.

As Wu Jin went up on stage, the entire place suddenly became silent.

“Im very grateful to everyone for coming to our auction despite your busy schedule.

This time, not only did we have many old friends to support us, but we also have many new friends.

I hope that everyone will have some gains today and make this trip worthwhile.” Wu Jin did not waste any more time.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, he announced that the auction had officially begun.

“The first item up for auction is a low fifth-level pill, Marrow Cleansing Pill! The starting price is 6,000 spirit stones.”

The first item up for auction already had the strength of a low fifth-level.

It could be imagined that the subsequent items would be of higher level and higher quality.

Many peoples eyes lit up when they heard this.

“Good heavens, its indeed a big deal.

Its a Marrow Cleansing Pill.”

Immediately, someone placed a bid.

“7,000 spirit stones!”

The Marrow Cleansing Pill was different from other pills.

Most of those pills could help spirit gathering realm experts in their cultivation.

The effect of increasing their strength in a short period was only temporary.

Although the Marrow Cleansing Pill could not increase ones strength, it could help cultivators consolidate their previous cultivation.

Simply put, it was to consolidate and strengthen their foundation.

Only then would it be convenient for them to advance smoothly in the future.

It would benefit cultivators endlessly, and there were no side effects.

“8,000 spirit stones!” “9,000 spirit stones!”

The price soared.

However, most of the bidders were itinerant cultivators or ordinary clans.

Although it was difficult to refine fifth-level pills, it was not unheard of in Qingyang City.

Therefore, the heads of the three clans did not make a move.

When the price reached a little over 10,000 spirit stones, the speed of bidding slowed down.

Miao Jian, Du Nanfeng, Wang Zhong, and the others were calm and composed.

They were all cunning old foxes, so they naturally knew the reason behind the better items.

Very quickly, the Marrow Cleansing Pill was bought by an itinerant cultivator at the price of 12,000 spirit stones.

“The second item for auction is a top sixth-level grade pill, the Spirit Tempering Pill! The starting bid is 15,000 spirit stones!”

When this was announced, everyone was shocked.

They thought that they were hearing things.

In Qingyang City, a low sixth-level medicinal pill was already an existence at its peak.

Moreover, it was something that could only be found by chance and could not be bought even if one had money.

Although they were both sixth-level, there was a huge difference between a low-grade and a top-grade medicinal pill.

Even Miao Jian, Du Nanfeng, and the others had rarely seen a top sixth-level medicinal pill.

It was suitable for a ninth-level spirit gathering realm expert to consume, and could help a cultivator achieve a breakthrough as soon as possible!

“16,000 spirit stones!”

Just as everyone was in a state of shock, they forgot to bid.

No one had expected that the first person to bid would be Miao Jian.

This caused quite a number of people to whisper among themselves.

“Didnt they say that the Miao clan and Lin Mo had a bad relationship Why is the Miao clan still so eager to participate in the auction Isnt it giving money away Could it be that theres some misunderstanding”

“Its true that they have a bad relationship.

I was at the scene last time and you didnt see the murderous look in Miao Yans eyes.

However, who will have a bad relationship with a top grade medicinal pill No rule says that you cant participate in the auction if you dont have a good relationship, right”

“That seems to be the case.”

“Maybe its hard to say.

The Miao clan has already made peace with Lin Mo.

After all, Lin Mo is very aggressive and has a strong background.

He can bring out many good items.

Even the Miao clan has no choice but to bow their heads.”

The discussions of the surrounding people reached the ears of Miao Jian and Miao Yan.

No one noticed the viciousness in their expressions.

Following this, Wang Zhong also placed a bid, “18,000 spirit stones.”

Du Wan could not help but grab the armrest of the chair.

He looked at Du Nanfeng anxiously and could not help but say, “Father, this pill is for you…”

Before he could finish his words, Du Nanfeng shook his head.

Not only the auction was not a game of spirit stones, but it was also a game of psychology.

“Dont worry, this pill will definitely be ours.”

“20,000 spirit stones.”

Who would have thought that when Miao Yan heard these words, he would reveal a mocking smile “Head of Du clan, you really have a big mouth.”

In the face of the yin and yang of the Miao clan, Du Nanfeng remained expressionless.

“After all, its a top sixth-level pill.

Who wouldnt be tempted Even Brother Miao has bid.

I thought that after what happened last time, you wouldnt appear again.”

“Doesnt the Miao clan have top sixth-level medicinal pills Thats why theyre competing with us here.

Looks like your auction houses strength isnt up to par either.” Du Nanfeng was an old yin and yang man.

He hit the nail on the head of the father and son of the Miao clan.


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