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Chapter 62 The Miao Father and Son Are Upset.

Lin Mo Takes the Blame Again

“A low seventh-level sword manual… How long has it been since I last saw it I didnt expect to see it in Qingyang City.”

The person who said this was a powerful itinerant cultivator who had traveled far and wide.

“I once went to the capital, and it just so happened that the largest auction hall was holding a grand meeting, so I was fortunate enough to see it.”

Martial arts of this level were incomparably precious even within the royal family.

Miao Jian, Wang Zhong, and Du Nanfeng were also incomparably shocked.

Although their clans had many treasures in their collection, they were not like the Huang clan who specialized in collection, let alone this kind of powerful sword manual.

Even the Huang clan only had this low seventh-level incomplete sword manual.

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“Weve already missed the Spirit Tempering Pill, so we must bid for this martial art.

Even if we dont succeed, we can pass it on to our juniors.”

Du Nanfeng made up his mind, and Wang Zhong and the others had the same thoughts.

“25,000 spirit stones!”

“30,000 spirit stones!”

“50,000 spirit stones!”

It could be said that the appearance of the Broken Cloud Sword Manual had brought the auction to a climax, and almost everyone went crazy over it.

In just a few short breaths, the price had already soared to 50,000 spirit stones, and it was still rising rapidly.

Other than the people from the four great clans, many outsiders were also bidding on it.

It could be seen that they had been keeping a low profile and preserving their resources.

After all, it involved money and it was not their territory, so it was better to be careful.

Even if they had won the bid, there was no guarantee that they would be safe.

It was not like there had not been people who would take risks and kill others to steal treasures.

Now, under the temptation of the seventh-level sword manual, they could not care less.

This scene was unprecedented in Qingyang City.

The crowd shouted the price like crazy which really made people speechless.

“Even if I dont have the money to bid, its not a loss to see such a scene.”

“I participated in the auction, and I also auctioned it.

In the future, we can go out and say that weve seen the seventh-level sword manual before.”

However, as the price rose, Miao Jians expression got gloomier.

He secretly clenched his fists.

If he had known that the low seventh-level sword manual would appear now, he would not have bid for the Spirit Tempering Pill.

“Looks like Brother Miao has a big clan.

Not only did you bid for the Spirit Tempering Pill earlier, but now you also want to bid for the Broken Cloud Sword Manual.”

Du Nanfeng had a mocking look on his face.

He knew that Miao Jian definitely did not have enough spirit stones.

Seeing him like this, he was relieved that he did not manage to bid for the Spirit Tempering Pill.

He was even a little glad that he did not continue bidding with Miao Jian back then.

If he had really managed to bid for it, he would have been so regretful that his intestines would have turned green.

However, the person who was regretting now was Miao Jian.

Miao Jians face was gloomy, and he almost gritted his teeth.

“Then, theres no need for Brother Du to care.”

Du Wan chimed in from the side, “Elder Miao, please dont say that.

My father is also worried about you.

After all, were the heads of the clans.

If we forcefully bid for it for sake of face, we wont be able to produce so many spirit stones.

Otherwise, people will laugh at our four great clans.”

Du Nanfeng reprimanded him, but his expression could not hide the ridicule on his face.

“Waner, how dare you speak like that Is the head of Miao clan such a person”

The father and son duo echoed each others words.

When it came to yin and yang, almost no one was a match for them.

However, Miao Jian and Miao Yan were furious.

“Dont go too far!”

Du Nanfeng withdrew when he was satisfied with the outcome.

Otherwise, the two clans would probably fight there and then.

Even so, the way the Miao clan looked at them was as if they were going to eat them alive.

“60,000 spirit stones!”

However, the price that he called out was like an invisible slap on Miao Jians face.

Sixty thousand was already their maximum fund.

They could not help it since they had spent a lot of money to buy the Spirit Tempering Pill previously.

Miao Yan reminded, “Father, if we continue at this pace, Im afraid that we wont be able to get the sword manual.”


If they were to spend all the resources and spirit stones of the Miao clan to buy the sword manual, the others would probably have complaints.

Thinking of the pros and cons of this, Miao Jian had no choice but to stop bidding

As the price increased, many people stopped bidding with hatred in their hearts.

They only hated the fact that they did not have enough wealth and did not bring enough spirit stones.

Right now, only Du Nanfeng, Wang Zhong, and a foreign expert were still bidding.

With the three of them standing to bid, the entire scene was filled with anxiety.

No one knew which clan could end up with the sword manual.

Miao Yans expression was cold and could not help but conjure up some conspiracy theories.

“Previously, the Du clan had many dealings with Lin Mo.

Could it be that Lin Mo had already revealed to the father and son of the Du clan that there would be a seventh-level sword manual for auction”

If they had received the news in advance, they definitely would not have bid for the Spirit Tempering Pill.

“You mean… Lin Mo has set us up again!”

“Wasnt that the case with the fifth-level demonic beast earlier Now, its just another way to trick us.”

It was not impossible.

After they had bid for the Spirit Tempering Pill, they would not be able to bid in the subsequent seventh-level sword manual.

They could only watch helplessly as Du Nanfeng or Wang Zhong bid for it.


“If people like Du Nanfeng who likes sword techniques or swordsmen learn the sword manual, wouldnt it greatly increase their strength, and eventually able to crush our Miao clan”

It seemed to make sense.

Miao Jian clenched his fists so tightly that they creaked, and his gaze was extremely vicious.

He growled, “Lin Mo! I definitely wont let you off so easily.”

This time, Du Nanfeng and Lin Mo had unknowingly taken the blame.

One had to know that Lin Mo had not revealed any information.

Du Nanfeng had only found out about this matter after the appearance of the seventh-level sword manual.

The two of them had not communicated with each other beforehand.

The father and son of the Miao clan were the ones who wanted to bid for the Spirit Tempering Pill, and there was no one making things difficult for them.

Du Nanfeng indeed needed this pill.

However, the father and son duo was too narrow-minded and could only blame others for their misfortune.


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